MSM Fake News Rubbish on Nazified Ukraine

Whenever hegemon USA goes to war on invented enemies by direct, proxy, and/or other means, MSM defend the indefensible as co-conspirators by providing press agent services.

According to NYT fake news, indisputable evidence of Kiev’s responsibility for killing 53 Azov Nazi POWs, injuring about 130 others, many seriously, at the Yelenovka detention center in Donetsk, was a Russian war crime (sic).

At this time, Kiev officials are preparing a tall tale to falsely claim Russian responsibility for the regime’s mass-murder of its own troops.

What Times fake news called “proof” of a Russian war crime, its forces had nothing to do with.

And this Times trash:

“Russian forces…prepare(d) for mass casualties” at the detention center days in advance by digging mass graves (sic).

And this Times perversion of reality:

“A lack of verifiable evidence (sic) has made drawing clear conclusions difficult, and the Russian government so far has refused to grant independent investigators access to the site (sic).”

Moscow invited the UN and ICRC to conduct independent probes at the site.

According to a UN statement on Wednesday, its fact-finding mission will visit the site in the coming days.

At this time, the ICRC has not accepted Russia’s invitation.

And this Times fake news, falsely claiming Russia is “increasingly isolated” — ignoring that it maintains normal relations with the vast majority of non-Western nations.

And once again, imperial tool/UN secretary general Guterres failed to lay blame where it belongs.

On Wednesday, he accused Big Oil of “grotesque greed” from high oil prices — instead of setting the record straight.

A combination of soaring made-in-the-USA inflation and sanctions war on Russia bear full responsibility for excessively high energy costs.

Instead of correcting Guterres’ defiance of reality, the Times echoed it. 

And this Guterres rubbish, supported by the Times, falsely blaming Russia’s liberating SMO for adversely impacting food, energy and financial markets (sic).

The blame squarely lies in Washington and other Western capitals, not Moscow.

And this Times reinvention of reality:

At a time when Washington insiders know how effectively Russian forces smashed Ukraine’s military, when its troops never retook liberated territory, when there’s no Kiev counteroffensive in sight, the Times and other MSM pretend otherwise with trash like the following:

“Ukraine has been recapturing territory (sic) with help of long-range American-provided rockets striking ammunition depots, command posts and bridges deep behind Russian lines (sic).”

“The strikes on bridges over the Dnipro River, which separates Kherson from Russian supply lines to the occupied peninsula of Crimea, had been seen as particularly hopeful for Kiev (sic).”

No “stalemate” in Donetsk exists, as Times fake news falsely claimed, no Kiev “counterattacks” anywhere along the front lines.

With 80% or more of US/Western supplied weapons et al destroyed by Russian forces, including 6 HIMARS, the Kiev regime keeps pleading for more.

And this WaPo fake news:

“Russia’s vow to annex pockets of Ukraine presented (hegemon USA) and its partners with a pressing dilemma, as trepidation grows in Washington and Kiev over whether the West is positioned to avert a pivotal shift in the war (sic).”

While fighting continues, and likely will ahead, as Kiev throws more expendable troops at Russia as cannon fodder to be eliminated, reality on the ground is clear.

Russian forces trounced Kiev’s military, transforming it into a hollow shell.

No ambiguity of the SMO’s outcome exists.

If Russia hadn’t taken great care to avoid civilian casualties, Ukraine’s inferior military would have been smashed in a few weeks.

No Russian annexation of Ukrainian territory occurred earlier, none planned now.

Predominately Russian-speaking liberated areas want no part of returning to Nazified control.

Referendums are planned for their residents to decide on their future.

They’ll either choose to form independent republics or seek to join the Russian Federation.

Either way, they’ll be free from Nazi tyranny.

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents defy reality by falsely calling open, free and fair referendums “shams.”

They abhor the notion of democracy as it should be in action — in sharp contrast to fantasy versions throughout the West, the real thing banned.

At the same time with each passing day, Russian forces continue to deliver devastating blows on Kiev’s virtually defeated military.

Its conscripts and civilian population are paying the price for collusion between empowered Kiev Nazis and their US paymaster — killing a nation and its people in pursuit of their diabolical interests.


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