Fake News on Parade: Part II

MSM feature mind-manipulating rubbish in their daily fake news reporting.

True to form on Tuesday, the NYT top-featured the following bald-faced Big Lie, saying the following:

A Pentagon “drone strike killed Ayman al-Zawahri, a key plotter of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks who took over as the leader of Al Qaeda after Osama bin Laden’s death, at an urban safe house in Afghanistan (sic).”

As usual, the Times suppressed what’s most important to explain.

Hegemon USA created ISIS, Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups for use as proxy imperial foot soldiers — recruiting, funding, arming and directing them.

Neither bin Laden, al-Zawahri, or “crazed Arabs” had anything to do with the 9/11 mother of all state-sponsored scams — until all things flu/covid surpassed its villainy. 

David Ray Griffin’s exhaustive research, books, other writing and lectures exposed and documented the mother of all Big Lies to that time — including official coverup by the 9/11 whitewash commission.

Virtually everything officially reported and regurgitated by MSM has been fake news — the NYT a lead offender.

Alleged hijackers weren’t aboard the four fateful flights.

Planned long in advance, US dark forces bear full responsibility for 9/11 state terror — likely carried out by CIA operatives.

Hospitalized in Pakistan with kidney disease, bin Ladin died of natural causes in December 2001 — reported by the NYT, the BBC, and other MSM.

Obama did not kill Osama, one of many Big Lies about 9/11, its aftermath, and a figure designated Enemy Number One by hegemon USA.

Pakistani intelligence confirmed his December 2001 death. Yet the myth of his responsibility for 9/11 persists. 

When too late to matter, the FBI admitted that it had no evidence linking bin Laden to the attack, nor al-Zawahri — because there was none.

What happened nearly 21 years ago was all about inventing a pretext for unparalleled state terrorism that followed, for waging war on humanity at home and abroad — for transforming the US into a totalitarian police state.

Perpetuating the mythical bin Laden/al-Zawahri connection to 9/11, the Times quoted pre-scripted lines recited by the fake Biden, saying:

“(J)ustice has been delivered (sic) and this terrorist leader is no more (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

Killing al-Zawahri “was a major victory (sic) for” the fake Biden.

Whatever happened was either much ado about nothing or mass-murder of ordinary people in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Most likely, it was US state terrorism against targeted victims of its imperial rage to rule the world unchallenged, not Zwahiri — a likely repeat of Obama’s fake killing of bin Laden. 

Recall what Pompeo said when CIA director:

“We lied. We cheated. We stole. We had entire training courses.”

Serial lying applies to the US/Western political class across the board.

Nothing they say can be taken at face value.

The same reality applies to their MSM press agents.

And this omission by the Times and other MSM.

Hegemon USA is waging perpetual war OF terrorism, not on it.

Its ruling regimes and so-called lawmakers are an unparalleled menace to peace, the rule of law and freedom-loving people everywhere.

Separately on Ukraine, the Times maintained its daily fake news drumbeat on all things Russia.

It lied accusing “Moscow of threaten(ing) Europe’s energy (sic)” — instead of laying blame where it belongs on unparalleled US/Western sanctions war on the Russian Federation.

It lied saying “Russia tighten(ed) its chokehold on energy supplies across Europe (sic).”

It lied accusing Vladimir Putin of “slash(ing) natural gas flows to” Europe (sic).

It lied saying that “Russia (is) stepping up the destruction of critical (Ukrainian) infrastructure that provides heat, water and electricity…”

And this delusional Big Lie, saying:

Nazified Ukraine “hope(s) to defeat Russia by the time the cold weather arrives in October (sic).”

Its greatly degraded and virtually defeated military heads toward collapse, what US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents suppress.

No “Russian bombardment destroyed the infrastructure needed to deliver heat and electricity” to liberated Donbass and Ukrainian areas, as the Times falsely claimed.

And this Times trash:

Ukrainian Nazis “say the ability to supply electricity at home, especially over the coming winter, when temperatures can fall far below freezing, is increasingly threatened as Russia intensifies a campaign of targeting the infrastructure that delivers energy (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

“Russian shelling hit thermal power plants around the country and over 200 gas-fired boiler plants used for centralized heating (sic).”

And this WaPo trash, masquerading as news:

“(T)here is no moral equivalency between Ukrain(ian) (Nazis) and Russia.”

Indeed not, but WaPo pushed its reinvented reality, falsely claiming:

US imperial tool Kiev Nazis “are innocent victims of unprovoked aggression (sic).”

“They are not known to deliberately target civilians (sic), much less their own captured soldiers (sic).”

“The Russians are notorious war criminals (sic) and liars (sic) who routinely blame someone else for every outrage they (or their allies) commit (sic).”

The above trash and volumes more like it reflect MSM infowar propaganda on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Despite indisputable evidence otherwise, WaPo falsely blamed Russia for Kiev’s mass-murder of 53 Azov Nazi POWs, wounding and/or maiming scores more at the Yelenovka detention center in Donetsk — an attempt to silence them and intimidate Ukrainian troops from surrendering. 

What Pompeo earlier said about the CIA applies to US/Western MSM across the board on domestic and geopolitical issues most important to most people.

They consistently lie and mass deceive, truth and full disclosure banned from their reports.

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