Inventing Reasons to Bash Russia

In response to Sergey Lavrov’s four-nation African continent tour, the degenerate, soulless, imperial mouthpiece NYT invented reasons to bash him, Vladimir Putin and Russia, saying:

Putin dispatched his top diplomat “to Africa, hoping to turn hunger and social strife across the continent to Russia’s advantage (sic).”

Food crisis conditions on the continent “were set off by Russia’s” SMO (sic).

US/Western regimes bear full responsibility for increasing food insecurity, hunger and growing threat of famine in parts of the world — by their unparalleled/illegal sanctions war on Russia.

What the Times and other MSM should explain, they suppress.

Pain, suffering from hunger and overall deprivation are unrelated to Russia’s liberating SMO.

They’re from the US-dominated West’s diabolical Russia bashing response. 

Along with dominant Biden regime hardliners and their Western counterparts, the Times and other MSM are hostile to Lavrov’s African tour, notably because their nation states value normalized relations with Russia, a reliable ally.

The Times admitted that US/Western regimes “waged a concerted campaign in the region, trying to keep countries from getting too close to Russia,” adding: 

“Ahead of Lavrov’s visit on Sunday, Western diplomats in Cairo lobbied Egypt behind the scenes not to give the Russian minister too warm a reception.”

It’s how hegemon USA operates worldwide against invented enemies, the Times failed to explained.

And this Times perversion of reality, saying:

“Russian disinformation and propaganda (sic) found fertile ground in a region where many Arabs have long harbored anti-American and anti-Western sentiment stemming from the US invasion of Iraq, (its rape and destruction of other countries) and Western support for Israel.”

The Times quoted imperial cheerleader, rapacious USAID head, Samantha Power’s Russia bashing bald-faced Big Lie, saying:

The Russian Defense Ministry’s destruction of US/Western weapons and a Ukrainian warship at the Port of Odessa on Saturday was “the latest indication of the cold indifference (sic) Vladimir Putin has for the cost of the war in Ukraine (sic), a man-made war that he created for no reason (sic).”

The Times bemoaned the fact that “no African countries” support hegemon USA/Western sanctions on Russia.

Separately, WaPo fake news defied reality by falsely claiming that Lavrov’s Africa tour aims to “shore up” support for Russia’s SMO (sic).

And the broadsheet mocked the reality of US/Western responsibility for “turmoil in international food markets.”

Citing Nazified Ukraine, WaPo lied saying that it won’t be easy for the regime to export agricultural products — after Russia’s justifiable strike on military targets at the port of Odessa.

Citing the UK war ministry’s Big Lie, WaPo falsely claimed that Moscow “is faced with a dilemma over whether to press on with its offensive in the east or bolster its defenses in the south of Ukraine (sic).”

Another UK bald-faced Big Lie falsely claimed that Russia “is struggling to extract and repair vehicles damaged by fighting (sic).”

Along with other MSM, WaPo joined the daily chorus of fake news claims of Russian strikes on civilian targets (sic).

There’s been none throughout its liberating SMO — how US-orchestrated and directed Ukrainian Nazis operate.

And this WaPo rubbish, saying:

“Russia (aims) to topple” puppet Zelensky.

Along with liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation, Russia’s key SMO goals include demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, helping its long-suffering people become free from the scourge of tyrannical rule, Lavrov saying:

Moscow is helping Ukrainians “liberate themselves from the burden of this absolutely unacceptable regime.”

Separately on Sunday, Southfront quoted head of the Odessa Brigade of Russian forces, Igor Markov, a Ukrainian citizen, saying the following:

“The Odessa Brigade has been formed and completed combat coordination.”

“In the near future, together with the allied forces, we will begin the liberation of the city of Nikolaev and the Hero city of Odessa.”

“There will be no mercy from us for the Ukronazis, mercenaries and any Bandera’s scum.”

“The only way for them to save their lives is to immediately lay down their weapons.”

“Otherwise, everyone who resists will be destroyed.”

“Overwhelmingly, these are all citizens of Ukraine.”

“A large number of residents of Odessa, Nikolayev, guys from Izmail, Belgorod-Dniester, Kiev, Donbass, even one is from Western Ukraine.”

“This is our land and we will clean it of Nazi scum.”

“Here are the graves of our ancestors!”

Russian Odessa Brigade members are well armed and ready for the mission they intend to accomplish.

Unlike Russia, Kiev is hard-pressed to replace its decimated forces.

Its youths are being eliminated in battle so ill-trained, ill-armed, ill-led middle-aged men are being forcibly recruited, then sent to front line areas to become cannon fodder.

Yet according to US/Western and Kiev propaganda — ignoring the dismal state of Ukraine’s decimated military — the regime is planning counteroffensives in the Russian-controlled Kherson Region.

No counteroffensive is underway anywhere in Ukraine or Donbass.

Throughout Russia’s SMO, none were successfully undertaken, no liberated areas retaken, no advances against overpowering Russian military superiority.

If the Kiev regime launches a counteroffensive ahead, it’ll be smashed like previous failed attempts.

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  1. Hope you are right mr Lendman , Russia can t afford to lose this US provoked war ! Slava Rossiya , long live Putin….and Sergey Lavrov of couse, the world’s n°1 diplomat !

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    1. thanks for your support …Leuven is Belgium’s n°1 university city( I live there ) …all supposed to be clever people out there ….but with overwhelming msm fake news I do realise that most of them ‘ve got no fn idea what s going on…Pity, they should hit the streets NOW, their fckn lives, are at stake ….Bein ‘ fn deluded and ignorant must be fn great…

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