Slaying the US-Created Ukrainian Monster Update

US/Western-supported Azov troops are cutthroat killer thugs — their bodies and uniforms adorned with swastikas, Waffen SS insignia and other Nazi symbols.

Recognizing what they are, represent and how they operate, Russia’s Supreme Court designated them as a terrorist organization — banning them on Russian Federation territory.

Numerous eyewitness testimonies on how Azov assassins murdered, kidnapped and/or tortured their relatives got Russia’s High Court to act.

Azov POWs found guilty of terrorist acts face up to 20 years in prison and stiff fines for their criminality.

The worst of the worst in their ranks face possible execution.

Russian Supremes should act in similar fashion against Ukrainian Right Sector and likeminded criminals.

Ones captured and found guilty of war crimes, torture and related criminality should be punished appropriately.

Separately according to analyst Esha Krishnaswamy:

Hard-pressed for troops because of Ukraine’s greatly depleted military, the Zelensky regime is releasing imprisoned “fascist militants convicted of some of the most heinous crimes the country has seen since World War II.”

They include Ruslan Onishenko, head of the “disbanded Tornado Battalion,” a figure Krishnaswamy called a hard-core fascist, “a psychopathic sadist…involved in sexually assaulting children, brutally torturing prisoners, and murder.”

Other likeminded thugs are also being released, including “Danil ‘Mujahed’ Lyashuk, a fanatic (who) boasted of torturing captives for sheer enjoyment.”

According to a puppet Zelensky regime decree, these predatory dregs will be sent to the “hottest (front line) spots,” Krishnaswamy saying:

The regime’s “move is (more than) just a signal of desperation (because its) military (was) ground down by Russian forces…”

It reflects “virtual impunity that Ukrainian battalions infested with hardened criminals and neo-Nazis have enjoyed for over eight years as official enforcers of post-Maidan (tyrannical) rule.”

Likeminded elements infest Ukraine and its military — supported by US/Western regimes, and their MSM press agents, to wage proxy war on Russia and Donbass civilians.

Separately on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

Hegemon USA is “direct(ly) involv(ed)” in directing Kiev’s “combat operations, (including by) the choice of targets.”

The Biden regime and US “lawmakers…seem to have finally given up after trying, in the anti-Russian heat, the entire available sanctions arsenal, which proved to be inefficient, and have plunged into developing such powerful, to their mind, weapons as declaring Moscow a sponsor of terrorism (sic).”

Russia is “prepared for any development of the situation.”

“And if (the US regime and Congress) halt contacts with Moscow, we’ll get over it.”

If things go this far, diplomatic relations will likely be severed — what Zakharova called “a point of no-return with all the consequences that may come with it.”

Given that they’re virtually cut already, except for a formal US announcement, Russia should preempt the Biden regime and its Western vassals by no longer pursuing diplomatic outreach to the debauched West.

There’s no prospect of improving things. Believing otherwise is foolhardy wishful thinking.

Separately, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, said the following on Tuesday:

The Russian Federation is actively involved in restoring normality to areas liberated from Nazified control.

“(A)bout 1,400 humanitarian actions were carried out, during which more than 50,500 tonnes of supplies were delivered.” 

“In liberated territories, military builders are restoring civilian infrastructure at a high rate.”

A 90 km water conduit was completed, what’s able to supply around 50,000 cubic meters of water to Donetsk and surrounding areas.

“(C)onstruction of two more water conduits of 60 kilometers for the population of the DPR and LPR is underway.”

Vital infrastructure and facilities are being constructed as planned for their residents.

Included “are 12 residential buildings (with) more than a thousand apartments, two multifunctional medical centers with a total capacity of 260 beds, as well as the Emergency Ministry’s administrative and rescue center,” Shoigu explained.

Thanks to Russia’s indispensable help, Donbass residents will benefit from what Nazified Ukraine would never provide.

Separately since Monday, Russian forces struck 239 enemy positions, according to its Defense Ministry — eliminating more US/Western weapons, munitions and equipment

A Final Comment

Displaying imperial arrogance like many times before, Pelosi defied China’s stern warning on Tuesday by arriving at Taipei’s Songshan airport at 10:44 PM local time.

Taiwan’s official Central News Agency reported that the island’s military forces will maintain a state of readiness through at least Thursday.

On Tuesday, China’s Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said the following before Pelosi’s arrival where she doesn’t belong:

“All eyes are on Pelosi’s trip to Asia.” 

“China has, on many occasions, made its principled position clear and made multiple serious demarches to the US side.”

“We are closely following (Pelosi’s) itinerary.”

“(I)f the US continues down the wrong path, we will take strong and resolute measures to protect our sovereignty and security interests.”

The US continues to backtrack from and blur the one-China principle.

It’s “using Taiwan to contain China,” supporting its independence by its actions.

“If the US insists on pursuing the wrong course of action, it will assume full responsibility for all serious consequences arising therefrom.”

Separately on Tuesday, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, accused the Biden regime of “playing with fire” on Taiwan, its unacceptable actions to “come to no good end,” he stressed.

In response to Pelosi’s arrival in Taipei, China’s Foreign Ministry said  it seriously damages peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

By strong protest to the Biden regime, Beijing said her visit severely impacts the political foundations of bilateral relations.

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