Russia Running Out of Steam? Defeated Ukraine Can Win?

The above sounds like a proposed Hollywood dream factory plot — something too implausible for producers to accept.

If Russia unleashed the full might of its overpowering military — excluding nukes — Ukraine’s military have been decimated in days, its Nazi-infested regime eliminated.

Because Russia is taking great care to avoid civilian casualties and protect nonmilitary infrastructure, its forces are achieving established goals more slowly.

Yet according to Britain’s MI6 spy chief, Richard Moore:

Russia is “about to run out of steam (sic).” 

“(O)ur assessment (sic) is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to supply manpower material over the next few weeks (sic).”

“They will have to pause in some way (sic), and that will give the Ukrainians opportunities to strike back (sic).”

“It’s important…that (Ukrainians) demonstrate their ability to strike back (sic).”

“(I)t will be an important reminder to the rest of Europe that this is a winnable campaign by the Ukrainians (sic).”

And this state-approved BBC propaganda:

Russia experienced “epic fails” in Ukraine (sic), citing Moore’s perversion of reality.

Ignoring UK involvement with hegemon USA’s rape and destruction of the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria and now proxy war on Russia, the beeb quoted the following from Moore, saying:

Russia’s liberating SMO against Nazified Ukraine is “the most egregious naked act of aggression…in Europe since the Second World War (sic).”

Its gains were “tiny (sic).”

Promoting its state-approved propaganda, the beeb defied reality as follows, saying:

“More people in more places trust BBC (fake) news than any other news source.”

Most everything it reports on major domestic and geopolitical issues is based on state-approved talking points — truth and full disclosure banned.

The same reality applies to virtually all US/Western MSM — worlds apart from journalism as it should be.

As expected, US/Western MSM are lovin’ Moore’s perversion of reality, including the NYT, adding the following in its latest fake news edition, saying:

Nazi-infested Ukraine’s “message to the world (is) (w)e can win (sic).”

The US-controlled regime’s “is working (sic)…Just keep the weapons coming (sic).”

The Times quoted Kiev’s so-called war minister Reznikov, saying:

“Russia can definitely be defeated (sic) and Ukraine has already shown how (sic).”

And this from the regime’s so-called national security council head Danilov, saying:

“The faster our partners supply us with weapons, the faster we will end this war (sic).”

Since spring 2014, hegemon US has been pouring tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and related equipment into Ukraine.

Yet in weeks, Russia’s overwhelming firepower destroyed about 80% of what was supplied by the US/West.

On Thursday alone, Russia’s Defense ministry said its precision strikes eliminated about 1,000 Ukrainian troops, including around 120 foreign mercenaries.

According to retired US three-star marine corps general Ripley Rawlings:

Morale among foreign mercenaries in Ukraine is low because of poor command and control, along with the overwhelming power of Russia’s military.

“(A)bout half of (foreign mercenary) units (in Ukraine) have taken terrible hits lately,” adding:

They’ve complained about lack of centralized communications, inappropriate tactics and inability to mount an offensive against Russia’s overpowering military.

And this fake news from CIA director William Burns, saying:

“(S)omething in the vicinity of 15,000 (Russian forces were) killed (sic) and maybe three times that number wounded (sic), so a quite significant set of losses (sic).”

Ukrainian casualties are “a little less than” Russian ones (sic).

Reality on the ground in Ukraine and Donbass is worlds apart from Burns’ fake news.

Kiev losses have been at least tenfold greater than Russian ones.

According to former CIA analyst Larry Johnson:

Claims by Britain’s MI6 head “says much about the pathetic status of (its) intelligence.”

Here’s how battlefield casualties are calculated:

There’s “overhead imagery, i.e. pictures, taken by satellites and fixed wing aircraft (including drones) that can count ambulances hauling away the dead and wounded.”

“There also should be pictures of new graves in military cemeteries.” 

“There also should be imagery of Russian field hospitals.”

“It should be no hard task to count the number of stretchers going in and out of those facilities.”

There’s also “intercepted signals –SIGINT.”

“Surely Russian commanders are reporting killed and wounded back to headquarters.”

The US and UK “have the technical means for intercepting, decrypting and translating those communications.”

“This kind of information does not produce “estimates.’ ”

“It produces real numbers.”

There’s also information from “social media.”

“Ukrainian social media (are) filled with pictures of rows of new graves for recently fallen soldiers.”

There’s nothing remotely comparable “from the Russian side.”

No evidence of 60,000 killed or wounded Russian forces exists — because their casualties are a tiny fraction of Burns’ fake “estimate.” 

As for Moore’s phony claim about Russian forces “run(ing) out of steam,” Johnson called it “groundless (and) outlandish,” adding:

“Is (he) really this stupid?”

Large-scale attrition in Ukrainian ranks got the regime to go all-out hunting down, ferreting out and forcibly conscripting warm bodies of every shape and kind from wherever they can be found — for front line duty as cannon fodder with woefully little training. 

Russian forces are trouncing Ukrainian troops.

Sensible Kiev leadership would have surrendered weeks ago to halt the carnage.

Instead, as pushed by its US master, the puppet Zelensky regime continues the futility of going up against vastly superior Russian military strength.

If fighting continues months longer, an entire generation of Ukrainian youths may be lost — along with greater losses of its territory than already.


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