Extreme Irresponsibility!

Retired US diplomat, noted China expert, Chas Freeman accompanied Richard Nixon on his historic 1972 visit to Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

Earlier he slammed Trump, accusing him of recklessly “declared open season on China…unleash(ing) an undisciplined onslaught” — biting off more than he could chew, picking a fight he couldn’t win. 

Freeman also said the following earlier:

“(T)he door (to peaceful relations with China) may be closing.”

“The US risks sleepwalking into a war with China it does not want and cannot now win.” 

“Such a war would likely end US primacy in East Asia.” 

“It certainly would poison prospects for great power cooperation on planet-wide problems.”

Ahead of Pelosi’s recklessly dangerous affront to China’s sovereignty by visiting Taiwan — after being repeatedly warned to stay away — Freeman said the following:

“I’m a retired diplomat and defense official with views that differ from those of the establishment.”

Going to Taiwan by Pelosi “is an act of extreme irresponsibility…”

“US-China normalization is linked to American respect for One China, a position that Taipei and Beijing traditionally held, from which Taipei has now departed, with enthusiastic support from much of the American political establishment.”

While Beijing wants to avoid provoking hegemon USA, the Biden regime “seems eager to provoke China.”

Taiwan will bear the brunt of its reckless provocation — what’s currently unfolding as a same day article explains.

“(I)nstead of enhancing (its) security, (dominant Biden regime hardliners and Pelosi are) damaging it, threatening it, and leading to an escalation in tensions in the Taiwan Strait.”

In response, China has political, economic and military options.

“The sad reality is that the White House and the military in Washington both see (her) trip as damaging rather than helpful.”

She arrived late Tuesday evening, displayed imperial arrogance and justifiably infuriated China. 

Her unacceptable visit further exposed hegemon USA’s double standards  — saying one thing, doing something else entirely.

Longstanding US One China policy exists in name only.

Reality is the other way around.

Pelosi’s visit to where neither she or other US officials don’t belong put an exclamation point on the abandonment of the One China policy by both wings of the US war party.

Freeman put it this way, saying:

“(T)he US once had a diplomatic agreement with the Chinese on how to handle the issue, but this has been salami sliced away.”

“Now we are left with no way of dealing with the issue other than the military.”

Pelosi’s visit marks “a turning point on this issue, in which the probability of military conflict has been boosted.” 

She and dominant Biden regime hardliners “will have to take the responsibility for that.”

A common thread runs through US policies on Ukraine and Taiwan.

In similar fashion to how the empire of lies provoked Russia to launch its SMO, it’s pushing China to reunite its breakaway province with the mainland militarily.

Based on Beijing’s actions so far, its ruling authorities avoided the likely Biden regime intent to draw the mainland into war straightaway.

Yet from the mid-90s, China has been preparing “for military conflict with Taiwan (since the Clinton co-presidency) breached (the One China) agreement (by) allow(ing) then president in Taipei, Lee Teng-hui, to visit the US,” Freeman explained, adding:

Beijing is unlikely to reunite Taiwan with the mainland militarily until it’s “confident (that it’s) ready and can win.”

At this time, China will likely “redouble (its) efforts and make a firm decision to use force against Taiwan” at a time and way of its choosing… “whether the US stands in its way or not.”

Freeman also believes that in Beijing’s judgment, peaceful reunification is no longer an option.

That’s “what makes this moment so very dangerous.”

China warned the US and Taiwan time and again.

If doesn’t back its rhetoric with action ahead, its “pressure on Taiwan will be diminished,” said Freeman, adding:

Its ruling authorities “don’t have much of a choice.”

And the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has an independence plank in its platform.

Its president, Tsai Ing-wen, openly expressed support for independence.

Backed by hegemon USA, her position ruptured political dialogue with the mainland for peaceful reunification.

On whether the empire of lies and forever wars will turn a page ahead for improved relations with China, Russia and other countries free from its control, Freeman minced no words, saying:

“Judging by other examples, the answer is no.”

Throughout the post-WW II period, maximum pressure has been US policy toward all nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

Yet whenever imposed, US sanctions failed to achieve their principal aim — regime change.

And the empire of lies hasn’t won a war throughout the post-WW II period.

At the same time, both wings of the US war party long ago abandoned diplomacy in favor of bullying, threatening, bribing or pummeling other nations to bend to its will.

That’s the reality of how the scourge of imperialism operates.

In similar fashion to events ahead of two global wars, the risk of another one — in the age of nuclear and other super-weapons — is ominously high because of recklessly dangerous US actions on the world stage.


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  1. Her trip is to bolster the coming mid-term election.

    She also needs this trip to divert public attention from her husband’s DUI charge and her insider trading which is inherent in all politicians’ families, the White House, the Pentagon and Capitol Hill.

    The Dems also need her trip as diversion from the Ukrainian fiasco which shows the impotence of NATO against Russia. NATO can’t put broken Humpty Dumpty (Ukraine) back together.

    After freezing Russia’s reserves in Western banks with threats of confiscation, Russia’s demand for payments in rubles is fully-justified. The days of using fiat Euro and fiat US$ in exchange for tangible goods from other countries are numbered.

    Bad mistake for provoking Russia and for failing to damage the Russian economy. NATO economies are sinking instead.

    Puppet Trump’s trade war and Covid ploy on China failed to damage China’s economy either.

    Puppet Biden now wants to provoke China into military action by arming Taiwan to kill Chinese just like Jewish NATO did in Ukraine to kill Russians. The most likely scenario will be NATO economies sinking even faster.

    Puppet Tsai Ing-wen is behaving like what Puppet Zelensky did before the Russian SMO.

    Just read the Vatican News which is mainly political. NATO will not disappear soon however. It’s fate will be in the Lake of Fire at end time, as prophesized in the Book of Revelation.


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