MSM Fiction Over Indisputable Reality

Saying “(w)ar is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength” from his dystopian “1984” novel is Orwell’s best remembered quote. In hegemon USA’s new abnormal universe, democratic rule as it should be is tyranny, kill shots protect us, and perpetual wars on invented enemies are for perpetual peace and stability. All things Russia and Ukraine... Continue Reading →

Impeaching the Fake Biden

According to on Tuesday: “A number of (GOP House members prepared) impeachment articles against the” fake Biden they want introduced if Republicans regain control of the body in November midterms. They accused him of “high crimes” on issues ranging from lack of border enforcement, all things flu/covid related and withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan... Continue Reading →

Nazified Ukraine’s Latest Counteroffensive Attempt Failed

On Wednesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that the Zelensky regime’s attempted offensive in the southern region’s Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog and other directions failed.  Overwhelmingly repulsed by Russian forces, the regime suffered significant losses for nothing. According to Russian military expert, Andrei Martyanov: Ukrainian troops “attacked and got destroyed.” Puppet Zelensky’s highly touted counteroffensive has been “catastrophic”... Continue Reading →

Kiev’s Southern Region Suicide Mission: Part II

On Monday and much of Tuesday, Russian firepower has been routing Kiev’s southern region suicide mission, Russia’s Defense Ministry explaining the following: “In the past 24 hours in their effective operations, Russian forces eliminated 48 tanks, 46 infantry fighting vehicles, 37 other combat armored vehicles, 8 pickup vehicles with large-caliber machine-guns and over 1,200 Ukrainian... Continue Reading →

Failed Ukrainian Southern Region Suicidal Mission

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began six months ago, few and far between Ukrainian counteroffensives were suicide missions — each and every one smashed by overpowering Russian firepower. The latest attempt begun on August 29 fared no better. Straightaway, the US Strategic Command turned truth on its head, tweeting: Regime “armed forces…breached (Russia’s) first line of... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Kiev’s Latest Suicidal Mission

On all things Russia and Ukraine, US/Western forked tongue reports consistently feature fiction, not facts on the ground. Reporting on Kiev’s so-called Monday-launched southern region offensive followed the familiar pattern, reinventing reality by suppressing truth and full disclosure. According to NYT fake news: “For months, (the Nazified regime) promised a broad counteroffensive in the Kherson... Continue Reading →

WSJ Real and Fake News

What’s accurate about all things Russia and Ukraine in MSM reports gets short shrift attention. According to the Journal: Imperial tool, IAEA chief Rafael Grossi and a team of inspectors, will visit the Zaporozhye NPP from August 31 until September 3 — citing a puppet Zelensky regime “document” seen by the Journal. Their mission is... Continue Reading →

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