Blinken Falsely Blames Russia for Indisputable Nazified Ukraine War Crimes

Like most previous US secretaries of state — notably Pompeo and Hillary — interventionist Blinken is incompetent, an unindicted war criminal, a serial liar and disgrace to the office he holds.

On Saturday through his so-called spokesman, Price, a day after the US-controlled Kiev regime murdered 53 Azov Nazi thugs, wounding and/or maiming scores more at the Yelenovka detention center in Donetsk — an attempt to silence them and intimidate Ukrainian troops from surrendering, intervention Blinken blamed Russia for their war crime, saying:

Expressing condolences for the Kiev regime’s mass-murder “50 Ukrainian detainees in Russia-controlled Donetsk, (he) reaffirmed (hegemon USA’s) commitment to hold Russia accountable for atrocities committed by its forces against the people of Ukraine (sic).”

MSM reporting on the Yelenovka incident reflects one-sided, dirty-business-as-usual fake news.

Some examples:

NYT fake news: “(T)here’s “no clarity on exactly what happened at Yelenovka (sic).”

Accusing Kiev of killing Ukrainian POWs held by Russia is “absurd (sic).”

WaPo fake news: “Russia accused of deliberate mass murder” of Ukrainian POWs (sic).

WSJ fake news: “An explosion at a detention camp in (Donetsk) killed numerous Ukrainian (POWs) ‘to hide the torture of prisoners and executions committed there’ ” by Russia, according to Kiev.

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news: “Ukraine said that Russia…attack(ed) (the detention facility) to cover up the execution and torture of Ukrainian prisoners held there (sic).”

“NPR is unable to independently verify” the claim — despite indisputable evidence of Kiev’s responsibility for what happened.

Al Jazeera dubiously claims to “offer objective, fact-based, in-depth (trustworthy) news (sic).”

Instead of forthrightly debunking the Kiev regime’s bald-faced Big Lie about the Yelenovka incident, the broadcaster quoted it as follows, falsely saying:

“The armed forces of Ukraine, which fully adhere to and fulfill the principles and norms of international humanitarian law (sic), never conducted and are not conducting shelling of civilian(s) (and civilian) infrastructure (sic), especially places where fellow prisoners of war are likely to be kept (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about how the above rubbish turned truth on its head and trampled on it.

And this Al Jazeera rubbish: 

“Azov (Nazis) formed as a volunteer battalion in 2014 to (mass-murder, torture and otherwise brutalize DPR and LPR freedom fighters) and since then (was) integrated into the Ukrainian army.”

“The group claims to encompass a range of political views (sic)”, but some of its leaders are known to hold far-right ideas.

Al Jazeera failed to explain that Azov and likeminded Ukrainian thugs are hard-core Nazis — displayed by their bodies and uniforms adored with swastikas, Waffen-SS and other third reich symbols.

Reuters: “Ukraine’s armed forces denied responsibility (for killing its POWs), saying Russian artillery targeted the prison to hide the mistreatment of those held there (sic).”

Imitation foreign minister, Kuleba, “said Russia committed a war crime  (sic) and called for international condemnation (sic).”

According to Tass:

“Russia officially invited UN and (ICRC) experts to engage in an impartial investigation into an attack on a pre-trial detention center in Yelenovka, which killed a large number of Ukrainian” POWs.

Russia’s Defense Ministry explained that fragments of HIMARS supplied to Kiev by the US were found on site where 53 Ukrainian POWs were killed, over 130 others wounded, many seriously.

Reading lines pre-scripted for him to recite on state-controlled Ukrainian television, puppet Zelensky falsely accused Russia of a “deliberate war crime (sic).”

According to AP (fake) News, he said “(c)ondemnation at the level of political rhetoric is not enough for this mass murder” — by the US-controlled Kiev regime, clearly not Russia.

At this time, 73 Ukrainian POWs are “hospitalized (and being medically treated for) heavy wounds,” Russia’s Defense Ministry explained.

Russia’s Deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky, denounced “Nazi Ukraine(’s) futile attempts to shift the blame on us for this crime,” adding:

“They could have fired something else but US-supplied HIMARS if they were smarter.”

Their diabolical act is likely to encourage more Ukrainian troops to lay down their arms and surrender — instead of the other way around as the regime hoped for.

Separately according to Russia on Sunday:

Ukrainian Nazis moved to spoil our Navy Day celebrations.”

“An unidentified object came flying into the courtyard of the (Black Sea) Fleet’s headquarters” in Crimea’s city of Sevastopol — a Kiev regime identified UAV after the fact. 

“Five headquarters employees were injured. There (were) no fatalities.” 

Injured personnel are receiving proper medical treatment.

So far, imperial tool/UN secretary general Guterres, said nothing about Kiev’s cold-blooded murder and wounding of its Azov Nazi POWs.

Failure to condemn Ukraine’s atrocity reflects cover up and denial of what demands strong-worded denunciation.

According to Polyansky, Russia is still waiting for him to comment publicly on what happened.

Separately in the last 24 hours, Russian forces struck 260 Ukrainian military targets, its Defense Ministry reported, including:

A regime train with Nazi thugs onboard, killing over 140, wounding around another 250.

Weapons, munitions and equipment onboard the train were eliminated.

Another Ukrainian warplane, 13 UAVs, two US M777 howitzers, two Giatsint-B howitzers, and a battery of Uragan multiple launch rocket systems were destroyed, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

The Ministry also reported the elimination of six platoons of Grad MLRS, two batteries of Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, and seven artillery platoons of D-20 and D-30 guns.

Hundreds of Ukrainian troops are being killed and wounded daily, hundreds more surrendering or deserting their posts.

According to puppet Zelensky’s fake news, Ukrainian casualties are down to a few dozen daily — reciting what’s told to say by his US master.

Consistently ignored is that the made-in-the USA, Nazi-infested, Ukrainian monster is being systematically slain by overwhelming Russian firepower.

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