Russian Foreign Ministry Ukraine Update

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), noted that mid-July marked the 8th anniversary of (US-orchestrated and directed) terror-shelling of Lugansk by Ukrainian Nazis.

What happened from July 17 – 19, 2014 massacred 49 LPR civilians, injuring another 150, many seriously.

Because of Russia’s liberating SMO, Lugansk residents are free from Nazified occupation.

So is most of Donetsk, its entire liberation just a matter of time. MZ stressed it, saying:

“(I)n the near future, (Russia and DPR freedom fighters) will completely cleanse the Donetsk People’s Republic of neo-Nazis.”

At this time, the US-controlled Nazified Kiev regime “continues to terrorize Donbass and to issue criminal orders to hit civilian infrastructure facilities and residential areas.”

“It strives to kill as many people as possible and to inflict the maximum possible damage.”

Ukrainian Nazis are using “large-caliber mortars, heavy artillery systems and MLRSs from (US and other) NATO” regimes. 

Terror strikes on Donbass residential areas continue daily.

Supported by US/Western regimes, their MSM press agents falsely blame Russia for high crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

In recent days, they terror-struck a Kherson Region hydropower plant and the Andreyevsky bridge.

MZ: Ukrainian Nazis “use Western weapons to kill civilians and commit war crimes.”

“The data on (numbers of) killed children looks absolutely terrifying.” 

“In Donetsk, a memorial to (murdered) children, The Alley of Angels, was opened…commemorative plates inscribed with (their) names and very short years of life installed.”

Ukraine’s deputy war minister, Gavrilov, its imitation foreign minister, Kuleba, and likeminded regime thugs pretend that areas liberated from Nazified rule by Russian forces will be retaken — that Kiev’s battered and beaten military will emerge from its death throes victorious.

Illusions persist, MZ adding the following:

Ukrainians are being used as “guinea pigs (for) testing” US/Western supplied weapons to the regime’s Nazis.

Destroying Ukrainian territory and people, they want more weapons et al to continue more of the same.

At the same time, Ukrainian Nazis are selling Western arms via black market transactions to likeminded terrorists eager to obtain them.

Despite billion of dollars worth of weapons et al thrown at Ukrainian Nazi thugs, Russian forces are relentlessly smashing them daily.

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators pretend not to notice.

What they call Ukrainian “democracy” is Nazified fascist tyranny — the rule of law abolished in favor of state terror.

Ukraine is no longer a nation. 

It’s a festering cesspool in Europe’s heartland under one-party rule, others banned, and regime-controlled media.

The fabricated official narrative alone is permitted, alternative views criminalized.

And on July 16 by Zelensky regime diktat, use of languages other than Ukrainian was banned.

“Offenders” face stiff fines and imprisonment, notably for speaking Russian.

Given the dismal state of things internally, MZ said the following:

“What’s happening today in Ukraine once again confirms the importance of the expeditious achievement of its demilitarization, deNazification, and eradication of threats to the republics of Donbass and to Russia.”

“As the Russian leadership said, all (SMO) goals…will be fulfilled for certain.

And this delusion by dominant Biden regime hardliners and their Western counterparts, MZ saying:

They continue defying reality by pretending “that Russia is ‘completely isolated’ and ‘separated’ from the rest of the world.”

“Apparently, they consider (their regimes) ‘the rest of the world.’ ” 

The decadent, depraved West aside, the vast majority of other world community nations maintain normal relations with Russia.

Exceeding the extremism of its predecessors since the 1980s, the Biden regime’s “failed foreign policy” bears testimony to “the impotence and incompetence of US pseudo-hegemony that is falling apart before everyone’s eyes,” MZ stressed.

The same goes for its subservient Western allies.

In today’s multi-polar world, “Russia embodies an attractive alternative to the notorious Western world order based on contrived ‘rules,’ ” ones most world community of nations reject.

And in stark contrast to the fake Biden’s failed visit to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and Turkey “successfully completed their productive trilateral summit,” MZ stressed.

And hegemon USA won’t “cancel Russia.”

Its dominant pro-war, anti-peace, anti-rule of law governance hardliners “cannot defeat (Russia), destroy (its) economy or put (the nation) on (its) knees,” said MZ.

Biden “regime policies are a bad situation on the world stage, (made) “worse” by waging forever war on humanity at home and abroad.

And this Biden regime/Western bald-faced Big Lie, falsely claiming:

US citizens in Russia face a heightened risk of “wrongful detainment (sic).”

The above applies to how hegemon USA operates, along with its longstanding targeted assassination policy at home and abroad.

The American way is worlds apart from Russia’s compliance with the rule of law.

And they’ve been no contacts between Russia and the empire of lies on resolving conflict with Nazified Ukraine diplomatically, said MZ, adding:

“The reason is obvious,” the Biden regime’s “destructive policy” of forever proxy war on Russia.

Dominant US Russophobes forbid Kiev from dealing with Moscow diplomatically.

The agricultural exports deal was an exception to the rule if it sticks — a big if, given how hegemon USA operates.

Separately, MZ explained that Russia is preparing to open diplomatic missions in Donetsk and Lugansk — likely when both republics are fully liberated from Nazified occupation.

At this time, DPR and LPR envoys to Russia are working in Moscow.

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