The Fake News Beat Goes On

Egregious MSM misreporting on all things Russia and Ukraine is the worst I recall on any geopolitical issue throughout the post-WW II period.

It’s matched only by all things flu/covid with depopulation and advancing Great Reset tyranny in mind.

It’s horrific enough to make garden variety propagandists blush.

Daily MSM reports on Russia’s liberating SMO turn reality on its head and trample on it.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT tried and failed to reinvent cutthroat Ukrainian Nazi thugs as heroic figures.

Focusing on around 2,500 Azov battalion killers and torturers, ones holed up for weeks inside Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plant until their remaining numbers surrendered to Russian captivity. 

They’ll be held accountable, according to the rule of law, for crimes too egregious to ignore.

Holding out was futile, routing them certain.

Annihilation or capitulation were their only options.

Yet the Times reported on a failed attempt by Kiev to supply them with more weapons by helicopters — so they could hold out a little longer.

Throughout Russia’s campaign to liberate Mariupol, the Times suppressed reality — along with supporting cutthroat killer Nazis holed up for weeks at Azovstal.

The city is the People’s Republic of Lugansk territory — not part of Ukraine.

For years, it was illegally occupied by Ukrainian Nazi thugs, the same true for parts of Donetsk — what Russia’s liberating SMO is reversing, both republics to be freed from Nazified control.

Azovstal wasn’t a “sanctuary” for Nazi thugs. 

They illegally occupied the plant, a futile attempt to escape justice now awaiting them.

Nor were civilians holed up with them inside voluntarily. 

Azov thugs held them as human shields.

Times fake news pretended otherwise, typical of its perversion of reality throughout Russia’s SMO, as well as about the country and its leadership overall.

“Brutality” describes how Azov and other Nazified Ukrainian thugs operate, what the Times and other MSM consistently ignore.

Ukrainian militants inside Azovstal were Azov Nazis.

Times fake news defied reality by calling them “defenders… figures…used by the Kremlin to falsely depict (Ukraine) as fascist (sic).”

Ignored by the broadsheet is their well-documented record of war crimes and related atrocities, including brutal torture and cold-blooded murder of captives and Donbass civilians.

And this contemptible Times rubbish — falsely equating Azovstal to the “Alamo (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“The presence of civilians (in Azovstal) hampered the soldiers’ ability to defend themselves (sic).” 

Once again, the Times willfully and maliciously ignored that they were involuntarily held as human shields — and told that anyone trying to escape captivity would be lethally shot.

And this Times fake news:

In Mariupol and elsewhere, “the Ukrainian military fought (Russian forces) to a standstill (sic), spoiling the Kremlin’s plans to quickly seize the capital, Kiev (sic), and halting an advance along Ukraine’s southern Black Sea coast toward Odessa (sic).”

As explained earlier, Ukrainian troops have been on their back foot in retreat throughout Russia’s liberating SMO.

The Times and other MSM pretend not to notice.

Nor did they ever set the record straight about Kiev — or anything else about Russia’s liberating SMO.

Instead, their reports portray the illusion of Ukrainian troops holding their own, ignoring their greatly degraded status against overpowering Russian military superiority.

Times reporting on Mariupol, Azovstal, as well as all things Russia and Ukraine has been the worst of bad fiction — a daily litany of bald-faced Big Lies, worlds apart from reality on the ground.

The self-styled newspaper of record weaponizes reports and commentaries in support of wealth, power and privilege, along with hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and abroad.

On virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues, the fabricated official narrative is featured exclusively — truth and full disclosure banned.

On all things related to Russia’s liberating SMO, Times reporting sank to a new abysmal low.

It’s not a broadsheet.

It’s a propaganda rag, featuring state-approved mass-deception talking points — news and views unfit to print or read.

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