Ukrainian Nazis Vow to Sink Russia’s Black Sea Fleet?

Someone should inform out-of-touch-with reality/puppet Zelensky with indisputable facts on the ground.

Russia’s overwhelming firepower is bleeding Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military to death by inflicting catastrophic losses too great to overcome.

Most of the regime’s best trained, most fanatical and heavily armed militants were eliminated, along with their weapons and munitions.

Lost troops can’t be replaced — except by poorly trained conscripts with no will to go up against vastly superior Russian forces.

The same goes for Kiev’s command and control personnel.

Decimated by losses, it’s just a matter of time before remaining ones are eliminated if Russia’s SMO continues without letup.

Yet on Tuesday, Kiev’s deputy war minister Havrylov — sounding as delusional as puppet Zelensky — told the Times of London the following:

“We have a permanent threat from the Russian Black Sea fleet.”

“Given new technologies and capabilities we receive (sic), we have to address this threat (sic). 

“We started with the operation on Snake Island (sic).” 

“We are receiving anti-ship capabilities and sooner or later we will target the fleet (sic).”

“It is inevitable because we have to guarantee security to our people (sic).”

“We are ready to target them all over the Black Sea if we have that capability (sic).”

“Sooner or later, we will have enough resources to target Russia in the Black Sea and Crimea (sic).” 

“We have to think very carefully how to do it in the right way (sic).” 

“Russia will have to leave Crimea if they wish to exist as a country (sic).”

Reality check:

Russian forces virtually defeated Ukraine’s military straightaway after launching its liberating SMO.

Steadily advancing, they left Ukrainian troops battered, degraded, defeated and on their back foot all along — failing to retake any lost territory or able to mount a counteroffensive.

After smashing Ukrainian troops on Snake Island, Russian forces were redeployed to Donbass when it was of no further strategic value.

As for attempting to strike the Black Sea fleet or Republic of Crimea, Russia’s Deputy Security Council head, Dmitry Medvedev, minced no words, saying:

“Judgment day will come very fast and hard” in response to anything Russia considers a “systemic threat” to its security.

And this Times of London perversion of reality:

“Some (so-called) analysts (left unnamed to save them from greater embarrassment) believe that Ukraine will eventually be able to take back territory Russia gained (since February) (sic) if given enough high-tech weapons (sic).”

Separately, the Times of London cited former hegemon USA allied commander for Europe, general Philip Breedlove’s expressed support of attacking Russia’s Kerch Strait bridge, linking its mainland with Crimea.

If attempted by what remains of Kiev’s greatly degraded military, the Kremlin would most likely consider this move a “systemic threat” to its security, responding to it appropriately.

Separately, former NATO commander, general Wesley Clark, earlier said the following:

“NATO must intervene.”

“Let’s make it official and order the Russians to cease fire.”

Its SMO “cannot be stopped without NATO intervention.”

Clark, Breedlove — as well as likeminded past and current Pentagon extremists — are real-life Jack D. Ripper characters.

They’re deranged figures, ones resembling the fictional Ripper from Stanely Kubrick’s dark satire, titled “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.”

Breedlove earlier said the following:

“(A) certain coalition of states (meaning NATO) could step in” to aid Ukraine against Russia.

“I personally…support this decision.”

He also called for pouring more of whatever is needed for perpetual war on Russia by Kiev’s Biden regime proxies.

If deranged Russophobes like Breedlove and Clark ran things in Washington, WW III likely would have been launched long ago by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, head of the Russian lower house State Duma’s Liberal Democratic Party/member of its negotiating team, Leonid Slutsky, said the following:

At this time, “conditions on our part will be tougher regarding demilitarization and deNazification (of Ukraine), tougher both in terms of essence and the timeframe of their implementation.”

Russia should demand nothing less than unconditional surrender to its demilitarization and deNazification demands.

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