Nazified Ukraine Update

With high precision and overwhelming firepower, Russian forces are slaying the made-in-the-USA/Nazi infested Ukraine monster.

Claims otherwise by US/Western regimes, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents continue to fall flat.

Yet they persist, puppet Zelensky saying the following on Thursday:

Battered and defeated Ukrainian troops have “significant potential” to roll back Russian advances (sic).

“We thoroughly worked out the issue of providing troops with the modern weapons (sic).”

“Intensity of attacks on the enemy still needs to be increased.” 

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, 4 US-supplied HIMARS and a loading vehicle were destroyed so far this month.

Looking ahead, they’ll likely all be eliminated.

And if more are supplied, Russia will take them out.

Yet according to a fake news Newsweek report:

“Russia…failed to destroy any of the (HIMARS) rocket launching systems that (hegemon USA) sent to Ukraine” — citing joint chiefs chairman Mark Milley’s bald faced-faced Big Lie, compounded with another one, claiming:

They’re having a “significant impact…on the front lines (sic).”

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies can’t bear to admit how its proxies are being outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted by Russian military superiority.

So it makes up stuff to falsely claim otherwise.

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry:

Precision strikes decimated a Ukrainian Nazified Black Hundred battalion in Kramatorsk, killing around 300, destroying most of its weapons, munitions and equipment.

A weapons-storage warehouse was destroyed in Nikolaev, around 30 Ukrainian troops eliminated.

So-called Russian loitering munitions destroyed a camp where foreign mercenaries were based.

A Ukrainian supply depot, its armored vehicles and 40 Nazi thugs were eliminated.

Through Thursday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces destroyed 260 Ukrainian planes, 144 helicopters, 1,589 drones, 357 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,141 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 762 MRLS systems, 3,176 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 4,453 units of special military vehicles.”

Ukraine’s military, its troops, weapons, munitions and equipment are being eliminated beyond the ability of the regime and its Western sponsors to adequately replenish.

Puppet Zelensky and other regime officials keep asking for more weapons et al because most of what was sent is gone — including what ends up on the black market for resale.

According to WaPo fake news, “Russia is laying the groundwork for annexation of Ukrain(ian) territory (sic).”

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

“Moscow mounted an aggressive campaign to absorb and Russify newly occupied regions in recent months (sic), using a combination of terror, state propaganda, handouts (sic) and promises to rebuild destroyed areas.”

“Local officials, activists and journalists have been killed, arrested or disappeared (sic), and anti-Russian protests have been crushed (sic).”

As affirmed by international law, people in areas liberated from Nazified rule by Russian forces will decide their own future.

They want no part of returning to Kiev’s tyrannical control.

And this WaPo fake news:

Russia struck “a school” in Donetsk and a “densely populated area of…Kharkov…kill(ing) at least three (and) wound(ing) 23 more (sic).”

As orchestrated and directed by Pentagon and CIA elements in Ukraine, its troops bear full responsibility for the above strikes and many others like them.

Here’s more from the Donetsk News Agency — suppressed by US/Western regimes, Kiev and their MSM press agents:

“Ukrainian attacks on Donbass claimed 19 civilian lives and left 39 people injured across the DPR over the week, the Republic’s Ombudswoman Daria Morozova said.”

“From July 15 till July 21, 31 members of the defense and law enforcement were killed, and 19 civilians died.”

“Another 193 members of the defense and law enforcement and 39 civilians were injured” — by Ukrainian terror-shelling.

In the last 24 hours, Kiev troops killed one Donetsk civilian, injuring 7 others.

“The enemy used heavy artillery, MLRS systems, mortars, tanks, and  NAR 80 mm unguided aircraft rockets (without using aviation), firing a total of 660 rounds.”

And this WSJ rubbish:

“Ukraine is gearing up for a broader counteroffensive to regain territory along its southern coast that was seized by Russia (sic).”

There’s no evidence of a “counteroffensive,” no prospect of Ukraine’s battered and beaten military retaking lost territory.

And no “critical shortages” of Russian precision weapons and munitions exist.

Claims by the Journal, other MSM and US/Western regimes otherwise are fake news.

It wore thin long ago, yet continues — to the embarrassment of its proliferators.

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