How the Scourge of Ukrainian Nazism Operates

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup replaced Ukrainian democracy with Nazi-infested tyrannical rule under US-controlled puppets.

Ukraine no longer is a nation state.

It’s a militarized territory for perpetual US-dominated NATO proxy war on Russia and Donbass civilians — its aim, inflicting maximum pain and suffering on maximum numbers of people.

On Monday, Russia’s Investigative Committee Chairman, Alexander Bastrykin, explained the following:

As orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, Ukrainian Nazis “are intensively shelling the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics” daily.

They’re “delivering violent and unprincipled strikes against civilians, civilian infrastructure facilities, including childcare facilities.”

They’re “shelling not only the DPR and LPR but their own territories as well with the aim of accusing Russian troops of” their own war crimes. 

“They do not care at all about people’s lives.”

Ukrainian Nazis “destroyed or damaged over 7,000 civilian infrastructure facilities, including residential houses, schools, kindergartens and transportation vehicles.” 

For weeks before Russia began its liberating SMO, Kiev regime Nazis greatly escalated cross-border terror-shelling of Donbass residential areas.

Vladimir Putin authorized intervention on Feb. 24 because over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian troops were mobilized in preparation to invade Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.

He acted to prevent what could have been catastrophic — in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter.

He acted three days after recognizing DPR and LPR self-determination, the universal right of all people everywhere.

Since hegemon USA colonized Ukraine, its young children have undergone brainwashing in special camps, thuggish Azov instructors manipulating their impressionable minds with destructive Nazi ideology.

Along with military and related training, they’re instructed to chant the following:

“What is our motto?”

“We are the children of Ukraine!”

“Let Moscow lie in ruins.”

“We don’t care!”

“We will conquer the whole world!”

“Death to Russkies!”

Ukrainian children are trained to wage war on Russia, to gain control over Crimea, more of its territory, as well as sovereign independent Donetsk and Lugansk.

According to AP News, Ukrainian children are instructed as follows:

“(D)on’t think of (Russian) target(s) as person(s).”

“(W)hen these boys (and girls) shoot, they will shoot to kill.”

“Most of them are teenagers, but some are as young as 8 years old.”

“They are in a summer camp set up by one of Ukraine’s (Nazified) groups, hidden in a forest in (Ukraine’s) west.”

One Nazi instructor was quoted, saying the following:

“We (don’t) point weapons at people.” 

“But we don’t consider (DPR, LPR or Russians as) people.”

“So we can and should aim at them.”

In similar fashion to how Hitler youths were indoctrinated, “morning(s) in the camp (begin) with a roll call and a Ukrainian (Nazi) prayer,” children chanting the following:

“Ukraine, holy mother of heroes, descend into my heart.”

“Holy! Mighty! United! Glory to Ukraine!” 

“Glory to (its Nazi) heroes!”

Writing about Nazi indoctrination in Ukrainian camps, journalist Ethel Bonet earlier said the following:

“Eight-year-old Victoria seems like an ordinary girl.”

“And her dreams for the future can hardly be called very different from those of her peers.”

“She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Or maybe a model when she grows up.”

“But the little girl already feels like a soldier.”

“And one does not preclude her future in the ranks of combatants of Ukrainian army.”

“At war with whom? (H)er instructors explain this to her.”

“Those either who have been in battles against the ‘pro-Russian separatists’ or who have taken part in sabotage operations by the Ukrainian armed forces in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics.”

“Victoria’s (brainwashed) determination frightens even adults” with remarks like the following:

“There is only one Ukraine, and we have to protect it.”

“That’s why I came here.”

“I want to learn how to fight.”

“I really enjoy shooting a pistol and walking around in military camouflage.”

Nazi slogans drummed into their minds also include the following:

“Ukraine is above all!”

“Heroes are immortal.”

“Enemies must die!” 

“Leader opens the path!” 

“Ukraine is united!” 

“Victory or death!”

Dozens of Nazified brainwashing camps operate in Ukraine.

Psychologist Yekaterina Sivanova explained the scourge of what’s going on, saying:

“Children are being indoctrinated to believe that (Russians and Donbass residents) are not human.”

“They must be killed.”

Brainwashed children have “no right to (express) doubt(s).”

They’re compelled to accept what they’re taught “on faith, that (designated enemies) are not people.”

Indoctrination doesn’t reflect notions of patriotism.

It’s all about hate-mongering with war-making in mind.

Apartheid Israel operates the same way.

Arab citizens are abhorred, unwanted, discriminated against and abused.

Israeli children are brainwashed to hate them.

Classroom instruction calls Arabs hostile, deviant, cruel, immoral, unfair, with the intention to hurt Jews and annihilate the state of Israel. 

Unwanted Arabs are also called vengeful, exotic, poor, sick, dirty, noisy, bloodthirsty robbers and killers.

In stark contrast, Jews are described industrious, brave and superior to other faiths and ethnicities.

Zionists believe that historic Palestine belongs exclusively to Jews.

Wanting their indigenous people expelled or otherwise eliminated, they perpetuate the myth about Jews having made the desert bloom, along with the racist notion of God promising Palestine for exclusive Jewish development and use.

Hegemon USA operates the same way, exterminating the vast majority of Native Americans from sea to shinning sea by cold-blooded mass-murder.

The empire of lies and forever wars abhors governance of, by and for everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

Its ruling regimes and Congress fully support what’s gone on in Ukraine since the US 2014 coup.

It aids its pursuit for unchallenged global dominance by brute force and related criminal actions.

It reflects its diabolical aim to transform nations free from its control into subservient vassals, their resources plundered, their people exploited as serfs.

Hegemon USA uses Ukraine as a platform for perpetual proxy war on Russia — risking unthinkable East/West confrontation with nukes.

It’s one among many examples of US/Western decadence and depravity — an unparalleled threat their ruling regimes pose to humanity.

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  1. This is dreadful, no wonder this country (Ukraine) is such a mess. I didn’t realise how dangerous the DNC really can be. Crazy people. You have Pelosi trying to provoke China. Lots of European politicians are being replaced, it’s like the changing of the guard. We are going to get Trussed up with some Dizzy Lizzy. We will probably end up with some autocratic regime. These politicians all seem to be involved with the WEF. All this covid nonsense as well, it’s just a flu for most people. The world has gone mad, there are too many things going wrong at the same time. I hope it ends well, God willing.


  2. The human world is going mad because the planet is fcked up and 3/4 destroyed, consciously or unconsciously, THAT is what it is ALL about ….you ll find out rather sooner than later …I am afraid…


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