Hegemon USA and its Western Vassals Only Understand Toughness

Time and again, when Russia engages with the empire of lies and its Western vassals diplomatically, betrayal follows.

It’s notably been a disturbing pattern since the Soviet Union dissolved in December 1991.

So why do Vladimir Putin, Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials continue to believe that diplomacy with the US-dominated West is a legitimate option — knowing the failed history of this approach.

Lavrov admitted what’s indisputable, saying the following:

The Nazi-infested “Ukrainian regime and its Western (paymasters) descended to staging bloody incidents to demonize our country in the eyes of the international community.”

Made-in-the-USA/Kiev implemented false flags in Bucha, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, and Kremenchug” are four examples among many others.

So was Kiev’s flagrant breach of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements — to halt aggression by the US-installed regime against Donbass civilians.

Former Obama/Biden regime-installed Ukrainian despot, Petro Poroshenko, admitted the following last month, saying:

“Minsk Agreements did not mean anything to us, and we had no intention to carry them out” — as ordered by his US master.

Puppet Zelensky operates the same way, serving hegemon USA’s interests and his own exclusively — at the expense of regional peace, as well as long ago abandoned rights and well-being of ordinary Ukrainians.

“Russia’s Defense Ministry…regularly issu(es) warnings…about upcoming staged incidents and fakes” — based on indisputable evidence, Lavrov explained.

The disturbing pattern began long before Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass was launched — against one country after another, ones free from imperial control.

Lavrov explained in great detail how the scourge US/Western imperialism operates extrajudicially.

And he quoted so-called EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s remark about defeating Russia’s SMO “on the battlefield” — by the US-dominated West, eschewing diplomatic resolution.

And this from puppet Zelensky, calling Donbass civilians “species,” not people.

Dismissively on the scourge of Azov Nazi thugs, he said: “They are what they are (sic).”

And notably after Russia and the US signed the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security between NATO and the Russian Federation on May 27, 1997 — vowing no alliance expansion by the empire of lies — it grew from 12 to 30 nations.

And despite vowing to refrain from force, as well to respect the sovereignty, borders, and territorial integrity of other nations by the US — one war of aggression after another followed against invented enemies.

The rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia for 78 days in 1999 was followed by more of the same against Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria — and now proxy war on Russia.

All of the above and what relates to it begs the question.

Why does Russia maintain the illusion of a diplomatic option in dealings with the US-dominated West — knowing that toughness is the only language that their ruling regimes understand.

While I greatly respect Russia’s concern about avoiding civilian casualties in Ukraine and Donbass, why does the Kremlin continue to aid mortal enemy European regimes?

Why does Moscow benefit them economically and militarily by selling them oil, gas and other commodities — trading with the enemy instead of the other way around?

Why haven’t they been cut off entirely to bring their economies to their knees — along with weakening their pro-Nazi/anti-Russia war machine?

The US-dominated West is at war with Russia.

Using Ukrainian troops as proxy foot soldiers, they’ve been supplied with billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment to kill Russians and Donbass civilians.

Their ruling regimes are mortal enemies of Russia — not partners, their officials not colleagues.

So why doesn’t the Russian Federation treat them accordingly?

Why doesn’t Moscow abandon the depraved, decadent, hostile West as a lost cause?

Why was tough-talking Roscosmos head, Dmitry Rogozin, replaced by accommodative to hegemon USA, Yury Borisov, on issues related to the international space station?

Why hasn’t Russia severed relations with the empire of lies and its Western vassals across the board?

Accommodation with the enemy is self-defeating.

The same goes for diplomatic outreach to the dangerously deranged West when toughness alone gets the attention of its ruling regimes.


4 thoughts on “Hegemon USA and its Western Vassals Only Understand Toughness

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  1. Mr Lendman,


    Slogan Dept came up
    With Russia’s new leitmotif:

    “Not one drop of anything..

    Should we give our would be

    Our Grave diggers.

    Why..why should we..?”

    I read where Russia may not even turn Nord Stream I
    back on….!

    Don’t touch that dial..!


    The Killers
    Who were coming to kill us

    The Killers who are planning on coming to kill us…!

    Might run out of Gas

    And the Nazi Mobile needs gas.

    ( Imagine..

    The Gangsters already had

    of How they were going to Carve Up Russia into pieces!

    You asked for it..
    You got it ..!

    Let’s Play Ball ..

    RT reported the German
    Economic Minister just said,

    “Germany can’t survive
    without Russian Gas ..!”

    Didn’t think of that beforehand?

    Call Jens or Joey
    Or Ursula or Borrell.

    See if they have any solution?

    For the Serial Killers..!

    Absolutely Fantastic News
    Game Winning News..!

    Hey Nazis..

    Keep talking shit about Russia some more…


    Actually, it should say,

    “Germany can’t survive
    Sucking Sam’s dick.
    For another 75 Years…!”

    Go Russia
    To Total Victory…!


  2. Someone placed a comment on RT that it’s because Russia needs the money. I found that hard to agree with since Russia is now increasing trade with the rest of the world.
    I would like Russia to knock out the corrupt UN as per the current documentary on BBC iPlayer. Knock out the WHO, currently spreading deceit. Smash the NWO, I did note that Mr Putin has met Klaus Schwab. I pray that Russian politicians have not signed up to their depopulation agenda and the so-called Great Reset. Why, maybe just to maintain a path to peace. Who knows?


    1. “”I pray that Russian politicians have not signed up to their depopulation agenda””

      What if there is a good reason for them to sign up to their depopulation agenda?
      Could it be that the world population is now to big to be sustainable and we could cause the extinction humans and maybe all life on earth. Remember, you can’t have infinite population growth on a finite planet. For how starvation could be engineered see https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/


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