Biden Regime and Pelosi Plot Regime Change Against All US Invented Enemies

Hegemon USA wants all nations free from its control transformed into subservient vassal states by brute force if its other diabolical tactics fall short.

The empire of lies pushed Russia to launch its SMO in self-defense against its imperial rage.

It plots much the same thing against China over Taiwan.

It wants both countries contained, weakened, isolated and undermined with controlling them in mind.

It risks destruction of planet earth and all its life forms in pursuit of its hegemonic aims.

Ignoring repeated warnings to stay away from its sovereign territory, Pelosi displayed imperial arrogance by showing up in Taipei Tuesday evening — followed by thrusting her thumb in China’s eye for 19 hours before leaving where neither she or other US officials don’t belong.

She and likeminded US extremists won’t be satisfied until their imperial arrogance launches WW III.

Humanity trembles at the prospect.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov slammed the Biden regime and Pelosi, saying:

“(T)ensions around Taiwan were artificially provoked.”

“We are well aware that they were provoked by Pelosi.”

“It was a completely unnecessary trip,” a hostile act to enter sovereign Chinese territory without authorization.

Beijing’s military drills are in response to Pelosi’s breach of its “sovereign rights.”

Separately, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said the following about Pelosi’s effrontery:

“Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on August 2.”

“We consider her visit a clear provocation in keeping with US aggressive policy of comprehensive containment of the PRC.”

“(R)elations between both sides of the Taiwan Strait are exclusively China’s domestic affair.”

“The Chinese side is entitled to take any measures necessary to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity in terms of the Taiwan issue.”

“Russia’s principled position remains unchanged.”

“There is only one China, and the PRC government is the only legitimate government representing all of China.”

“Taiwan is an inalienable part of China.”

“In the joint statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on international relations entering a new era and on sustainable global development, which was adopted after the talks between the leaders of our countries on February 4, the Russian side reaffirmed its adherence to the ‘one China’ principle and opposed the independence of the island in any form.”

Hegemon USA goes all-out to 

“undermine regional stability and international security.”

Its unipolar moment ended, mutual cooperation among the world community of nations replacing it.

There’s no going back. 

“Geopolitical reality has no place for US hegemony.”

Its efforts to keep undermining stability on the world stage are opposed by increasing numbers of nations.

While war by the US against China and/or Russia isn’t imminent, the risk of it erupting is ominously high by accident or design.

On Thursday, China’s Defense Ministry spokesman, Tan Kefei, said the following:

“US-Taiwan collusion and provocations will only push Taiwan into the abyss of disaster and cause serious damage to the island’s residents,” adding: 

“We openly declare to the American side and (Taiwan’s ruling) Democratic Progressive Party that ‘containing China with Taiwan’ is a wasted effort, and ‘relying on foreign support’ is a dead end.”

Saying she “stands with Taiwan (and) will not abandon (Washington’s) commitment to” the island, Pelosi poured more fuel on hegemon USA’s war on China by other means.

China’s Global Times slammed her, saying:

Her “eyes are always on how many domestic political benefits this move will bring her.”

She’s “arrogant, paranoid and eager to put on a show.”

In 2020, she publicly ripped up a copy Trump’s State of the Union address, saying:

It’s a “manifesto of untruths,” a speciality of undemocratic Dems and how she operated throughout her tenure. 

Reciting a litany of bald-faced Big Lies in Taipei, she operates the same way in Washington.

History will have final say on her career of shame, one of the ugliest ugly Americans.

Whatever countermeasures China adopts will be justifiable.

Her imperial arrogance will likely advance China’s reunification process.

Nothing the empire of lies and forever wars can do will stop it.


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