Troublemaker Pelosi’s Recklessness

In Singapore ahead of stops in Malaysia, South Korea and Japan — on her disruptive tour in a part of the world where she as part of a group of six congressional members don’t belong — China’s Global Times reported the following on Sunday, saying:

The delegation may “try to make a surprise visit to the island during her Asia trip” — despite stern warnings by Beijing to stay away.

“China will keep high alert to be fully prepared for military conflict.”

She might pull a stunt like the following:

Pretend to have “emergency” aircraft trouble as a phony pretext to land in Taipei.

If real problems developed near China’s coastline, the PLA would surely grant her military aircraft permission to land on the mainland, along with providing technical assistance — “as long as (she) stays away from China’s Taiwan,” said GT.

According to Professor Diao Daming, she may visit Taiwan with no announcement.

Analyst Lu Xiang said the following:

President’s Xi Jinping’s warning to the fake Biden last week by phone against playing with fire “means (that) the US side has to exercise caution on” what relates to Taiwan.

Defying China’s warning by visiting what it considers a breakaway province to be reunited with the mainland would be a reckless affront to its sovereignty.

On Monday, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, once again warned Pelosi against visiting Taiwan, saying:

If she follows through on the provocative action, “this will be a gross interference in China’s domestic policy…and will lead to very serious consequences.”

“The Chinese People’s Liberation Army won’t sit back and do nothing.”

“China will definitely take resolute and effective countermeasures.”

According to hard right-wing American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Zack Cooper:

Hegemon USA and China “are on a collision course in the Taiwan Strait.”

The fake Biden’s “misstatements on Taiwan,” what White House damage control had to walk back from, made a bad situation worse.

If Pelosi visits Taiwan, China’s response could “escalate to military conflict.”

Loathed by Beijing for earlier affronts, her visit would be a serious provocation after being warned and re-warned to stay away.

Introduced in June by Senators Graham and Menendez, the Taiwan Policy Act of 2022 will further undermine US relations with China if adopted.

Calling Taiwan a “major non-NATO ally,” the measure calls for providing its ruling authorities with $4.5 billion in military funding over the next four years — to deter nonexistent “acts of aggression” by Beijing.

The measure also calls for renaming Taiwan’s de facto US embassy in Washington the Taiwan Representative Office.

Weeks earlier, China’s State Councilor and Defense Minister, General Wei Fenghe, stressed the following:

“Peaceful reunification (with Taiwan) is the greatest wish of the Chinese people, and we have the utmost sincerity and are willing to make greatest efforts to achieve that,” adding:

“We are still making every effort with the greatest sincerities to deliver peaceful reunification now.”

“The Taiwan question arose out of the weakness and chaos of the Chinese nation and is a legacy of China’s civil war, but it will surely be resolved as the Chinese nation achieves its rejuvenation.”

“Let me make this clear.”

“If anyone dares to split Taiwan out of China, we will not hesitate to fight.”

“We will fight at all costs. We will fight to the very end. This is the only choice for China.”

The empire of lies is playing with fire by its hostile policies toward Russia, China and Iran.

In response to the Pelosi-led group of 6 Asia/Pacific tour, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, slammed what she called the Biden regime’s “dangerous military-political adventurism.”

An unnamed Beijing-based international relations expert said the following:

“China will (maintain) military preparations to stop any surprise move by Pelosi in the coming days, and this will give her no chance to challenge (the nation’s) sovereignty.”

Last week, the Global Times slammed Pelosi as “eccentric, bigoted,” and uncaring about the rights of others.

China’s military patrols and radar will track her aircraft if it heads toward Taiwan in the coming days.

On Monday, China Daily said the PLA “stands ready to safeguard nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“The US side (is) try(ing) to unilaterally change the status quo of the situation in the Taiwan Straits.”

It’ll “be held accountable for all possible dire consequences that might have been caused by doing that.”

“China will do its utmost…to strive for…peaceful reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait,”

“However, the nation is unyieldingly opposed to ‘Taiwan independence.’ ”

“No one should underestimate the PLA’s determination and ability to defend the nation’s territorial integrity.”

Will Pelosi show up in Taiwan after being sternly warned to stay away?

What’s most likely would be another serious body blow to bilateral relations.

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  1. Biden disbelieved the authenticity of Russia’s red line and ample warnings over Ukraine and got his fingers burned and Europe lost 4 governments with more to follow.

    The Pentagon is always keen for any war and supports Pelosi’s trip as it is sailing a carrier group close to Taiwan. The US will get no international support should China shoots down Pelosi’s plane because US treachery droned Iran’s Qasem Soleimani and Iran subsequently attacked a US base in Iraq and downed a Global Hawk drone and there was nothing the US could do about it.

    Will Biden disbelieve the authenticity of China’s red line and ample warnings over Pelosi’s announced visit to Taiwan and get his fingers burned again within 6 months? But Biden and Pelosi are puppets of the Deep State under the control of the Black Pope residing just outside the Vatican.


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