Pelosi’s Wrecking Ball Agenda

Along with serving US wealth, power and privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the general welfare, Pelosi’s pro-war agenda risks its explosion against Russia and China.

On April 30, she and other undemocratic Dems showed up in Kiev to support its Nazified rule.

A photo-op with puppet Zelensky pushed US proxy hot war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

She vowed to “do what is needed to help” Nazi-infested Ukraine kill Russians and Donbass civilians, adding:

The Biden regime and Congress stand “firmly” in support of Ukraine’s Nazified puppet rule.

Domestically, she was heavily involved in concocting two politicized counts with no merit to impeach Trump.

No credible evidence was presented to prove abuse of power or obstruction of Congress — no “incitement of insurrection” as Pelosi falsely claimed.

At this time, she’ll likely visit Taiwan on her Asia/Pacific trip.

Leaving Friday, ahead of a month-long House August recess, Pelosi together with other congressional members have scheduled stops in Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Hawaii.

While a Taiwan visit hasn’t been confirmed, the delegation she’s heading will likely include what China considers a breakaway province on its itinerary.

Once again on Thursday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhou Lijian, said the following:

“We have repeatedly made clear our our firm opposition to Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan.”

“If the US side insists on making the visit and challenges China’s red line, it will be met with resolute countermeasures.”

“The US must bear all consequences arising thereof.”

“(T)he Chinese side…firm(ly) oppos(es) Pelosi(’s) visit…to Taiwan.”

“(T)he Chinese military will never sit idly by, and will certainly take strong and resolute measures to thwart any interference by external forces and secessionist attempts for ‘Taiwan independence.’ ” 

“We Chinese mean what we say.”

Separately on a US aircraft carrier strike group once again in the South China Sea where it doesn’t belong, Zhou said:

“China’s position on the relevant issue is clear and consistent.”

“This is not the first time that the US  sent its aircraft carrier (strike group) to the South China Sea to flex its muscles.”

“It is clear to us all who exactly poses the biggest threat to peace and stability in the South China Sea and the Asia-Pacific.”

During a Thursday phone call between China’s Xi Jinping and the fake Biden, Xinhua quoted China’s leader, saying the following:

Don’t “play with fire” over Taiwan.

“We strongly oppose separatism and foreign interference in Taiwan’s affairs.” 

“The government and people of China have consistently held this position.”

“We will firmly defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country.”

“One China” is inviolable.

In response to Pelosi’s likely visit to where she doesn’t belong, Taiwan International Strategic Study Society director, Wang Kung-yi, said the following:

Taiwan’s Tsai regime will “bear the wrath of Beijing” if she shows up in Taipei as expected.  

Separately, Taiwanese analyst, Chieh Chung, warned that Beijing will ramp up military pressure on the island during her visit, possibly by live-fire drills and a no-fly zone near its coastline.

On Friday, China’s official People’s Daily said the following:

“Pelosi must abandon (her) provocative plan.”

Her “move, irrespective of whether she visits Taiwan or not, will directly affect Sino-US ties and the situation across the Taiwan Straits.”

She’s “playing the Taiwan card because (Dems are) at a disadvantage in (US November) midterm elections.”

Republicans accused them “of going soft on China.”

Her planned trip is a political stunt, one among other ways to shift attention from the wrecking ball domestic policies of undemocratic Dems. 

If she shows up in Taiwan as planned, “the US should be ready to bear the consequences of being excessively bold.”

According to USC’s Taipei-based nonresident senior fellow, Mike Chinoy:

“Pelosi appears on the brink of staging a…provocative gesture (by) visiting Taiwan” in August. 

“(I)t would come at a moment when Sino-American relations are at their lowest point in decades amid growing concern that China might attempt to seize the self-ruled island by force.”

If she cancels her trip, the US will appear weak.

If she shows up in Taipei, she’ll risk a “dangerous new (Sino/US) crisis.”

It won’t be the first time that she “poked Beijing in the eye.” 

She showed up in Tiananmen Square in 1991 and further meddled in China’s internal affairs by involvement in US-orchesrated 2019-20 Hong Kong protests.

The US has a long disturbing history of meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, allies and adversaries alike worldwide.

The CIA, not Beijing, orchestrated violent 1989 Tiananmen Square protests to destabilize China.

If Pelosi shows up in Taiwan as expected, she’ll have more blood on her hands than already if her provocation causes violence.

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