Russia and China Bashing in the Same Fake News Edition

Will press agent for wealth, power, privilege and imperial wars on invented enemies, the NYT, ever set the record straight on major domestic and geopolitical issues before, not after, the fact?

Don’t bet on it.

In its latest fake news edition, bashing China and Russia were featured — based on fabricated Biden regime talking points.

According to the Times, Beijing may “move against” Taiwan in the coming months (sic) — “perhaps by trying to cut off access to all or part of the Taiwan Strait, through which US (war)ships regularly pass” provocatively.

What the Times should have stressed, it ignored.

Provocative US military actions near China’s territory risks pushing things toward direct confrontation.

The same reality applies to deploying US-dominated NATO troops near Russia’s borders.

Neither Moscow or Beijing threatens US/Western nations.

No evidence suggests that China intends military action against Taiwan or elsewhere.

In sharp contrast, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals threaten world peace.

Repeatedly sending Pentagon warships through the Taiwan Strait, supplying Taipei with weapons and unacceptable visits by US officials to what Beijing considers a breakaway province risk made-in-the trouble in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.

At this time, hostile to peace and the rule of law Pelosi plans a provocative visit to Taiwan in August.

On Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry again denounced the move, its spokesman, Zhao Lijian, saying:

“If the US side insists on making the visit, the Chinese side will act strongly to resolutely respond to it and take countermeasures to safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” 

Citing unnamed Biden regime officials, the Times said Pelosi’s (provocative) trip (is) moving ahead despite the rising furor over it.”

Neither confirming or denying her planned trip, she hyperventilated the following last week, saying:

“It’s important for (the empire of lies to) support Taiwan (sic).”

The Biden regime and congressional hawks are pushing things toward possible direct confrontation with Russia and China.

Separately, liberated Kherson Region is proceeding with plans for a referendum on joining the Russian Federation, its deputy military-civilian administration head, Kirill Stremousov, said on Tuesday, adding the following:

“I would like to comment on the situation around (an announced) ‘counterattack’ by Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts. 

If launched, it’ll be “pointless,”  suicidal mission.

“(F)ighters” involved will face “certain death.”

“(N)o matter what you do — criminal responsibility, intimidation, information terror — there will be a referendum in the Kherson Region” on joining the Russian Federation.

Ignoring the futility of a Kherson Region offensive if launched, Times fake news claimed the following:

“Kiev (is) poised for a major offensive against Russian forces (sic).”

“(T)he Ukrainian military is destroying Russian ammunition depots (sic), hitting command posts (sic) and targeting supply lines (sic).”

Time and again, what the Times suppresses is most important to explain.

The vast majority of fired Ukrainian missiles and rockets are destroyed by Russia’s air defense systems.

And what the Times dubiously called “one of the most ambitious and significant (Ukrainian) military actions” is doomed before undertaken.

Chances of regaining control over Kherson are zero.

Times fake news pretended otherwise, saying:

“Regaining control (of Kherson) could help restore momentum to Ukraine (sic), and give its troops a much-needed morale boost (sic).”

If launched, guess what the Times will report about the suicide mission — little or nothing.

No “softening up of Russian positions” is ongoing, no “tuning of the tide…in the Kherson Region (by) the Ukrainian military.”

And this times fake news, saying:

“Ukrainian troops have now liberated 44 towns and villages along the border areas (sic).”

Fact: Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts regained control over zero Russian liberated areas.

Bald-faced Big Lies infest all Times reports on Ukraine and Donbass.

The same goes for other MSM.

In print, Times fake news is the worst of the worst.

No responsible editors would tolerate its trash.

And this Times perversion of reality, falsely saying:

Russia’s liberating SMO “is an act of imperialism (sic), a colonial war (sic) meant to destroy another nation’s right to exist (sic) and to subjugate it (sic).”

“It is the next act of Vladimir Putin’s empire of humiliation (sic).”

He “mete(s) out daily humiliations to Russians (sic).”

No “major (or minor) defeat(s) (were) suffered” by Russian forces anywhere throughout its liberating SMO, none “sen(t) to front lines as cannon fodder (sic)” — the fate of decimated Ukrainian troops. 

A lengthy stream of further fake news about Russia followed — published by Times editors as part of their demonization agenda.

At the same time, the self-styled newspaper of record glorifies the scourge of Nazi-infested Kiev — its one-party rule, opposition ones banned, as well as independent media and all things Russia criminalized, including its language and culture.

Times misreporting on all things Russia and Ukraine bears testimony to how low the broadsheet has sunk — transforming itself into more of a fake news cesspool than earlier.

One thought on “Russia and China Bashing in the Same Fake News Edition

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  1. Thanks for the truthful analysis.

    Donbass is the industrial region of Ukraine and nearly collapsed after 8 years of Ukrainian shelling and attacks from NATO mercenaries.

    There are many Russian speakers throughout Ukraine. The possibility of the Russian SMO beyond Donbass is real.

    NATO has been experimenting with hypersonic weapons since the 1960’s without success, yet trying to start a war with Russia and China. NATO is the First and Second Beasts in the Book of Revelation.


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