Russia’s Status Report on Ukraine

On Friday, Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, set the record straight on the status of Russia’s liberating SMO progress, explaining the following:

Russian forces “achieved considerable progress” since launching its SMO on Feb. 24.

Lugansk was “completely liberated” from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Things are proceeding in similar fashion to entirely free Donetsk. 

To date, “255 settlements have been liberated in both republics.” 

“The people of Donbass will regain control of the entire territory of the region.”

“When it happens is only a matter of time.”

After Russian forces liberated Lisichansk and other Donbass communities from Nazi occupation, their residents greeted them joyously.

Reality is world’s apart from fake news by US/Western regimes and Nazified Kiev “about Russian troops who allegedly terrorize local population(s).”

Indisputable video evidence showed “tears of joy in (the) eyes” of liberated people.

At last, hated Nazi occupiers were vanquished.

“Recovery of the liberated areas is in full swing,” Polyansky stressed, adding: 

“Thanks to our efforts, Mariupol is getting back to peaceful life, where centralized water and energy supply is being restored.”

“Construction of a main water pipeline began in the LPR, and a multifunctional medical facility is being built at the moment.”

Residents of liberated Donbass and Ukrainian areas queue up to apply for Russian passports.

Using Biden regime supplied HIMARS, the Kiev regime struck struck a Donbass detention center, killing 53 Azov Nazi thugs, wounding scores more — then falsely blamed Russia for their war crime.

It was a futile effort to prevent revelations of war crimes they were ordered to commit, already explained to Russian and Donetsk interrogators.

Nor will what happened intimidate Ukrainian troops from laying down their arms, surrendering or deserting the posts.

Each day, large numbers refuse to die for a lost cause.

In southern Ukraine and occupied Donetsk areas, Ukrainian troops continue operating from residential neighborhoods, along with using civilians as human shields.

On July 22, agreement was reached for the export of Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products.

Polyansky explained that Russia urged what was agreed to last April — what was rejected by Kiev as ordered by its US master.

According to MSM fake news, Ukraine has 25 million tons of grain in silos for export.

Polyansky set the record straight. 

Available Ukrainian grain for export is around 5 million tons, not the fabricated higher amount.

It’s “less that 1% of the total volume of grain at the global market,” hardly a game-changer.

In sharp contrast, Russia is expected to produce over 130 million tons of grain this year — about 37 million tons for export, an estimated 50 million tons in two to three years.

And storage of weapons, munitions and military equipment in the port of Odessa by Kiev “can hardly promote successful implementation of the grain deal,” said Polyansky, adding:

“We will keep destroying such cargoes and facilities, as we did on 23 July, when we eliminated a Ukrainian military ship and a depot of harpoon anti-ship missiles delivered by the US.”

“Nothing in the memorandum that we signed prevents us from proceeding with our goal of Ukraine’s demilitarization.”

Now that hegemon USA and Western vassals are supplying Ukrainian Nazis with heavier weapons, things are heading ominously toward shifting from proxy to direct involvement in war on Russia.

Pentagon specialists operate HIMARS sent to Ukraine.

The empire of lies provides the Kiev regime with intelligence from satellite images.

The Pentagon and CIA are directing Kiev’s war-making.

“Reckless ‘pumping up’ of Ukraine with weapons, artillery systems, and firearms trigger a situation when, due to flourishing corruption among Ukrainian political and military leadership, those weapons spread throughout Europe,” Polyansky explained, adding:

“We know that a considerable part of it goes from warehouses straight into the hands of smugglers and then, via established channels – to the global black market of arms.”

“Such information is almost openly publicized at corresponding web resources.”

“The problem assumed such a huge scope that even mainstream Western media can no longer turn a blind eye to it.”

US/Western regimes bear full responsibility for doing nothing to prevent heavy weapons they supply to Kiev from falling into the hands of criminal gangs and jihadists.

Along with their MSM press agents, they ignored use of explosive-laden drones used to strike the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

By “sheer luck” alone, a major disaster was prevented. 

Zaporozhye is Europe’s largest NPP — controlled and protected by Russia’s military.

And artillery, drones, and HIMARS supplied to Kiev are used to terror-attack Donbass residential areas daily, killing and wounding civilians, damaging or destroying vital infrastructure.

Since Feb. alone, Kiev Nazis killed around 250 Donetsk civilian men, women and children.

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents pretend not to notice — supporting the scourge of Nazism in central Europe instead of denouncing it.

The same goes for imperial tool/UN secretary general Guterres.

Along with DPR and LPR freedom fighters, Russia’s SMO intends to accomplish its demilitarization and deNazification of the Ukrainian monster.

Polyansky concluded his remarks as follows, saying:

The willingness of US/Western regimes to help Kiev Nazis “kill the children of Donetsk and Lugansk (won’t) be forgotten by either Ukrainians or Russians.”

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  1. The Azov Batallion are hired thugs paid for by the West. The Vietnamese-American and British mercenaries captured by the Russians and the Pentagon operating HIMARS are proofs.

    Just like the West paid for Al Qaeda, Al Shabad, Boko Haram, Abu Sayyaf Group, Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Jemaah Islamiyah, East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Kurdistan Workers’ Party, ISIS, Tahrir al-Sham, etc to terrorize and topple foreign governments and plunder their countries’ resources. That’s the sort of “Western values” and “Rules-based order” that Mystery Babylon has.


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