The Scourge of Hegemon USA-Occupied Syrian Territory

Since March 2011, the empire of lies has been waging direct and proxy war on the Syrian Arab Republic and its long-suffering people.

US troops illegally occupy large parts of northern and southern Syrian territory.

Hegemon USA’s crimes include forever war, persecution of the Syrian people and grand theft of its resources.

On July 20, Russia’s deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, explained the following:

Imperial tool OPCW’s latest report on implementation of SC Res. 2118 — regarding elimination of Syrian chemical weapons nearly a decade ago — “pursued one goal” as ordered by hegemon USA.

It “create(d) (the false) impression about Syria’s alleged unconstructive and non-collaborative position.”

“But in reality, Damascus upholds all its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention and keeps cooperating with the OPCW.”

Yet its latest report on Syria, its 105th, aims to justify unjustifiable US occupation of its territory, its state terror and theft of its resources.

Damascus voluntarily joined the Chemical Weapons Convention, eliminating its CWs in compliance with its provisions.

It’s in stark contrast to how hegemon USA and apartheid Israel operate — maintaining illegal arsenals of chemical, biological, radiological and other banned weapons to be used at their discretion unaccountably.

Like many other countries, Syria is victimized by US state terror and virtual theft of its territory.

The OPCW operates in cahoots with its higher power in Washington.

Polyansky condemned hegemon USA’s “illegal occupation of Syrian territory and plundering of natural and agricultural resources of this country.”

Much the same has gone on in other nations raped and destroyed by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Polyansky also stressed the following:

There’s evidence to show that US-created, armed, funded and directed ISIS jihadists have an active — “full-fledged chemical-warfare program” — as OK’d and directed by the Pentagon and CIA.

Their jihadist foot soldiers  “threat(en) use of chemical weapons…on the territory of Syria and neighboring states.”

Yet neither the UN or world community of nations is doing anything to address and eliminate this threat.

Instead, endless US/Western proxy war on Syria continues.

So does longstanding Israeli aggression against the nation and its people.

On Friday, the apartheid regime terror-bombed areas near Damascus, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reporting the following:

Five Syrian soldiers were killed, others wounded by Israeli terror-bombing strikes from illegally Occupied Golan airspace.

With US/Western support, apartheid Israel operates illegally throughout the region, especially against long-suffering Palestinians and Syria.

Separately on July 21, SANA reported the following:

“US occupation forces brought out a military convoy from its illegitimate base of Kharab al-Jir Airport in Hasaka to northern Iraq through al-Waleed illegitimate crossing.”

“A convoy of 156 vehicles, including 40 refrigerating cars and more than 50 tankers carrying military equipment, containers, cannons, and a number of Hummers, some of which carry huge devices came out into Iraq.” 

“Trucks were accompanied by 25 military armored vehicles belonging to the occupation forces for protection.

Hegemon USA periodically replaces what needs maintenance or repair with new weapons and equipment.

Separate truck convoys regularly take stolen Syrian oil and wheat out of the country.

The empire of lies and forever wars unjustifiably justifies its illegal occupation of northern and southern Syria by falsely claiming it’s to combat ISIS, al-Qaeda and other jihadists — elements the Pentagon and CIA use as proxy foot soldiers against invented enemies.

US occupied Syrian territory includes its best agricultural lands and where most of the country’s oil is located.

At the same time, illegal US sanctions are all about inflicting maximum pain and suffering on maximum numbers of Syrian people.

In 2020, implementation of the Trump regime’s so-called Caesar Syria Civilian Protection legislation (Caesar Act) has been all about starving 17 million Syrians into submission to hegemon USA’s imperial boot.

The measure threatens sanctions on nations, entities and individuals that maintain legitimate economic, financial, military, and intelligence relations with Damascus — their legal right under international law.

The Caesar Act compounds virtual US blockade and state terror against Syria and its people — what’s been ongoing for over 11 years with no end of it in prospect.

Hegemon USA operates in similar fashion against other independent nations on its target list for regime change — in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, other international law and the US Constitution under its Supremacy Clause.

It’s how the scourge of US imperial rampaging operates — waging forever wars by hot and/or other means against humanity at home and worldwide.

Is WW III inevitable?

Is it just a matter of time before what’s unthinkable risks armageddon?

2 thoughts on “The Scourge of Hegemon USA-Occupied Syrian Territory

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  1. All I can write, in utter disgust and shame for my country USA, is that this is now Dementia Biden’s war, and eff him and all his Zionist-neocon vermin/germs/diabolicals that infest the very guts of “my” government and its plans and operations. Eff ’em all!!

    Thank you for this report, sir.


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