The Odessa Blame Game Updated

On Sunday, Russia set the record straight about what happened in Odessa on Saturday.

Dispelling Big Lies by interventionist Blinken, other rogue US/Western officials, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained the following:

“In the seaport of Odessa, on the territory of a shipyard, a docked Ukrainian warship and warehouse of harpoon anti-ship missiles, supplied by the (Biden regime) to Kiev(’s) Nazified regime, have been destroyed by sea-based high-precision long-range missiles.”

A plant at the port involved in repairing and modifying its warships was also destroyed.

Boeing-made harpoon missiles with warheads up to 225 kilograms can strike targets as distant as 280 kilometers away.

No civilian targets were struck by Russia, no port of Odessa infrastructure.

Claims otherwise by the US/West and puppet Zelensky reflect consistent mass deception on all things relating to Russia’s SMO — especially reality about how its forces are smashing Kiev’s military, forcing its eventual collapse.

The deal agreed on in Istanbul for Russia and Ukraine to export agricultural products to world markets does not permit the US-controlled regime to store weapons, munitions and related equipment at ports from which Kiev may export goods to world markets.

Supporting Nazi-infested Ukraine, imperial tool/UN secretary general Guterres “unequivocally condemned” what he should have wholeheartedly supported.

As this is written, the NYT failed to report on how Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight about what happened in Odessa on Saturday.

WaPo dismissively reported the following:

“Russia claimed that only military targets were hit in Odessa, including a Ukrainian warship.”

“Ukraine has so far said infrastructure was damaged but no grain storage facility was hit.”

“The attack raised fears that the grain deal may not hold if cargo cannot be loaded in safety (sic).”

If Friday’s deal in Istanbul for Russia and Ukraine to export agricultural products to world markets unravels, most likely it’s because hegemon US planned it all along to continue falsely blaming Moscow for crimes committed by Nazified Zelensky regime thugs.

AP News quoted Russia’s Defense Ministry’s statement about what happened on Saturday, reporting what’s quoted above.

At the same time as expected, the wire service also quoted puppet Zelensky’s perversion of reality — proving once again that nothing he says can be taken at face value.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the following on Sunday, saying:

“In the city of Nikolayev, high-precision weapons of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out strikes on weapons and ammunition depots of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 28th mechanized brigade and the 123rd territorial defense brigade on the territory of a locomotive repair plant.”

“More than fifty personnel, over 3,000 pieces of artillery ammunition of various calibers and 10 armored vehicles were destroyed.”

In the past day, Russian air defense capabilities brought down 11 Ukrainian (UAVs) in the…Kherson and Kharkov Regions.

Another 11 were destroyed in the DPR.

“Ten rockets fired from Uragan and HIMARS multiple rocket launchers were intercepted” and destroyed.

“Operational-tactical army aviation aircraft, missile and artillery troops continue delivering strikes against military facilities in Ukraine.”

“In the past day, they destroyed nine command centers…two control posts… seven ammunition and fuel depots” in Donetsk. 

About 70% of Ukraine’s 108th and 109th battalions, as well as it 10th mountain assault brigade were eliminated.

So were two M777 howitzers, an electronic warfare system and three platoons of Grad multiple rocket launchers.

And over half of Ukraine’s 14th mechanized brigade’s 2nd battalion was eliminated.

Overall in the past 24 hours, Russian forces struck over 240 Ukrainian sites, causing heavy casualties, as well as destruction of weapons, munitions and equipment.

Claims by Ukraine about preparing to retake areas liberated by Russian forces reflect the illusion of a lost cause. 

5 thoughts on “The Odessa Blame Game Updated

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  1. Thanks for the update, I think Russsia should never lie about certain issues, it undermines credibility which is already quite fragile thanks to biased reporting by our corrupt msm. That being said , I watched a debate on french tv this afternoon, a debate by either fanatic or either pragmatic pro Ukraine speakers . According to them Ukraine is preparing a counter offensive with 1mln soldiers equipped with sophisticated western armaments and that Russia has already been stopped and half destroyed and that by year end Ukraine will be one ‘happy’ country again Crimea included( according to the fanatics that is) a pragmatic french general present there said that it won t be easy to defeat Russia but that it is possible and might take years, the russian population would get fed up with Putin humiliated and voted out of power which is of course US/NATO’s wet dream . I know one thing for sure though Russia won t be defeated no matter what , it is only a matter of weeks for everyone to realize that , tensions are mounting exponentially now, something will have to give….

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  2. Report appreciated, Mr. Lendman…and thanks, leuven, I’m always the ignorant, uninformed guy in the room, but it sure seems that that “1mln soldiers” is to be taken with 1mln grains of salt. As for “sophisticated western armaments,” maybe so: the US/West MICs continue to salivate, and re-supply, and prosper…as the Russians are forced systematically to decimate each new shipment of weapons of war.

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  3. Russia did not attack a merchant ship. Russia attacked a military target – Russia plainly said so. Ukies and NATO are claiming Russia hit a non-military target.

    Ukies are using the grain export shipment agreement as cover to receive a weapons shipment from the West. Expect Ukies, Western politicians and MSM to spew more lies.

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  4. Thank you for the update, Mr. Lendman. Thank you also for your praiseworthy and relentless efforts to combat the never-ending lies and lies and lies.

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