Force-Feeding Russian Rule? Repelling its Forces?

According to NYT fake news on Sunday, “the Kremlin is forcing Ukrainians (and Donbass residents) to accept Russian rule (sic),” adding:

Replacing worthless Ukrainian currency with ruble stability greatly benefits residents of areas liberated by Russian forces from ruthless Nazified rule.

Times fake news falsely claimed otherwise.

Russian passports are also available to residents of liberated areas.

The Times slammed what free-at-last Ukrainians and Donbass residents are eagerly queuing up to receive.

Reliable Russian servers now provide internet access to liberated areas.

Residents can now receive truth and full disclosure news, information, and commentaries in lieu of Kiev’s fabricated official narrative — opposition views and political parties banned by the Nazified regime.

And this Times rubbish:

Russian forces are “arresting hundreds who resisted assimilation (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“Moscow’s forces are using fear and indoctrination to compel Ukrainians to adopt a Russian way of life (sic).”

Open, free and fair referendums will be held in liberated areas so residents can decide if they prefer Nazified rule, sovereign independence, or wish to join the Russian Federation.

According to Times fake news:

“Now comes the next act in (Vladimir Putin’s) 21st-century version of a war of conquest (sic): the grass-roots ‘referendum.’ ”

And this Times defiance of core international law:

“Any referendum would be totally illegitimate (sic).”

According to the UN Charter and other international law, self-determination is a universal right of all people everywhere.

No Russian annexation of liberated areas is planned, as Times fake news falsely claimed.

Moscow prioritizes the exclusive right of liberated people to decide how they wish to be governed — free from foreign interference.

Times trash pretends otherwise.

Make no mistake.

Predominantly Russian speaking Donetsk, Lugansk and liberated Ukrainian areas want no part of Nazified rule.

They’ll decide their future democratically with Russia’s help.

What the Biden regime’s so-called national security council spokesman, John Kirby, falsely called Russia’s “annexation playbook” is democracy as it should be in action — in stark contrast to fantasy versions throughout the decadent West.

And this Kirby threat, saying:

Hegemon USA “will not allow (liberated Ukrainians and Donbass residents to decide their future) unchallenged of unpunished.”

Does he have nuclear war on Russia in mind to stop it?

Is he hellbent to destroy planet earth and all its lifeforms? 

The empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies is an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

And this Times defiance of reality:

Liberated Ukrainians and Donbass residents face “myriad hardships, including shortages of cash and medicine — a situation the Russians try to exploit to win allegiance from locals by distributing ‘humanitarian aid (sic).’ ”

And this Times trash:

In liberated Ukrainian and Donbass areas, Russia “stifle(s) dissent (sic)…abduct(s), tortur(es) and execut(es) political and cultural leaders who were deemed a threat (sic).”

No responsible editors would tolerate the above perversion of reality and related rubbish in all Times fake news editions.

Yet it shows up like clockwork in all Times fake news editions — an assault on truth and readers wanting facts, not fiction.

Separately, the Times cited an unnamed Biden regime war department official — too embarrassed to reveal his or her name — falsely claiming that Russia’s successful SMO is failing.

And this reinvention of reality by the Times:

“Ukraine made small but steady gains in the southern region of Kherson (sic)…where thousands of Russian soldiers are now largely isolated (sic) after Ukrainian strikes on key supply routes (sic).”

The Times made up the above rubbish to conceal reality on the ground.

No gains were made by battered and beaten Ukrainian troops since Russia’s SMO began.

None of its forces are isolated, none of its supply lines cut.

And this Times fake news:

Russian forces “have not been able to break through Ukrainian defenses (sic), according to (Big Lies by) Ukrainian and Western officials.”

And this utter nonsense by the Times:

Pummeled Ukrainian troops “made it much more difficult for (Russia) to replenish arms stocks and maneuver (sic).”

Unlike beaten and demoralized Kiev troops, Russian forces are well-supplied with everything needed to slay the made-in-the-USA Nazified Ukraine monster.

And every fake news report by the Times and other MSM about Russian forces killing of civilians ignores Kiev’s responsibility for willfully targeting them and nonmilitary infrastructure.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Ignoring Russia’s request for the UN and ICRC to visit the Yelenovka detention center where Kiev mass-murdered and wounded Azov Nazi POWs, the Times falsely claimed that “(t)he Red Cross (was) not…granted access to” the site — a bald-faced Big Lie.

And this Times trash:

“(T)housands of (Donbass) civilians (under the scourge of Nazified occupation) were ordered to evacuate their homes…after months of relentless Russian bombardment destroyed the infrastructure needed to deliver heat and electricity (sic).”

As orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, Kiev forces bear full responsibility for targeting civilians and vital infrastructure.

Throughout its SMO, Russian forces have been striking military targets exclusively.

The Times and other MSM know this — yet willfully, maliciously and repeatedly blame Russia for Ukrainian war crimes.

Falsely accusing Russia of killing its Yelenovka detention center POWs is an obvious example of fake news.

Yet according to the Times:

“The Pentagon said on Friday that there was no evidence to support th(e) claim…that (Kiev) killed its own soldiers (sic), and a growing number of Ukraine’s allies pointed the finger at Russia (sic).

The Washington-based, neocon-infested so-called institute for the study of war reported the same fake news, falsely saying:

It’s “likely that Russian forces were responsible” for killing Ukrainian Azov POWs at the Yelenovka detention center — even though Kiev’s culpability is indisputable.

Followers of US/Western MSM are assaulted daily by a torrent of misinformation and disinformation on issues most important to their rights, lives and well-being.

Heading toward the abolition of what remains of greatly eroded freedoms, the US-dominated West transformed itself into a wasteland of tyranny on a fast track toward becoming full blown — supported by their MSM press agents.


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