The First Casualty

On all things related to US/Western direct and proxy wars of aggression on invented enemies, truth is the first casualty in their run-up, while ongoing and in postmortems.

The same reality applies to US/Western press agents and neocon-infested organizations like the pro-war, anti-peace, anti-rule of law, anti-governance affording everyone equity and justice, Atlantic Council.

Run by a rogue’s gallery of unindicted war criminals, the AC wants all nations free from US hegemonic control raped, destroyed and transformed into subservient vassal states — the human toll of no consequence.

In mid-July, it concocted a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Russia and Vladimir Putin — in cahoots with the Biden regime’s demonization campaign, including the following rubbish.

Putin helped Bashar al-Assad “kill around half a million” Syrians (sic).

“(H)e invaded Crimea and (Donbass), leading to 15,000 deaths (sic).”

Around “40,000 Russian soldiers, 15,000 Ukrainian troops and many thousands of Ukrainian civilians have died so far (sic).”

“Leaving aside Syria…the Kremlin is directly responsible for the deaths of some 150,000 people (sic).”

In his latest body count of avoidable global mortality since 1950, Gideon Polya documented 1.3 billion deaths, hegemon USA-controlled NATO wars of aggression and related actions responsible for most of them — not Russia, China, Iran or other nations free from control by the empire of lies.

According to  Dr. Jacqueline Carrigan:

Polya’s “Body Count shows the deadly effects of war, occupation, and global inequality on the survival of the populations of third world countries.”

He “points out that lies have historically been used to justify the violence perpetrated by the dominant powers of the world, and the mainstream media have been more than willing to perpetuate the lies.

Paul Craig Roberts explained that “three to four times more Muslims have been killed by Washington’s 21st century wars than there are Jews in Israel.”

Since WW II alone, hegemon USA waged war on 52 countries by hot and/or other means.

Yet retired US 4-star general Tommy Franks once infamously said:

“We don’t do body counts.”

In March 2022, Polya explained the following:

“UN Population Division statistics going back to 1950 make it possible to accurately determine war-threat- poverty, and sanctions-associated avoidable mortality.” 

“The 2007 and 2022 editions of my book “Body Count: Global avoidable mortality since 1950” enable quantitative assessments of this otherwise resolutely ignored avoidable mortality carnage.”

“An endlessly greedy, cowardly and pathologically racist America subverts all countries.”

“War is the penultimate in racism and genocide the ultimate in racism.”

Hegemon USA wages forever hot and sanctions wars on nations free from its control “through mendacity, corruption, subversion and perversion.”

Mass-murder is its stock and trade worldwide.

Yet throughout the post-WW II period, the deadly toll from US direct and proxy wars, along with waging them by other means, is systematically suppressed — by its ruling regimes, MSM press agents and neocon-infested organizations like the Atlantic Council.

And this AC Putin-bashing rubbish:

He’s “afraid of telling Russians the truth about (the SMO) in Ukraine (sic).”

He’s a “hyper-aggressive psychopath whose word cannot be relied upon (sic).”

He’s “a man who identifies compromise as weakness; who sows dissent and mistrust in the West; who likes killing (sic).”

“The idea that we can negotiate with Putin is foolish (sic).”

“Nobody in the West will be safe until he and his killing machine are stopped (sic).”

Operating on every continent worldwide, the above describes post-WW II USA, a hegemon more ruthless and dangerous than others throughout recorded history.

In stark contrast, Russia prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with the world community of nations, according to the rule law.

Self-styled master of the universe USA long ago abandoned all of the above in pursuit of its diabolical aims at home and worldwide.

Separately, puppet Zelensky, an out-of-touch with reality buffoon, turned truth on its head and stomped on it in his latest propaganda remarks, falsely claiming:

“(A)most 40,000…Russian (soldiers were) killed…since Feb. 24 (sic).”

“And tens of thousands more were wounded and maimed (sic).”

Of course, he provided no corroborating evidence because he made up the above rubbish.

Yet MSM report the above instead of debunking it as fake news.

Wrecked by overwhelming Russian firepower, Ukraine’s military is using ill-trained, ill-armed, unsupported by Kiev middle-aged men for front line duty as cannon fodder.

Russian casualties are a small fraction of Ukraine’s.

Zelensky’s nightly remarks on regime-controlled television reflect the ravings of a psychopathologically deranged madman —  a figure controlled by his US master.

His failure to negotiate conflict resolution with Russia increases the exponentially growing toll on Ukrainian conscripts — being killed, maimed or wounded for a lost cause.

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