BoJo the Next NATO Puppet?

Installed by hegemon USA as  NATO puppet on October 1, 2014, Stoltenberg is scheduled to step down at end of September 2023.

His tenure as Washington’s man at the war-making alliance is second only in length to Joseph Luns from October 1, 1971 – June 25 1984.

NATO heads are installed to serve US imperial interests.

The same reality applies to individuals serving UN secretary general, the WHO, WTO, OSCE, the Council of Europe, Bank for International Settlements and various other international organizations.

According to the London-based Daily Telegraph, scandal-tainted BoJo may replace Stoltenberg at NATO when he steps down on September 30, 2023, the broadsheet, saying:

Defrocked PM BoJo is “backed by senior Tories to be the next secretary general of NATO when” its incumbent’s tenure ends next year.

Incompetent and tainted by scandal makes BoJo ideal for an organization dedicated to perpetual wars on invented enemies.

At this time, he remains UK PM until forced out on September 6 — his replacement at No. 10 sure to match or exceed how he wrecked Britain more than already since succeeding Teresa May on July 24, 2019.

While the post of NATO secretary general requires unanimity among its 30 member states, what hegemon USA wants, it gets.

Subservient to its interests as UK PM, the empire of lies most likely will endorse his appointment as NATO head — unless it has another favorite in mind.

The Telegraph was over-the-top saying that BoJO “won international credit for helping to build the international coalition against Russia’s Vladimir Putin (sic).”

Almost entirely comprised of Western regimes, it’s mostly among decadent G7 ones.

Tory UK war committee MP, Richard Drax, supports BoJo for the new role, saying:

“Any (incompetent, scandal-tainted Brit he falsely called) distinguished would be a great choice (sic).”

If (that’s what BoJo) wants…of course I would support that.”

And this from UK war committee MP, Mark Francois:

“People will probably argue over (BoJo’s) legacy for years.”

“But one thing which is clearly inarguable is his absolutely staunch support for (Nazi-infested) Ukraine…”

“If he were to apply to become the Secretary General of NATO, I suspect he could rely on (puppet) Zelensky for a reference (sic).”

According to former Brexit minister, David Jones:

BoJo led the Western response to Putin (sic).”

He “went to Sweden and Finland and urged the leaders of (their regimes) to make applications for NATO membership which of course they did.”

Retired UK army chief, General Richard Dannatt, disagrees saying:

BoJo “lack(s) integrity (and) trust.”

“(W)e don’t want to expose (him) on the international stage (to) more ridicule.” 

“He is a national embarrassment.”

The same reality applies to virtually all former UK PMs and most MPs.

BoJo notoriously ignored rules he forced others to obey — and lied about it.

That’s what he’s known for, along with other misconduct, including how he covered for deputy chief whip Chris Pincher.

He allegedly groped two men at a London club when drunk, along with other misconduct.

When too later to matter, BoJo admitted knowing about it but said nothing.

The vast majority of UK officials and other Western ones praised him for his most egregious offenses — ones related to support for Ukrainian Nazis and NATO proxy war on Russia.

Those credentials make him an ideal candidate for an organization dedicated to smashing one nation after another, to mass slaughter and destruction, to forever wars on invented enemies.

The Kremlin earlier banned enemies of the state BoJo, his likely successor Truss and other UK officials from entering Russia.

Sergey Lavrov slammed BoJo for his “aggressively” anti-Russia policies, adding:

Going out of his way to “put on a show, (he) clung to power to the last to further his own political career in every possible way” — no matter the harm to others.

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  1. BoJo’s hospitalization for Covid in April 2020 was a fake. His subsequent parties at No. 10 during lockdowns were ample proofs of his fakery. His mouth is like a toilet bowl – full of shit.

    President Lukashenko said of Belarus: “There are no viruses here”. He was offered money to lockdown Belarus but he refused. He was nearly toppled.

    But Jovenel Moise of Haiti, John Magufuli of Tanzania, Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast, Ambrose Dlamini of eSwatini and Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi were killed for refusing Covid vaccines.

    Many third-world countries have communities without access to electricity or tap water and simply could not afford lockdowns or vaccines. Therefore, no lockdown or vaccination for them yet they are still alive and well. This proves the fakery of Covid.

    I have friends who were fine after the first 2 Covid jabs. But the booster jab was very different – my friends had serious breathing, heart and other health problems, were hospitalized yet their plights were never reported on the evening or any news. Natural medicine was helpful to them.

    It’s easy to see which two countries are behind and profiteering from this dastardly Covid scam. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36).

    BoJo’s government is sending much weapons to Ukraine. BoJo in NATO will send nuclear weapons.


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