Russia’s Straight Talk

US-dominated Western regimes are notorious for duplicitous double-talk and double-dealing.

Nothing they say can be taken at face value.

Everything they say of importance is with forked tongue.

Time and again on issues mattering most, they say one thing, then go another way.

Virtually everything hegemon USA  agrees to is flagrantly breached sooner or later — indisputable truth that the empire of lies can never be trusted.

The same goes for its Western vassals.

Marching in lockstep with their US master reflects how they operate on the world stage.

Abandonment of the landmark JCPOA by the Trump regime in May 2018 is one among many notorious examples — proving diplomatic outreach to hegemon USA is a colossal waste of time.

In stark contrast, remarks by Russian officials are refreshingly candid.

They say what they mean and mean what they say.

Agreements they make with other nations are observed to the letter.

The same goes for their compliance with rule of law.

Russia sticks to all its obligations, including what relates to relations with other nations.

On Tuesday, Russia’s US embassy stressed that areas of Ukraine its forces liberated will decide their own future, adding:

Claims by hegemon USA about the aims of Russia’s SMO “are fundamentally false.”

“We are returning peace to liberated territories, creating circumstances for normal life and respect for equal rights of citizens regardless of ethnicity and language.” 

“The whole country has risen to help affected settlements.”

“Federal authorities, regions, and public organizations” are involved. 

“Infrastructure, housing, and social facilities are being actively restored.” 

“Thousands of specialists are involved in the process.”

By yearend 2022, work begun to rebuild about 500 kilometers of roads and bridges will be well underway, much work completed. 

At the same time, 12 modern apartment buildings, schools, and a medical center with high-tech equipment will be completed by fall.

Liberated areas continue to be supplied with large-scale amounts of humanitarian aid. 

Over 45,000 tons were delivered to free-at-last deNazified areas of Ukraine, the DPR and LPR. 

Russia’s leadership repeatedly stressed that populations of liberated Ukrainian territories will decide on their own whether they wish to remain under Kiev’s control, become independent republics or join the Russian Federation.

Under international law, self-determination is a universal right.

The UN Charter affirms “the principle of equal rights and self-determination of people…”

Article 1 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) states:

“All peoples have the right of self-determination.”

“By virtue of that right, they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

According to Russia, US-dominated Western regimes don’t give a damn about the rights and well-being of Ukrainians.

They prioritize forever proxy hot war on Russia with Ukrainian foot soldiers, as well as unparalleled large-scale sanctions.

Moscow is up to the challenge. 

Its leadership will “continue (working) vigorously to establish peaceful life on liberated lands and to fulfill all tasks” of its SMO.

Separately, Sergey Lavrov said the following on Tuesday:

The empire of lies “literally prevent(s) (colonized Ukraine) from making constructive moves.”

Instead, its ruling regime “is pumped with weapons (for) use” to wage proxy war on Russia and against Donbass civilians.

In pursuing forever war on Russia, hegemon USA seeks “real war.”

At the same time, US-colonized Ukraine is prevented from engaging in conflict resolution talks with Russia — to maintain a state of forever war.

Upping the stakes by hegemon USA forced Russia to go beyond liberating Donbass alone.

“Now the geography is different,” said Lavrov. 

“We’re not (just) talking about the DPR (and) LPR.”

“We’re talking about the Kherson (and) Zaporozhye Region(s) (as well as) other territories, and this process is ongoing.” 

Moscow will not let US-controlled Ukrainian proxies threaten its security and people — nor the Donbass republics or other areas it’s liberating.

So Russian forces will liberate more Ukrainian territory than was initially planned.

Moscow appointed officials friendly to the Russian Federation in liberated areas of Zaporozhye, Kherson and Kharkov Regions.

The ruble was introduced as the official currency, and residents of these areas are getting Russian passports.

While its forces haven’t entered and taken control of Odessa and Nikolayev Regions, these steps are likely to follow.

At the same time, it’s unlikely that Russia’s SMO will include gaining control over Kiev.

What’s very likely is achieving the twin goals of demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine — to eliminate the menace posed by the US created and controlled monster.

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  1. Mr Lendman,

    Russia should Demand, absolutely be insistent

    that the EU pay back
    the $300B in Foreign Reserves
    that was Stolen from them!

    Highway Robbery..

    Any Citizen would call the Police
    On these Criminals.

    Before Russia..
    Before Russia…

    gives them back one drop of Anything..

    Russia always let’s the Gangsters fux them!

    Russia always bends over backwards
    to be their Butler.

    Their buttboy.

    They Robbed Russia of $300 Billion.

    Still sending weapons to Ukraine
    Now sending Long Range Missiles

    Sending more money
    Training Ukis in UK
    Spy Satellites Everywhere..

    Uki Drones far superior..

    Run by the IDF Galilee #35 Brigade
    Of Assassin’s..Drone Pilots.. Demolition .

    The Same 21 IDF assassins you caught at Azovsto In Maruipol..

    But released to UAE.. immediately
    No questions asked.

    No Trial.
    No nothing..

    How many Russian soldiers did they kill..?
    No say.

    Free Pass for the “Special People!”

    Same with the French Army
    44 French let off Scott Free

    From Azovstol.
    No Questions asked.

    In fact, Hidden

    So as not to effect Macrons chances in the French Election…

    Where he would probably have lost.

    And so now..

    All the Continuing Sanctions
    More Lies.

    Russia is killing Civilians..
    Kaliningrad cut off.

    You do absolutely nothing after you warn them 100 times.


    Why should they believe you.?
    And I’m on your side, Comrade Tovarish
    You know that.

    They say they want to delete you.
    You saw the map of Russia after they carve you up..!

    Soon they’ll be there.
    God Knows you helped them Survive.

    Not really sure if you got the Juice.

    Really Worried for Russia.

    And now talking about an Air Force

    Putin flipping Generals
    Like Canasta..
    Because it’s going well..?

    You’re gonna send them gas.

    The Chutzah these Collaborators have

    Ursula Demanded that you send gas
    Scolded you

    Said you have a Contract.

    Wasn’t Minsk a Contract..?

    Did you fulfill that .?
    How about Astana…?
    How About the Normandy Three..?

    No nothing.
    So what’s a contract, deary..?



    Act like your Valet.

    Man, and I thought Earth Girls, Were Easy..!

    To Total Victory


  2. Western regimes operate exactly like the old Roman Empire’s tactic of making treaties just to lull independent kingdoms into feeling safe and letting down their guards before the Roman army attacked. That was how the Roman Empire expanded.


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