Fake News from the Biden Regime’s NYT Branch Office

Russia is systematically destroying Ukraine’s military — aided by colossal mistakes of the regime’s puppet leadership and ill-advised US/NATO direction.

Around 80% of US/Western supplied weapons were eliminated.

So were most of its best trained, most heavily armed troops — and their weapons.

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, Ukraine’s greatly degraded military never once mounted a counterattack or regained territory lost to Russia forces.

At the same time, European economies are self-destructing by allying with the Biden regime’s failed sanctions war on Russia.

And for all the billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment thrown at Nazi-infested Ukraine, the Biden regime accomplished little more than mass casualties among its troops, along with eliminating what little morale existed among its rank and file soldiers.

Yet the NYT once again reinvented events on the ground as follows, saying:

Russia was “forced to retreat from Kiev (sic)” — knowing no retreat occurred anywhere in Ukraine or Donbass by its forces.

And this Times fake news:

“Russia experienced several military reversals (sic)” — knowing there were none.

As for sanctions it called “unprecedented (in) scale,” they mostly harmed European economies, accomplishing little for the empire of lies because Russia is largely self-reliant.

What about what the Times called “a chorus of international condemnation (sic).”

Aside from Western vassal states, as well as colonized Japan and South Korea, the world community of nations values normalized relations with Russia.

No “early chaotic months” of its SMO occurred, as the Times falsely claimed.

Vladimir Putin indeed has a “clear plan” to achieve his SMO goals.

It was in place before things began.

The Biden regime, European vassals and colonized Ukraine are “divorced from reality,” clearly not Russia, as the Times falsely claimed.

“Aggression” is how US-dominated NATO, Nazi-infested Ukraine and apartheid Israel operate, clearly not how the Russian Federation operates.

And this delusional rubbish from the self-styled newspaper of record, ignoring reality on the ground, saying:

“Having failed to advance much further into Ukrainian territory since the first few days of (its SMO) (sic), Russia downsized its ambitions (sic), relinquishing the idea of taking Kiev (sic).”

From late Feb. to late June, Russia gained control over more Ukrainian territory with around 200,000 forces in less time than Nazi Germany’s vaunted Wehrmacht was able to accomplish with over 3 million heavily armed troops during its 1941 invasion of the Soviet Union.

Time is indeed on Russia’s side while letting Ukraine and its NATO paymasters defeat themselves by strategic and tactical errors.

Kiev’s military is already defeated.

No “stalemate” existed in Donbass once Russian, DPR and LPR forces began to liberate Nazi-occupied areas.

And what Times fake news called Putin’s aim to “build a new world order” is all about what the vast majority of world community of nations support — multi-world polarity to eliminate hegemon USA’s unipolar moment.

It’s fading fast toward becoming extinct.

And, of course, the empire of lies bears full responsibility for growing Western economic weakness, soaring US inflation, disrupted supply chains and shortages of essential goods.

Russia’s SMO has nothing to do with all of the above.

And as analyst Doug Casey observed, “empires (eventually) fall from grace with alarming speed.”

And once down, they’re out, never to regain their former status.

All previous empires in world history faded in similar fashion — proving that what cannot go on forever, won’t.

Hegemon USA dominated most of the 20th century while weakening over time by waging one unwinnable war after another against invented enemies, threatening no one.

New millennium wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Russia with Ukrainian proxy foot soldiers hastened hegemon USA’s decline.

The same applies to its wars by other means against China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, other nations, and Occupied Palestinians in cahoots with apartheid Israel.

All of the above throughout the post-WW II period defines its war on humanity worldwide — at home and abroad.

If the empire of lies pushes things too far on too many fronts, it’ll hasten its inevitable decline more precipitously than already.

Reinventing reality like countless times before in support of the empire of lies, the Times pretended that it’ll “stym(y)” Russia’s SMO aims — even though they’ll well along toward being achieved.

A Final Comment

On Monday, Russian forces dealt another blow to the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

“A temporary mercenary deployment point of the so-called Ukrainian ‘foreign legion’ was hit with high-precision air-launched missiles in the settlement of Konstantinovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic,” adding:

“Up to 250 foreign militants, seven armored vehicles, as well as 12 special purpose vehicles were taken out.”

A separate high-precision strike on a Nazi-infested brigade killed dozens of militants, destroyed two multiple rocket launch systems, as well as four artillery pieces.

And this from Brussels:

EU regimes are supplying Ukrainian Nazis with another $2.5 billion worth of weapons et al for Russia to target and destroy.

And this from Kiev’s imitation foreign minister, Kuleba, a Liz Truss clone with a gender difference, saying:

Talks with Russia will only take place “after defeat on the battlefield (sic).”

Separately in response to the fake Biden’s failure get Saudi Arabia to raise oil production, WTI crude on Monday increased 4.58% to $102.1 dollars a barrel on Monday — brent crude jumping to $106 a barrel.

And this from so-called puppet Zelensky regime advisor, Tymofy Mylovanov:

“If we don’t cut expenditures, don’t increase inflows, in particular from international (paymasters), if we don’t stabilize the situation, then we may have a month or two to spare, and then we will have a crisis.”

A colossal crisis already exists in Nazi-infested Kiev.

If not artificially propped up by the US/West, the puppet regime would have collapsed long before now.

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