Sergey Lavrov in Africa

Hegemon USA isn’t pleased about Lavrov’s visit to nations in a part of the world it wants for exclusive US-dominated Western plunder, exploitation of its people, and as a dumping ground for corporate America/Western European toxic waste.

Late Saturday, Sergey Lavrov arrived in Cario, the first stop on his four-nation/five-day diplomatic African trip.

Egypt is Russia’s largest economic and trade partner on the continent.

Hundreds of Russian enterprises operate in the country.

Last week, Russian construction of Egypt’s first nuclear power plant began at El Dabaa in the country’s north.

A Russian industrial park is being developed on the banks of the Suez Canal, Lavrov explained, adding:

“Our relations with Africa have even brighter prospects now that the African Union decided last year to establish the African Continental Free Trade Area.”

“In cooperation with its partners (on the continent), Russia is taking steps to enhance the use of national currencies and payment systems.”

“We are working to gradually reduce the share of dollar and the euro in trade.”

Lavrov is also visiting Ethiopia, Uganda and the Republic of Congo for geopolitical, economic and trade discussions.

Ethiopia is currently discussing development of nuclear energy with Russia.

In the Republic of the Congo,  Russia’s RusGazEngineering is constructing a major oil pipeline from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville, Oyo and Huesso.

It’s one of the country’s largest ever development projects — designed to significantly reduce the cost of transporting petroleum products, improve safety, and ensure sustainable development of remote areas. 

The project is supported by the Russian-Congolese Intergovernmental Commission for Energy Cooperation, and Russia’s Energy Ministry.

In 2017, Rosatom and the Uganda’s energy ministry signed a memorandum on cooperation for the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

According to Russian Institute of African Studies senior researcher, Yevgeny Korendyasov:

Lavrov’s visit to the continent reflects the growing importance of Russian relations with its nation states.

“(T)he purpose of (his) trip is to reaffirm (Russia’s) determination to continue strengthening relations.”

In 2023, a second Russian/African summit is planned, the dates and location not yet announced for discussions on trade, energy, agriculture, cybersecurity, and cooperation in space, Lavrov explaining the following:

“It is important to step up our efforts” on the continent. 

“Africa has a population of 1.4 billion people, comparable to China and India.”

“This is a great portion of the modern world and probably the most promising market.”

“That is why companies and countries with good vision are building longterm strategies (in) Africa, which is the continent of the future.”

Russian and US aims with its nations are worlds apart.

The Russian Federation seeks peaceful, equitable, cooperative relations with the world community of nations.

The empire of lies and forever wars wants them plundered, exploited and dominated.

In remarks to the Arab League in Cairo on Sunday, Lavrov said the following:

The year 2023 will mark the 20th anniversary of Russian trade, investment, culture, education and geopolitical cooperation with the Arab League.

Lavrov thanked its member states for their “balanced, fair, responsible” relations with the Russian Federation.

Once again explaining why its SMO was launched, he stressed the threat of US-controlled Nazified Ukraine to Russian security, its years of cross-border terror-shelling of Donbass, its rejection of conflict resolution, its menace to central Europe.

He quoted former US-installed Ukrainian puppet Poroshenko, saying:

“When I signed (Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements), I never intended to implement them.”

“I did this to gain more time to get more Western weapons.”

He acted as ordered by his US master — with forever war in mind along Russia’s borders.

Along with banning everything Russian in Ukraine, Nazi tyranny became the law of the land.

When Russia announced its liberating SMO, one of its key aims is helping the DPR and LPR be entirely free from the scourge of Nazified occupation, Lavrov explained, adding:

“We are sorry for the Ukrainian people who deserve much better.”

“We are sorry for the history of Ukraine which is being ruined in front of our eyes.”

“And we are sorry for those who yielded to state propaganda by the Kiev regime and its Western (masters), trying to make sure that Ukraine becomes an eternal enemy of Russia.”

“This would not prevail. This would not succeed.”

“Russian and the Ukrainian people would continue to live together.”

“We will certainly help the Ukrainian people get rid of the regime, which is absolutely anti-people, anti-historical” and anti-peace.

A Final Comment

Before arriving in Cairo, Lavrov was shown a US/Western anti-Russia document.

“It demanded our Arab friends, firstly condemn, secondly, reject certain actions by Russia,” Lavrov explained.

“And this initiative especially stressed that they shouldn’t sign any documents with us and take pictures with us.”

It’s another example of the US-dominated West’s pure evil, its unparalleled menace to humanity.

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  1. The US builds military bases only overseas, conducts insurgencies and civil wars using terrorists, destroys other countries’ infrastructure through aerial bombings and sabotages development using sanctions, blockades and assassinations.

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  2. Great report; thanks! I was unaware that Russia maintains such a presence (“Hundreds…) in Egypt, a regime I don’t much like for its repression at home and complicity with the Ziomonster (re Gaza…).

    I wish the greatest FM had seen fit to note to the Arab League that Palestine is “Still THE issue!” Viva Palestine!


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