All Things Russia and Ukraine Fake News

US/Western MSM ban discussion of reality on the ground in Ukraine, notably about its Nazified rule and what’s really going on along the front lines of Russia’s SMO.

Ignored are large numbers of Ukrainian troops either surrendering or deserting their posts to stay alive, to avoid becoming expendable cannon fodder.

One Ukrainian soldier spoke for many others, saying:

“I will no longer wear the uniform of this brigade, and half of us guys here feel the same.”

Another said “(w)e are being sent to certain death.”

Others complained about being ill-treated, ill-fed, poorly armed, woefully trained, uncared about by Kiev and abandoned.

Instead of explaining the above and lots more like it, the NYT reported the following rubbish, saying:

“A Ukrainian brigade surprised Russian forces (by) retaking (the village) of Pavlivka.”

Throughout Russia’s SMO, Ukrainian troops retook no liberated areas.

No successful counterattacks were achieved.

Claims otherwise by the Times and other MSM have been fake news.

Most everything they report about all things Russia and Ukraine turns truth on its head.

No Russian forces have been caught “off guard,” no “complete surprises.”

None were “surrounded (and unable) to go forward or back.”

No resupplying of its forces or “reinforcements (were) blocked.”

The above rubbish is similar to fake news claims about Russia’s alleged failure to take Kiev or other nonexistent successes by the Nazi-infested regime.

And this Times rubbish:

In response to Sergey Lavrov explaining that Russian SMO goals  changed to include gaining control over more Ukrainian territory because the empire of lies prevented Kiev from engaging in conflict resolution talks with Russia — to maintain a state of forever war — Times fake news reinvented his remarks as follows, saying:

Russia’s SMO is “an act of expansion…to reclaim territory lost with the fall of the Soviet Union (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality — repeated too many times to keep count:

After “Russian forces…stumbled in their drive to capture…Kiev (sic), (Vladimir) Putin…emphasiz(ed) that the protection of Russia’s proxies (sic) in…Donbass…was the Kremlin’s main aim.”

The Times and other MSM know that liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation has been a key Russian aim all along.

Its forces never sought to gain control over Kiev.

And the myth of (nonexistent) Ukrainian counterattack pushbacks against its forces persists.

And this quote by US joint chiefs chairman, Mark Milley, turning truth on its head as follows, saying:

A Russian victory in Donbass is not a  foregone conclusion. “(I)t’s not lost yet (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

“Ukraine might be about to launch a broad counteroffensive…in Kherson (sic).”

Russian forces will smash any attempt, inflicting heavy losses on Ukrainian troops, forcing survivors to retreat.

Ukraine doesn’t try to mount a counterattacks very often.

From experience, it knows the futility of the move.

Whenever attempted, they’re defeated, Russian firepower taking a big toll on Ukrainian troops. 

And this trash from Ukraine’s imitation foreign minister Kuleba:

“Russia rejects diplomacy (sic) and focuses on war and terror (sic). Russians want blood, not talks (sic).”

And this nonsense from puppet Zelensky’s so-called chief of staff Yermak, saying:

More US weapons will let Ukraine prevail over Russian forces (sic).

And this from Mrs. puppet Zelensky, telling Congress on Wednesday:

“An unprovoked invasive terrorist war is being waged against my country (sic).”

“Russia is destroying our people (sic).” 

Send more weapons — for its forces to target and destroy.

And this from pro-war, pro-privilege, anti-peace, equity and justice House speaker Pelosi, defying reality as follows, saying:

“(T)he brutality of Russian aggression (sic) and treatment of women and children (sic) horrified the American people (sic), and these crimes have been of particular concern to the women members of Congress (sic).”

And this WaPo rubbish:

Quoting fake news by a Ukrainian field commander, he falsely claimed that US weapons “succeeded in stabilizing the situation (sic).”

And this WaPo fake news:

Degraded and beaten “Ukrainian forces might feel confident enough to expand attacks (sic) this summer in the south, near Kherson (sic).”

And this perversion of reality by unnamed European officials, cited by WaPo, saying:

“Ukraine will be better positioned to repel new Russian attacks and perhaps retake some territory (sic).”

A reality check by military analyst, Michael Kofman, was as follows, saying:

“Ukraine has been given a tremendous amount of artillery equipment that’s very diverse.”

“What they’ve ended up with is a petting zoo of artillery, and it’s very hard to do maintenance, sustainment and logistics.”

A much bigger issue is how much of what US/Western regimes supplied to Ukraine was destroyed by Russian firepower.

It’s why puppet Zelensky and other regime officials keep asking for more of what’s been eliminated.

WaPo admitted that Kiev asked US/Western regimes to provide more weapons “to replenish heavy battlefield losses.”

Separately in remarks about US supplied HIMARS to Ukraine, Russia’s lower house State Duma Defense Committee Chairman, Andrei Kairtapolov, said the following:

They’re no “panacea.”

“One should not be afraid” of HIMARS.

“One should fight” them. They’re “one of the weapons that the enemy uses now.”

“I want to emphasize that foreign specialists…mercenaries” are involved in directing their use.

“I don’t rule out American (and other Western) servicemen working there.”

Russia has “a countermeasure — our air defense facilities.” 

“Yesterday, they shot down all 12 missiles over the Antonovsky bridge” in Kherson.

And this from Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, in response to delusional Kiev claims about sinking Russia’s Black Sea Fleet and occupying Crimea, saying:

Kiev officials “continue to live the pipe dream of Russia’s military defeat and reject even the hypothetical possibility of peace talks,” adding:

“You destroyed Ukrainian statehood.”

“You destroyed modern Ukraine.”

You’re “destroying the people of Ukraine, and you need more and more weapons for that.”

And this from Russia’s Deputy Security Council Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, saying:

“After the (US) 2014 coup, Ukraine lost its independence and fell under direct control of the collective West.”

It “began to believe that NATO would guarantee its security.”

“As a result of all the current events, Ukraine may lose what’s left of its state sovereignty and disappear from the world map.”

At the same time, “Ukrainian criminals will definitely be prosecuted for atrocities committed against the people of Ukraine and Russia.”

US-controlled Nazified Ukraine is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Quashing it will benefit humanity, freeing the continent from its scourge.

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