China Aggressive and Dangerous?

In stark contrast to the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies, China threatens no other nations.

Its ruling authorities prioritize cooperative relations on the world stage according to the rule of law. 

At war against none, China’s geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from how hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes operate.

Not according to hawkish US joint chiefs chairman, General Mark Milley — defying reality as follows, saying:

China has become “significantly and noticeably more aggressive in” the Asia/Pacific (sic), adding:

Its military is conducting “dangerous intercepts” of Pentagon warplanes and warships (sic).

It’s targeting Japan, Australia and other US allies (sic).

Weeks earlier, Milley’s Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, told him the following:

On all things related to Taiwan — what Beijing considers a breakaway province to be reunited to the mainland — there’s “no room for compromise,” adding:

Hegemon USA must “cease (its) Taiwan military collusion and avoid impacting (bilateral) ties and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

In response to what China and the Solomon Islands agreed to last March — permitting Beijing to use SI facilities for its warships in return for securing its territory as needed — Milley slammed the mutually beneficial arrangement, saying:

“This is an area in which China is trying to do outreach for their own purposes (sic).”

“(T)his is concerning because China is not doing it just for benign reasons (sic).”

“They’re trying to expand their influence throughout the region (sic).”

“And that has potential consequences that are not necessarily favorable to our allies and partners in the region (sic).”

Biden regime deputy Secretary of State, Wendy Sherman, and envoy to Australia, Caroline Kennedy, plan Solomon Island visits in August to counter China unacceptably.

In pursuit of its drive for global hegemony, the US unacceptably meddles in the internal affairs of one country after another worldwide — time and again by brute force.

Its empire of bases operates in over three-fourths of world community countries — where the empire of lies and forever wars doesn’t belong.

Milley is in the Asia/Pacific in pursuit of furthering Washington’s hegemonic aims.

China slammed what it’s up to, saying the US wants to extend NATO to the region, what most Asia/Pacific countries oppose.

What hegemon USA considers a China threat is all about its growing political, economic, financial, technological and military strength, along with its increasing prominence worldwide by working cooperatively with other nations, exploiting none like the US operates.

Claims by Milley and other US officials about China posing a longterm security threat to the US/West reflect its significant advances while the empire of lies declines.

In response to Milley’s unacceptable remarks, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, said the following:

“The US side’s remarks completely confuse right and wrong.”

“Some people in the US have clung to the Cold War zero-sum mentality and ke(ep) making references to a ‘China challenge.’ ” 

“Their sole purpose is to (unjustifiably) justify the (US military) build-up” in the Asia/Pacific and elsewhere.

The US spends far more on all things military related than all other major world community nations combined.

It prioritizes forever war-making over the pursuit of world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law.

Throughout its history, it’s been at war perpetually against one or more invented enemies.

During only 16 years since its 1776 founding was it not at war. 

“Who’s been dispatching military vessels and aircraft abroad to flex its muscles,” Zhou asked? 

“Who’s been challenging regional peace, security and stability?” 

“And who is more aggressive? The facts speak for themselves.”

“The US needs to abandon the Cold War zero-sum mentality.”

“Stop hyping up the (phony) ‘China threat.’ ”

“Stop finding fault with China and using it as pretext to beef up (its war-making) budget and military capacity.”

Separately, China’s Global Times (GT) called Milley’s mission in the Asia/Pacific a “fool’s errand…(a) brainwashing tour.”

The same goes for other US officials in a part of the world where they don’t belong.

Wherever US officials show up abroad, their agenda includes bashing China and Russia.

GT stressed the following:

Hegemon USA falsely “portray(s) China’s legitimate defense…as aggression.”

Beijing’s defense of its security is falsely called a “threat.”

While Milley was meeting with his Indonesian counterpart on Monday, the country’s President, Joko Widodo, was in China.

Beijing “is helping the Solomon Islands and other regional countries with their development, including infrastructure construction,” GT stressed.

Hegemon USA has a long history of threatening, bullying and smashing other nations to control them.

China works cooperatively on the world stage.

The US seeks to exploit other countries, their resources and people to advance its hegemonic aims.

There’s no ambiguity who’s aggressive and dangerous.

It’s not China, Russia, Iran and other nations on the US target list for regime change.

One thought on “China Aggressive and Dangerous?

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  1. Well said. Thanks.

    Their debate proved that Truss and Sunak are no match for Xi and his government.

    In China, entry into universities and government are based on merits, not on connections. Xi is a chemical engineer from top-tier Tsinghua.

    Blinken from top-tier Harvard and Columbia was no match for Yang in Anchorage, Alaska on March 18, 2021.

    The alliance of Imperialistic nations at the height of their power (including Japan) failed to completely conquer a peaceful China in the 19th century. Their chance of success now is a big ZERO.

    Modern China becomes a superpower without firing a shot. It sure can defend itself now.


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