China Aggressive and Dangerous?

In stark contrast to the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies, China threatens no other nations. Its ruling authorities prioritize cooperative relations on the world stage according to the rule of law.  At war against none, China’s geopolitical agenda is worlds apart from how hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes operate. Not according to... Continue Reading →

US Sunday Propaganda TV Shows in Action

On Sundays in the US — and all other days — guests interviewed by MSM comprise a rogue’s gallery of unindicted US/Western war criminals, their vassal state counterparts, dirty politicians and bureaucrats, kill shot pushers, corporate predators, along with academics and others who sold their souls for big bucks. July 24 was no exception to... Continue Reading →

How the Scourge of Ukrainian Nazism Operates

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup replaced Ukrainian democracy with Nazi-infested tyrannical rule under US-controlled puppets. Ukraine no longer is a nation state. It’s a militarized territory for perpetual US-dominated NATO proxy war on Russia and Donbass civilians — its aim, inflicting maximum pain and suffering on maximum numbers of people. On Monday, Russia’s Investigative Committee... Continue Reading →

Sergey Lavrov in Africa

Hegemon USA isn’t pleased about Lavrov’s visit to nations in a part of the world it wants for exclusive US-dominated Western plunder, exploitation of its people, and as a dumping ground for corporate America/Western European toxic waste. Late Saturday, Sergey Lavrov arrived in Cario, the first stop on his four-nation/five-day diplomatic African trip. Egypt is... Continue Reading →

The Fake News Beat Goes On

Egregious MSM misreporting on all things Russia and Ukraine is the worst I recall on any geopolitical issue throughout the post-WW II period. It’s matched only by all things flu/covid with depopulation and advancing Great Reset tyranny in mind. It’s horrific enough to make garden variety propagandists blush. Daily MSM reports on Russia’s liberating SMO... Continue Reading →

Inventing Reasons to Bash Russia

In response to Sergey Lavrov’s four-nation African continent tour, the degenerate, soulless, imperial mouthpiece NYT invented reasons to bash him, Vladimir Putin and Russia, saying: Putin dispatched his top diplomat “to Africa, hoping to turn hunger and social strife across the continent to Russia’s advantage (sic).” Food crisis conditions on the continent “were set off... Continue Reading →

The Odessa Blame Game Updated

On Sunday, Russia set the record straight about what happened in Odessa on Saturday. Dispelling Big Lies by interventionist Blinken, other rogue US/Western officials, puppet Zelensky and their MSM press agents, Russia’s Defense Ministry explained the following: “In the seaport of Odessa, on the territory of a shipyard, a docked Ukrainian warship and warehouse of... Continue Reading →

The Odessa Blame Game

On Saturday, I asked if agreements for Russia and Ukraine to freely export agricultural products will work. I expressed no doubt about Russia’s commitment to comply with what was agreed on. At the same time, I said that there’s no certainty ever about how hegemon USA and Ukrainian Nazis intend to operate. Now we know.... Continue Reading →

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