Less Than One-Fourth of Americans Want Another Fake Biden Term

Selected, not elected, the real Biden is too cognitively impaired to function in any official capacity.

So undemocratic Dems installed a look-alike imposter to represent him.

Operating as their press agents, MSM support what demands exposure, condemnation and correction.

Throughout US history, a rogue’s gallery of party-chosen figures served wealth, power and privilege at the expense of the general welfare as president.

The same reality applies to holders of key House and Senate posts — establishment figures exclusively.

The fake Biden arguably stands out as worst of the worst holder of the nation’s top job throughout US history.

A caricature of what leadership is supposed to be, he’s world’s apart from the real thing — and it shows whenever making public remarks.

Most Republicans correctly believe that Dems stole the White House in 2020, a Senate majority as well by election rigging.

Dem-supporting claims otherwise by MSM reflect coverup and denial — despite indisputable evidence of the most brazen election fraud in US history.

While the vast majority of Americans aren’t likely aware of an imposter in the White House, polls show overwhelming disapproval of how his regime is handling things.

An early July Civiqs poll showed the fake Biden’s approval rating at a new 29% low.

Among respondents aged 18 – 34, he managed only 22% support.

Only 2% of Republicans and 19% of independents approve of the mess his regime made over the past 18 months.

If the fake Biden lasts throughout his illegitimate term, his public approval may sink to an unparalleled low since US political polling began in 1936.

Quinnipiac University (QU) poll results published on July 20 provide more evidence of a reviled and despised White House occupant.

After 18 months in the nation’s top job, the Biden regime wrecked the US economy beyond its dismal state after replacing Trump illegitimately.

And instead of fighting near-record high inflation at 17.3% — not the phony official 9.1% — the Wall Street controlled Federal Reserve is doing more to fuel it with the Fed funds rate under 2%, raising it most likely next week to around 2.5%.

Results of the latest QU poll showed the following:

Only 31% of America approve of how the fake Biden is handling things — compared to 60% disapproving.

Among Republican, disapproval is lopsided at 94%, only 2% approving.

Among independents, the ratio is 67% disapproving to only 23% the other way around.

Even around one-fifth of Dems (18%) expressed disapproval of the White House imposter.

By a 52 – 40% margin, respondents disapprove of how he’s handling all things Russia and Ukraine.

On foreign policy overall, little more than one-third of respondents (36%) expressed approval.

On the US economy, it’s only 28%.

The undemocratic Dem-controlled Congress fared worse.

Only 23% expressed approval of how it’s handling things.

Only 30% support Dems, 63% expressing disapproval.

Only 37% of respondents approve of how the Supreme Court is operating.

According to QU analyst, Tim Malloy:

“Americans send a message that echoes through the High Court and the Halls of Congress.”

“You are not getting the job done.”

“Republicans hit a new high on disapproval.” 

Dems “fare little better, and SCOTUS is met with unprecedented disapproval.”

Over 70% of respondents (71%) oppose a 2nd fake Biden term — only 24% in favor of a second time around.

Over half of Dem respondents (54%) oppose another term for the White House imposter.

Trump fared little better.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) are against him running again for the nation’s highest office.

Malloy again:

“There’s scant enthusiasm for a replay of either a Trump or Biden presidency.” 

“But while Trump still holds sway on his base, (the fake) Biden is underwater when it comes to support from his own party.”

And only 26% of respondents expressed support for Kamala Harris.

Asked what issue most urgently needs addressing, 34% of respondents cited inflation (48% among Republicans, 41% among independents) — followed by gun violence at 12%.

No other issues mentioned had double-digit levels of concern.

Two-thirds of Americans (67%) said the nation is worse off now than a year ago.

Only 26% believe otherwise.

And nearly half of respondents (48%) believe that Trump tried to change the 2020 presidential election results.

There’s plenty to blame him for domestically and geopolitically — not election rigging, an undemocratic Dem specialty.

Nor was DJT involved in storming the US capitol on January 6, 2021 — what undemocratic Dems orchestrated.

The latest QU poll was conducted from July 14 – 18 with 1,523 US adults, 1,367 registered US voters.

3 thoughts on “Less Than One-Fourth of Americans Want Another Fake Biden Term

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    Did any Poll ask:

    ” Should Joe Biden be in Prison for Criminal Malfeasance in the Ukraine..?”

    At least 50% of Americans would say yes without even having to think about it.

    Top of Mind for most people
    Is the blatant lying..

    Embezzlement, Extortion and Selling Public Property..ie War Material..

    part of the now..$60 B Scam..

    Ruling Class in big Trouble.
    Everyone is leaving the Reservation.

    Too many lies .
    To many Crimes.
    Too much murdering and graft.

    Everything is a Mess.

    Call Dick at the Compound
    He’s running things.

    Has been since 1963
    As we made a beeline for the Toilet.

    Hear H Ross Perot.
    Remember when they tried to assassinate Perot..?

    Wait … Don’t ask them..

    Dick, Nancy, Clapper, Brennan, James Clyburn and the CIA and FBI all “SELECTED” Joey ..

    And Kamala..

    That’s a Laugher.
    Huh .

    The Laughing Lady from

    Barnum Bailey
    Ringling Brothers ..

    No beard .
    Well Maybe .

    The Shit Show.
    Bottom of the Barrel

    And Hunter’s over in Kiev right now counting the Donations


    Bio Weapons Labs

    doesn’t evencompare to the

    Democratic Party Slush Fund
    And Weapons Scam.

    BTW.. Notice Joey says he’s got Cancer..
    (Blames Delaware)




    He’s toast.
    As predicted.

    The Trip to Israel
    He picked up his Bonus Check.

    A Nice Going Away Gift.

    A Poster Boy
    For the Filth that runs the Government.

    Total Colony Collapse
    Looms on the Agenda.


  2. Mr Lendman

    Here’s the jelly in the Donut..

    “Hey Mr Bloomberg..
    Sorry to bother you.


    BUT …How do you like your choice now..?

    I mean Joey..?”


    Sure can Pick em..!

    That the Entire CIA MSM

    Conspired to Cover Up
    Hunter’s LABTOP

    Before the Election

    Told bald faced lies to the Public .

    Said it was
    Russian Propaganda..

    Everything you pendejos touch turns to shit.

    Maybe that’s why only 9% of Americans

    think you’re Credible.
    91% know you’re liars.

    Like Never Before in History
    You’ve have burned the Xmas Ham.

    Brought America to the Abyss.
    A Dead End..like no other.


    You’re gonna lose the Ranch, pal..!

    Making Travel Plans, sir.


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