Longstanding Israeli State Terrorism

Throughout its history, state terrorism has been official Israeli policy against long-suffering Palestinians and invented regional nations.

So is apartheid, its version far more egregious than South Africa’s.

According to the Rome Statute of the International Court, apartheid is a crime against humanity, a major breach of international law.

The Rome Statute’s Article 7 says the following: 

“The ‘crime of apartheid’ means inhumane acts…committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.”

There’s no ambiguity about Israel as an apartheid state.

Throughout its history, it’s waged slow-motion genocide against Palestinians.

It keeps two million Gazans isolated and oppressed in the world’s largest open-air prison, suffocating them by deprivation.

Like its US paymaster and partner, the Jewish state is egregiously guilty of virtually every high crime imaginable.

During the fake Biden’s visit to Israel in mid-July, a billboard in place for him to see minced no words, saying:


On July 18 by letter to interventionist Blinken and national intelligence head, Avril Haines, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and 21 of her colleagues called on both Biden regime officials to denounce Israel’s designation of six Palestinian human rights groups as “terrorist organizations (sic).”

They include the following:

The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Organization

Al-Haq involved in protecting and promoting human rights, as well as the rule of law in Occupied Palestine since 1979.

Defense for Children International — DCI Palestine

The Bisan Center for Research and Development, and 

The Union of Palestinian Women Committees  

Along with the near-two dozen lawmakers speaking out against Israel’s illegal clampdown on the above human rights groups, over 130 US and international organizations expressed support for their action.

The American Bar Association addressed Israeli officials by letter on its unacceptable action — one among countless other acts of state terrorism by the apartheid state.

Another occurred overnight, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reporting the following:

“The Israeli enemy carried out at 12:32 a.m. an aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction of occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus.”

“The Syrian Army air defense confronted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them, according to a military source.”

“Three soldiers were martyred, seven others injured and material damages were documented due to the aggression.

Israel has been terror-bombing Syria for years at its discretion, an endless series of war crimes without accountability.

In early July, Israeli warplanes struck Syrian poultry farms south of Tartus, wounding civilians.

In June, the IDF terror-bombed Damascus Airport — on the phony pretext of preventing Iran from transporting weapons to Syria and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

In recent weeks, Israeli warplanes struck around 15 Syrian targets, part of its longstanding undeclared war on the state and its people.

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh earlier explained what he called an unprovoked, “secret (Israeli) bombing mission on the banks of the Euphrates River, about ninety miles north of the Iraq border” — on the pretext of destroying a nonexistent Syrian nuclear reactor.

At the time, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said IDF warplanes struck their intended target – an “unused military building,” not a “nascent nuclear reactor.”

Admitting the airstrike after the fact, Israeli officials said official state policy aims “to prevent our enemies from arming themselves with nuclear weapons.”

Along with Pentagon Middle East bases, Israel is the region’s only nuclear armed and dangerous state.

Hersh said the following:

He was told “by current and former (US) intelligence, diplomatic, and congressional officials that they were not aware of any solid evidence of ongoing nuclear-weapons programs in Syria” – because there is none.

Nor does the Syrian Arab Republic threaten Israel or any other nations.

Hegemon USA supports Israeli cross-border strikes on invented enemies, along with its ruthless persecution of Palestinians, including multiple Gaza wars and cross-border shelling of the Strip.

In early July, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, slammed Israeli aggression against Syria, saying:

“We strongly condemn such irresponsible actions that violate the sovereignty of Syria and the basic norms of international law, and we demand their unconditional cessation.”

Separately on Thursday, Russia shut down Israel’s so-called Jewish agency — involved in promoting immigration of Jews to the apartheid state for nearly a century.

In 2021, about 7,000 Russian Jews emigrated to Israel.

Russia’s Justice Ministry reportedly asked Moscow’s Basmanny Court to dissolve the Jewish Agency.

The request filed on July 15 will be discussed on July 28.

According to Interfax, the shutdown is because of unspecified Jewish Agency violations of Russian law.

A statement by Prime Minister Lapid’s office said he’ll send a delegation of Israeli officials to Moscow, an attempt to dissuade Russia from taking this step.

While both countries maintain largely friendly bilateral relations, they’ve been strained lately.

Notably it’s because of continued IDF terror-bombing of Syria, as well as over the Lapid regime’s false accusation of war crimes by Russian forces in Ukraine.

According to Israel’s so-called diaspora affairs minister, Nachman Shai:

“The attempt to punish the Jewish Agency for Israel’s stance on the war is deplorable and offensive (sic).”

Remarks like the above and Lapid’s Big Lie claim of Russian war crimes won’t help the apartheid state’s attempt to reverse Russia’s move.

4 thoughts on “Longstanding Israeli State Terrorism

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Every Day in Gaza
    Is 9-11..!

    Every Day is State Sponsored
    Terrorism against the People!

    Every day is Hell..!


    Starting at a seemingly obscure place

    Let me “work my way back to you babe..!”

    First off…

    Russia should kick out the Jewish Agencies.

    I’ve been saying that for 50 years..back to the 70’s..!

    Ever since the Imperialist
    “Save Soviet Jewelry !”

    Here’s the Connection,

    Much more sinister than the recruiting of Russian Jews to emigrant to the Zionist State.

    EIN So..

    I’m reading all the reports on the USA making astonishing gains in
    the Critical Field of hypersonic Rocket Science.

    Hydro dynamics the actual basis
    Of alll the cutting edge technology..ie, air induction.

    That’s a huge portion of the puzzle.

    If the puzzle consisted of
    4 parts.. EXAMPLE:

    Part A, B, C, D

    Ostensibly it appears the USA
    has figured out A, B, D…

    and 1/2 of C.

    Here’s what perplexed me for almost two weeks:

    You can’t get to D..

    Without completely
    figuring out C..

    Ostensibly..the USA only has about 1/2 of C…!

    What does that mean?

    I could not figure that out.

    It’s necessarily a combined process….Inextricably.

    EIN So… here’s my prognosis.

    You get to D..
    Without mastering C

    By stealing Technology.
    That’s what I think Happened.

    They’ve jumped something!

    Didn’t get the Secret Sauce
    Recipe completely!

    This is of course,
    An unsubstantiated proposition.

    I wouldn’t go to Court
    Carrying this brief.

    But my gut tells me I’m right
    Or close..

    In the Ballpark.

    How else to you explain it?
    The ” Jump ” in technology?

    Can’t be Aliens.

    Moreover I’d bet,
    Somebody snatched it from Russia.

    Who I wonder..?
    No…I don’t wonder at all.

    Kick the Zio Jewish Agency out!

    Probably recruiting all the Russian Physicists also.

    Far Fetched..my contention?
    Not really.

    Notice Particularly..

    At the same time as the USA’s enormous..

    Leaps and Bounds in advanced Rocket Telemetry..

    Israel is coming to Washington to start ” SHARING”

    the Plasma Lasers…

    I thought they said it was perfected..

    Bragged about it.

    Bottom Line..

    Something is Rotten in Denmark!
    Besides Rasmussen.


    Anti Semitic Overtones..?
    Not at all

    Russian Jews are loyal and patriotic citizens.

    Some of them
    Then there is the Zionists.

    The Plague on the Planet Earth.



  2. Mr Lendman,

    Let me take a moment to explain Combined Process

    And why it is so important.
    Imperative, a better word.

    Perfect Example of a
    Combined Process.

    Based on an easy
    and real world appreciation.

    Porsche uses a Dry Sump Oil engine in their 911.

    A Dry Sump Oil induction is built right into the engine.

    Every.moving component sits in oil.

    That way .no matter the movement of the car..

    Say a sharp turn..

    The engine is never starved for oil..

    And at high speeds without oil you’ll throw a rod.

    The American Car..

    Has an oil vessel above the engine..
    Dropping or draining oil into the engine..

    And necessarily an oil pan underneath the engine.

    The Germans by putting the oil containment and induction
    right into the engine..

    Don’t need an oil pan underneath..

    Hence, they can drop the engine much lower to the ground.

    Like a Slot Car..
    That grabs the road..

    A lower center of Gravity

    gives you better balance and stability …
    Particularly in hair pin turns.

    You cannot do one
    Without the other.

    Internal oil configuration
    Negates the oil pan

    Hence the lower center of gravity is possible.

    How could the Gringos know or attempt one without the other?

    It’s a combination..
    “a Combined Process”

    As I say,
    Something is furcockta..!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory..!


  3. According to the Jewish Babylonian Talmud, the Goyims (i.e. Gentiles) are sub-humans, to serve the Jews (Ashkenazi Khazarian), can be exploited and killed, as practised by Jews modern-day Israel.

    Israel’s behavior is guided by the Talmud.


  4. Mr Lendman..

    July 23..

    RE: Grain Deal


    Russia is trusting the UN..

    To make sure no weapons
    Get sent to the Ukraine with the Arriving ships..

    You tell me..
    See a problem there..?

    Would you trust that arrangement?

    Gotta be fuxing insane to trust the hostile lying UN..!

    Why so lame..
    Why so foolish
    Why so gullible
    Why so easy to fux…?

    No learning curve.

    Better come up with a Secondary Stipulation

    Blame it on the Duma.

    Don’t fux around believing
    Anything they say.


    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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