Times Trash

During Hitler’s consolidation of dictatorial power in the run-up to WW II, the NYT’s Berlin bureau chief provided press agent reporting for Nazi tyranny.

The self-styled newspaper of record is at it again — supporting the scourge of made-in-the-USA Nazified Ukraine in its daily fake news editions.

On Friday, the Times’ so-called editorial board called for more flagrant than already ways to illegally reduce Russian earnings from energy exports.

Along with dominant Biden regime hardliners, their Western counterparts and other US/Western MSM, Times editors are mortified by how illegally imposed sanctions on Russia enabled it to earn record-high oil and gas revenues.

If Western regimes halt imports of Russian energy altogether, its revenues will likely soar much higher.

So a harebrained Biden regime plan aims to cap how much Russia can earn from oil and gas sales, a scheme doomed to fail in similar fashion to how its sanctions war on the nation missed the mark.

If formed, a so-called anti-Russia buyer’s cartel would only likely include Western regimes, Nazified Ukraine, Poland, other Russophobic European countries, perhaps Japan, South Korea, Australia and a small number of other nations.

According to analyst Finam Alexander Potavin:

“The initiative to set price caps for Russian oil has several details that may prevent it from being implemented.”

“First, Russia is already refocusing its oil supplies to Asian markets.”

“Issues with safety certificates and insurance of tankers transporting Russian oil are being gradually resolved.”

“It is not clear how other oil suppliers will react to the idea of oil price caps, because at the moment this measure is being discussed only in relation to Russian supplies.”

“It is possible that G7 leaders will then need to discuss the possibility of introducing a global oil price cap.”

“The OPEC+ cartel will not be excited about this idea.”

Energy Development Center head, Kirill Melnikov, said the following:

If the Biden regime tries to cap Russian oil revenue, “businesses will start seeking and will soon find ways to circumvent these restrictions.”

“New tankers with non-Western owners will be chartered, and non-Western insurance companies will be involved, as has already happened in the case of Sovcomflot tankers.”

If a price cap resulted in oil prices soaring much higher than already, US/Western regimes “will achieve the opposite of what they want.”

“(T)he very idea of limiting the price of a global commodity not by changing the balance of supply and demand, but by manual means, is absurd from an economic point of view and has no chance of success.”

Except for LNG, Russian gas is exported through pipelines.

Last week, Russia’s Central Bank Governor, Elvira Nebiullina said the following:

“(W)e won’t be supplying oil to those countries which would impose such a cap, and our oil and oil products will be redirected to countries which are ready to cooperate with us.”

Russian energy is vital for Europe, especially its natural gas.

There’s no near-or-intermediate way for EU countries to cut off Russia entirely as a source of supply.

Yet according to Times fake news:

“The world would surely be in a better position today if it had not developed a dependence on Russian energy.”

The world would surely be much better off if the Times and other US/Western MSM no longer existed.

Having long ago lost credibility, they added an exclamation point for providing press agent services for Nazified Ukraine.

In its same fake news edition, the Times featured propaganda trash by Kiev’s embarrassment of a foreign minister, Kuleba — a buffoon who’s impossible to take seriously like puppet Zelensky.

They’re two of a kind to be shunned and condemned.

As expected, Kuleba’s op-ed recited a litany of long ago debunked Russia bashing bald-faced Big Lies.

Moscow engaged in good faith conflict resolution talks days after launching its liberating SMO.

They broke down after several sessions because the Biden regime ordered puppet Zelensky to shun peace for perpetual US proxy war on Russia.

Like many times before, Kuleba defied reality by falsely blaming the Russian Federation for actions by the empire of lies and Ukrainian Nazis.

And saying the regime’s “task…is to defeat Russia” ignored how its forces smashed Ukraine’s military.

He also said nothing about over 8 years of US-orchestrated and directed Kiev aggression against Donbass civilians.

Or that Russia launched its SMO to prevent Kiev’s forces from a large-scale invasion of Donbass and Crimea — what would have been catastrophic.

Like US/Western officials, what Kuleba suppressed was most important to explain.

What was ghost-written for him was an undisguised litany of beginning-to-end bald-faced Big Lies.

It’s just a matter of time before Russian forces slay the made-in-the -USA monster — by demilitarizing and deNazifying its scourge.

A Final Comment

It’s hard keeping track of daily Ukrainian war crimes.

Pre-dawn Friday, Ukrainian Nazis terror-shelled a detention center in Elenovka, Donetsk, a DPR statement, saying:

“As a result of overnight shelling by the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) of the Volnovakha penal colony number 120…in the village of Elenovka, where Ukrainian prisoners of war are detained, 53 people were killed and 75 others were injured” — while they slept.

DPR head, Denis Pushilin said the following:

“It is evident that the shelling was purposeful.”

Likely in cahoots with hegemon USA, the Kiev regime “wanted to liquidate members of the (Nazified) Azov battalion who started to testify” about their war crimes.

Survivors of the terror attack are hospitalized for treatment of their wounds.

On Russia’s Channel One, Pushilin explained that “a lot of testimonies” have been gotten from Azov POWs, some of what they revealed made public.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, Kiev not only wanted its POWs silenced, the terror-shelling incident aimed to intimidate regime troops from surrendering.

Large numbers are laying down their arms daily, others deserting their posts to avoid dying for a lost cause.

As expected, Kiev once again falsely accused Russia for its own war crimes.

Reporting on the terror attack, Russia’s RIA Novosti said fragments of Biden regime-supplied HIMARS were found on the site of the struck detention facility.

According to US/Western MSM fake news, Kiev Big Lies their source,  Russians shelled the facility “to cover up alleged torture and executions of detainees (sic).”

Reciting pre-scripted lines, puppet Zelensky turned truth on its head again, falsely accusing Russia of “a deliberate, cynical, calculated mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about Kiev’s responsibility for the terror-shelling attack — typical of how Nazi regimes operate.

Russia had nothing to do with what happened.

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