The Odessa Blame Game

On Saturday, I asked if agreements for Russia and Ukraine to freely export agricultural products will work.

I expressed no doubt about Russia’s commitment to comply with what was agreed on.

At the same time, I said that there’s no certainty ever about how hegemon USA and Ukrainian Nazis intend to operate.

Now we know.

The Nazi-infested Zelensky regime and its US master straightaway acted to sabotage what was agreed on in Istanbul by falsely accusing Russia of striking the port of Odessa — one of three locations for export of Ukrainian agricultural products.

According to interventionist Blinken’s bald-faced Big Lie:

Hegemon USA “strongly condemns Russia’s (nonexistent) attack on the port of Odessa.”

“Just 24 hours after finalizing a deal to allow the resumption of Ukrainian agricultural exports through the Black Sea, Russia breached its commitments (sic) by attacking the historic port from which grain and agricultural exports would again be transported under this arrangement (sic).”

And this Blinken gross perversion of reality, one of his specialties:

Russia is “starving Ukraine of its economic vitality and the world of its food supply (sic).”

“This (nonexistent Russian) attack casts serious doubt on the credibility of (its) commitment to yesterday’s deal (sic) and undermines the work of the UN, Turkey, and Ukraine to get critical food to world markets (sic).”

Like always when accusations against Russia are made, not a shred of credible evidence accompanies them — because there is none.

Blinken, other US and Western officials are notorious serial liars, including so-called EU foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, falsely tweeting:

“EU strongly condemns (the nonexistent) Russian missile strike on Odesa’s seaport.”

“Striking a target (sic) crucial for grain export a day after the signature of Istanbul agreements is particularly reprehensible (sic) & again demonstrates Russia’s total disregard for international law & commitments (sic).”

Nothing Blinken, Borrell and other duplicitous Western officials claim can be taken at face value.

For time immemorial, they’ve lacked credibility.

In response to falsely blaming Russia maliciously and irresponsibly, Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar rejected the phony accusation against Russia, saying the following:

Moscow had “nothing to do” with striking the Port of Odessa.

“In our contact with Russia, the Russians told us that they had absolutely nothing to do with these attacks and that they were examining the issue very closely and in detail.”

No evidence refutes Russia on this and virtually all other issues, especially major ones.

Whatever may have happened at or around the port of Odessa, its infrastructure is undamaged.

Reality got Kiev’s so-called infrastructure minister, Kubrakov, to say the following:

“We continue technical preparations for the launch of exports of agricultural products from our ports.”

What he left unexplained is that hegemon USA controls the Kiev regime’s actions on the world stage.

Until Friday’s agreed on export deal in Istanbul, Kiev obeyed its higher power in Washington by refusing to de-mine its offshore waters so its agricultural products could be freely and safely exported through Russian-established humanitarian corridors — unobstructed.

Will Kiev export them ahead?

Nothing prevents the regime from proceeding with what it agreed to in Istanbul last Friday — other than hegemon USA’s veto power to perpetuate the invented blame game against Russia.

Will the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies prevent Russia from exporting its agricultural commodities to world markets — by threatening countries with sanctions, ones in need of importing them?

That action may be another shoe to drop ahead with two Biden regime objectives in mind:

1. Wanting Russia deprived of export revenues.

2. Hegemon USA’s worldwide depopulation agenda to eliminate millions and billions of unwanted people by kill shots, forever wars and deprivation by starvation.

Whatever the Biden regime intends next against Russia won’t likely take time to unfold.

The prospect of its dominant hardliners stepping back from unparalleled sanctions and proxy hot war with Ukrainian foot soldiers is virtually zero.

Further US-dominated Western shoes to drop against Russia are coming — their arrival just a matter of time.

2 thoughts on “The Odessa Blame Game

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  1. wrong on this one mr Lendman….Russia ADMITTED it attacked a Ukraine warship in Odesa …Lies come from both sides , that s obvious….

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  2. Noted, Mr. Lendman. I read just moments ago that Russia indeed (four cruise missiles) attacked a military-laden ship and other Western-supplied military articles/infrastructure in the vicinity of the Port of Odessa…seemed to have an air of credibility to me, and who could blame Russia, given the the extant fraught reality, for taking out military targets…that are probably deliberately “salted” into the surroundings….?


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