The Latest Putin Bashing Fake News

In its Tuesday fake news edition, WaPo noted that most “Americans don’t trust the media” while stopping short of admitting its own culpability.

Saying distrust is for “good reason,” WaPo failed to explain how MSM consistently lie and mass deceive on virtually all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Notably, they cheerlead perpetual US direct and proxy hot wars of aggression on invented enemies, along with the imposition of illegal sanctions. 

They push flu/covid — and now monkeypox — kill shots with intent to cause maximum harm to maximum numbers of people, along with destroying public health.

They exclusively support wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of the general welfare.

WaPo left all of the above unexplained — focusing instead growing public distrust of what no one should rely on for news, information and analysis.

What WaPo called “a growing perception of media bias” is indisputable reality about MSM fake news over the real thing.

Saying “(i)t’s time for…soul-searching in America’s newsrooms” ignored how Western MSM operate as press agents for dark force regimes they serve.

As stressed and repeated, MSM fake news on all things Russia and Ukraine is the worst in modern memory — along with health destroying misreporting about kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT featured its customary Big Lies and mass deception.

Days earlier, Russia’ Gazprom said a second turbine will be shut down on July 27 because it must be overhauled before it breaks down.

Of nine turbines at Russia’s  Portovaya compressor station, several require maintenance and repair.

In response, German Chancellor Scholz defied reality by falsely claiming that his regime can no longer rely on Russia for natural gas deliveries — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, replied saying that along with required maintenance, US/Western sanctions are responsible for lower volume deliveries of natural gas to European markets.

In cahoots with his US master, Scholz prohibits use of Russia’s Nord Stream II gas pipeline.

If allowed to operate, no shortage of gas on the continent would exist as it’s able supply 55 billion cubic meters of gas annually to Europe.

Commenting on Russian natural gas to EU countries, the NYT lied, saying:

EU regimes “agreed (on a voluntary plan) to curb natural consumption (by) up to 15%…(f)earing Russia could shut the taps this winter (sic).”

Citing no evidence of what Moscow should do but won’t, fulfilling its contractual obligations instead continues — despite hegemon USA/Western hot and sanctions war with no prospect of turning a page for improved relations.

No Russian “energy threats” exist, as Times fake news claimed.

There’s no “Putin strategy (to) divide and weaken (EU regimes) on Ukraine (sic).

And this Times trash, falsely calling Gazprom a Kremlin “geopolitical weapon (sic).”

And this bald-faced Big Lie by the Times, falsely claiming:

“Russian prisons (are) fill(ed) with political prisoners (sic)” — what’s true about hegemon USA’s global gulag, not how Moscow operates.

And this Times rubbish:

Emigration or prison are “the only choices open to opposition politicians from Russia today (sic).”

Separately on Monday, the Times reported a kernel of truth — wrapped in Big Lies — about Kiev’s recruitment practices, saying:

“A nationwide campaign is underway in Ukraine to recruit, register and draft men.” 

“That campaign includes fanning out on streets to find potential soldiers and issuing summonses ordering them to report to recruiting offices.”

Saying “unwilling men are being” enlisted for battle, the Times falsely claimed that “some eager to fight are turned away.”

Kiev’s ranks are greatly depleted.

So warm bodies of all shapes, sizes and most ages are being forcibly recruited for front lines cannon fodder duty.

They’re being enlisted on streets and at other public places, a police state practice making it unsafe for Ukrainian men to be out in public.

Ones aged-18 to 60 must register for military service.

The Times admitted that what’s going on “is shrouded in secrecy.”

Hundreds of thousands are not volunteering to fight as Times fake news claimed.

If true, recruiting warm bodies on streets, in food markets and elsewhere in public would not be going on.

Russian forces eliminated vast numbers of Ukrainian troops.

So Kiev is resorting to desperate measures to replace them.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, millions of Ukrainians fled cross-border to Russia, Poland and elsewhere to avoid living under Nazified rule.

Ones forcibly recruited for military service are unmoved by puppet Zelensky’s call to arms — from his Polish hideout.

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