Mission Impossible

Last March, Russian forces liberated the Kherson region of eastern Ukraine from Nazified rule.

No longer Ukrainian territory, deputy head of the region’s military-civilian administration, Kirill Stremousov, said the following:

“The Kherson Region will forget about neo-Nazism…”

“We are getting ready for (a) referendum. We will hold it.”

“(I)n the near future, we will become a full-fledged territorial entity of the Russian Federation.”

Referendum results are highly likely to show overwhelming popular support to join Russia.

Since liberated by its forces months earlier, sporadic fighting has gone on.

According to local authorities on Wednesday, Biden regime supplied HIMARS targeted the region’s Antonovsky Bridge.

Russian air defenses destroyed most airborne missiles.

A few getting through caused minor roadway damage to be repaired.

The bridge remains intact, Stremousov explained, adding:

“The hysteria in the Ukrainian media that the outcome of virtually the whole conflict will be decided on this bridge is nothing but a bluff.”

A highly touted Ukrainian offensive yet to begin has no chance to prevail against overwhelming Russian firepower.

Not according to NYT fake news, saying:

“Ukraine has been laying the groundwork to retake Kherson (sic).”

There’s been “softening up (of) Russian positions.”

Claims by Kiev and MSM press agents consistently turn truth on its head.

No “disrupt(ion)” of Russian supply lines occurred, no push back of its command positions, no “turn(ing) of the tide” begun in the Kherson region or elsewhere in Ukraine or Donbass.

The Times admitted that rubbish it’s reported “cannot be independently verified” — because it’s fake news, it failed to explain.

No Ukrainian counterattack in the Kherson region is underway as AP News falsely reported.

And this UK fake news, saying:

Kiev’s (nonexistent) counteroffensive in Kherson is “gathering momentum (sic).”

And this Kiev rubbish, falsely claiming that its forces retook 15% of Kherson (sic).

And this CNN fake news, saying:

Ukrainian troops are “moving forward” into Russian liberated areas (sic).

And this delusional tweet by Ukraine’s war ministry:

“Retreat or be annihilated by #UA army (sic). The choice is theirs (sic).”

And this from puppet Zelensky overnight, sounding increasingly delusional:

“Ukrainian bravery (sic) inspires all free nations, and just imagine how inspiring our victory will be (sic).”

Commenting on the “unenviable fate of foreign fighters in Ukraine” — the same reality applying to regime troops — Southfront said the following:

They feel “abandoned by the Ukrainian (regime) when they find out that they are simply being used as cannon fodder.”

“Some report having to live with only one potato per day while facing heavy shelling from Russian artillery fire.”

A Ukrainian unit commander said the following:

The regime “takes no responsibility.”

“They give us no support.”

A Ukrainian 72nd brigade video on Telegram said its troops will no longer fight because Kiev doesn’t supply proper weapons, support or leadership.

And this bravado from Ukraine’s so-called national security head, Aleksey Danilov, saying regime troops won’t hesitate to attack Russian territory, including Crimea.

Russia earlier warned of “massive” retaliation if Crimea or the bridge connecting the republic to the mainland is targeted.

And this from interventionist Blinken, saying:

The Biden regime “will act quickly to make it clear (that referendums to join) Russia will not work (sic).” 

“Annexation by force (sic) of a territory of a sovereign and independent country is a gross violation of the UN Charter (sic).”

Fact: Self-determination is a universal right.

Fact: The UN Charter affirms “the principle of equal rights and self-determination of people…”

Fact: So does other international law.

Fact: Self-determination under international law is regarded as jus cogens, a higher or compelling law.

Areas liberated by Russia from Nazified rule will either form independent republics or join the Russian Federation.

Neither interventionist Blinken or other Biden regime hardliners can do a thing to prevent it.

A Final Comment

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said the following:

“(A) strike by (its forces) on an ammunition depot near the settlement of Lyubimovka, Dnepropetrovsk region, destroyed more than 100 missiles for the US-made HIMARS multiple launch rocket system.”

Over 100 Ukrainian troops, foreign mercenaries and technical specialists involved in guarding the facility were killed.

On Wednesday as well, Russian forces destroyed Ukrainian howitzers and their platoons in 142 districts.

Regime weapons, munitions and equipment are targeted and eliminated daily, including 760 MLRS and over 3,200 artillery pieces since Russia’s SMO began.

The toll on Ukrainian troops degraded its military significantly and destroyed its morale.

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