Hegemon USA to Supply Nazified Ukraine with Warplanes?

According to the US Air Force, extensive training of around two years is required to fly its combat aircraft.

Yet on Friday, so-called White House national security coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby, said the following:

The Pentagon “is making some preliminary explorations into the feasibility of potentially providing fighter aircraft to the Ukrainians.” 

“But it’s not something that they’re going to be able to execute immediately or even in the short term.”

In March, the Pentagon rejected the harebrained idea, calling it “high-risk.”

Kirby didn’t say what type warplanes are under consideration to be supplied.

Reportedly, F-15, F-16 and/or A-10 Warthogs are being discussed.

If supplied to Ukraine, the empire of lies surely won’t delay the move for two years, the time needed to train its pilots.

Will highly trained, experienced USAF pilots be used to fly combat missions for Ukrainian Nazis?

Will the Biden regime cross the line from proxy to direct confrontation with Russia — at the risk of launching WW III?

In early March, puppet Zelensky urged the Biden regime and Congress to supply combat aircraft for use against Russian forces.

At the time, undemocratic Dem Senate majority leader Schumer said the following:

“These planes are very much needed (sic).” 

“I will do all I can to help the administration to facilitate their transfer (sic).”

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman, Robert Menendez, urged interventionist Blinken and war secretary Austin to send warplanes to Ukraine “without delay,” adding:

“Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures (sic).” 

At the time, former Pentagon official, Mick Mulroy, said the following:

If the US supplies Ukraine with US warplanes to be based at “Polish airfields with full NATO protection, we need to provide them with medium-and-long-range air defense systems.”

Poland opposed the move at the time, fearing that their airfields for US warplanes used by Ukraine would be targeted by Russia to eliminate the threat they’d pose.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s office tweeted the following in response to reports about its MiG-29 and Su-25 warplanes being used by Ukraine:


“Poland won’t send its fighter jets to #Ukraine as well as allow…use (of) its airports.”

“We significantly help in many other areas.”

Puppet Zelensky also urged the Biden regime to impose a no-fly zone over Ukrainian airspace. 

Requiring involvement of US warplanes and ground support, they’d become legitimate Russian targets if this step was taken.

So far, the US and other NATO regimes reject the harebrained idea.

Will they stick to current policy or cross the line to direct confrontation with Russia?

Supplying US warplanes to Ukraine, manned by USAF pilots — because their Kiev counterparts aren’t trained in their use — would recklessly risk war with Russia, what could go nuclear.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, when what remains of Ukrainian warplanes, helicopters and UAVs go airborne, Russian high-precision aerial and ground strikes eliminate them.

US-manned warplanes might fare better, but they’d be highly vulnerable to elimination in similar fashion.

Separately as ordered by his US master, Zelensky rejects ceasefire.

Mindless of reality, he pretends that Ukraine’s decimated military will retake areas liberated by Russian forces.

Going along with hegemon USA’s forever war policy on Russia wrecked Ukraine, greatly harming the vast majority of its people.

The longer Russia’s SMO continues, the more pain and suffering they’ll endure under Nazified rule.

US-dominated NATO regimes don’t give a damn about Ukraine and its people — just its territory as a platform for perpetual war on Russia.

One thought on “Hegemon USA to Supply Nazified Ukraine with Warplanes?

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Here’s something completely
    Convoluted (Kahn-Voluted)

    I hope..
    I pray.

    The Nazi Collaborators send jets to the Ukraine.

    AM I CRAZY..
    AM I INSANE ..?

    Yes I’m probably insane..
    But not on this question!

    Hear me out..
    Before you blow me out:

    The Nazi Collaborators have no
    Planes that can compare or compete with Russia..


    One Su-57..

    A 6th Generation could take out a fleet of F-16s..!

    Why do I say F-16s
    which is only a 3rd Generation ?

    ( The MiG 21flew against the
    F-16 during the War on Vietnam

    “It’s obsolete..my baby…
    My poor discarded Baby..!”

    Hence anything the Gangsters send to the Ukraine

    Will get blown out of the Sky

    Russian Owns the Sky!

    And the Nazis own..
    “Der Himmel schiessse!”

    Russia is about 20-25 yrs ahead in Jet Aircraft.

    End of Story.

    Hence..the Gangsters will not send any planes.

    Call me crazy..
    But the Gringos are only blowing smoke up their ass.


    That the entire NATO SCAM
    replete with Fake Enemies

    All enormous lies simply fabricated to scare

    the Rubes
    The Peasants
    The Vassals

    Into buying the USA’s obsolete

    The Gangsters fear

    Being thoroughly
    embarrassed by
    Russian Aerospace

    Having their
    Biggest Scam Exposed..

    The Very Reason the
    Fourth Reich and created NATO

    picking up Hitler’s Banner
    to attack Russia ..

    Will go right down the Drain.

    Too Risky for Lockheed and Raytheon.

    What’s that you asked?
    What about the F-35?


    Now that’s Risky Business!

    Go Russia..
    To Total Victory…!


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