The Decadent, Long Ago Discredited US/Western 4th Estate in Action

It’s hard imagining why anyone believes anything reported by US/Western MSM on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Dwindling viewer numbers of so-called US TV news reflect the 4th estate’s dismal state.

The same goes for its dominant print media — featuring all fake news all the time on key issues, journalism as it should be long ago banned.

Unparalleled Big Lies and mass deception on all things related to Russia’s liberating SMO in Nazi-infested Ukraine and Donbass stand out as Exhibit A.

In print, the NYT stands out for its worst of the worst state-approved rubbish.

Some examples in its latest fake news edition include the following:

Citing Biden regime propaganda, masquerading as US “intelligence,” the Times once again turned truth on its head by falsely calling Russia a US election “threat (sic).”

How often before was that fabricated accusation made?

Every time claimed, not a hint of credible evidence was presented to back what’s clearly fake news.

Ahead of November midterms, China and Iran were also falsely called “potential threats (sic).”

And what the Times calls “American democracy” never existed throughout the country’s history, a fantasy version alone.

And this from FBI head Christopher Wray, falsely saying:

“The Russians are trying to get us to tear ourselves apart (sic).” 

“The Chinese are trying to manage our decline (sic), and the Iranians are trying to get us to go away (sic).”

The vast majority of world community nations respect the sovereignty of others — not the empire of lies and forever wars, why its ruling regimes pose an unparalleled threat to humanity.

Throughout US history, no evidence suggested that any foreign nations ever tried to interfere with its farcical election process.

The FBI, NSA and NYT fake news falsely claimed otherwise.

No “Russian agents (conduct) influence campaigns” to manipulate the minds of US voters.

No evidence suggested that Iran opposed Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign in similar fashion.

Nor is Russia trying to “weaken” the fake Biden’s “campaign.”

Claims otherwise across the board about foreign interference in US elections are made up as part of bashing invented enemies of the empire of lies.

And this Times trash in the same fake news edition, saying:

“Russia is moving toward annexing parts of Ukraine it controls with steps such as forcing residents to apply for Russian citizenship (sic).”

The source of the above rubbish: the illegitimate Biden regime as part of its proxy hot and sanctions war on the Russian Federation.

How many times before did both wings of the US war party and its MSM press agents falsely claim what the Times repeated as follows?

“In 2014, Russian forces invaded Crimea (sic), and Putin annexed it  (sic) after newly installed officials hastily organized a referendum on secession that was reported to have secured the support of 97 percent of voters, drawing international accusations of fraud (sic).”

When things go against hegemon USA’s best laid plans, its ruling regimes and MSM press agents cry foul.

No Russian invasion and annexation of Crimea occurred.

Except by decadent, depraved Western regimes, there were no international accusations of fraud relating to Crimeans rejoining Russia, correcting a historic mistake at the time.

The empire of lies and the Times falsely claimed otherwise.

Virtually everything reported in the US/West about Russia and other nations free from imperial control is made up rubbish.

And this Times perversion of reality about Vladimir Putin in Iran:

Gratuitously demeaning him, the Times lied twice over, falsely saying:

“Putin f(ound) a new ally in Iran (sic), a fellow outcast (sic).”

“Outcast” status increasingly applies to hegemon USA and its Western vassals.

There’s nothing “new” about longstanding Russian/Iranian political, economic and trade relations.

Claiming both countries “don’t trust” each other is another Times bald-faced Big Lie.

So is falsely claiming that their alliance is “out of necessity,” not “choice (sic).”

The empire of lies, the Times and other MSM are most displeased by a Russian/Iranian $40 billion oil and gas development deal — discussed in a same day article.

What’s agreed on is worlds apart from “of necessity, (not) choice.”

It’s evidence of growing bilateral ties and strategic cooperation.

The empire of lies, its Western vassals and MSM press agents are also clearly displeased about how well Russia’s economy is doing.

By being largely self-sufficient and able to benefit from a bonanza of revenue from high energy prices — caused by US/Western sanctions war — Russia greatly mitigated the effects of unparalleled hostile US/Western actions.

UK, EU and other European regimes haven’t been as fortunate.

They’re largely bearing the brunt of their harebrained policies, the worst of things likely this winter, especially if remaining imports of Russian oil and more of its gas are banned.

And this WaPo Russia bashing perversion of reality:

Repeating the Big Lie about Russia’s precision strike on Vinnitsa, Ukraine’s House of Officers, eliminating regime commanders and representatives of foreign arms suppliers, WaPo reinvented reality as follows, saying:

Russia’s strike on its intended military target “kill(ed) at least 23 people, including a 4-year-old girl with Down syndrome who was pushing a stroller (sic).”

Russia “hit a wedding hall (sic), a shopping mall (sic) and a neurological clinic (sic).”

The above made up trash was followed by more of the same, adding:

“Russian missiles hit civilian areas in Toretsk, killing at least six more civilians (sic).”

“(C)arnage (in Ukraine was caused by) shelling from heavy artillery and multiple launch rocket systems, as well as missiles and airstrikes (sic).”

“Indiscriminate bombardment (targeted) areas where civilian noncombatants (were) known to be present (sic).”

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, its forces were falsely blamed for war crimes committed by Nazified Ukraine.

US/Western MSM across the board follow the same script, based on fabricated talking points supplied by their ruling regimes.

Instead of laying blame where it belongs, WaPo called for holding Vladimir Putin accountable — for US-orchestrated and directed war crimes by the Kiev regime.

This type rubbish and more of the same is featured daily — the worst I recall throughout the post-WW II period.

At the same time, there’s less of it than earlier, because Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine is being systematically destroyed by Russia’s overwhelming firepower.

If Kiev was winning instead of losing badly, they’d be lots more reporting about it.

Since the opposite is true, fewer fake news reports appear.

And when Ukraine’s military collapses altogether, MSM will change the subject to suppress reality in a new way.

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