Congressional Public Enemy No. One Pelosi

In cahoots with dominant Biden regime hardliners, Pelosi represents the worst of US imperial arrogance.

Instead of seeking cooperative relations with China, they wrecked things more than already.

Along with continuing large-scale military exercises around its breakaway province, virtually surrounding the island and shutting down the Taiwan Strait, Beijing announced 8 countermeasures against the US in response to Pelosi’s affront to its sovereignty.

They include the following:

Cancellation of talks between Sino/US theater commanders, coordination of defense and military maritime security issues, suspending cooperation on immigration repatriation, illicit drug control, other matters related to international crimes and environmental issues.

Actions by Beijing in retaliation against Pelosi’s affront are unprecedented — clearly intended to demonstrate justifiable PRC fury over hegemon USA’s virtual abandonment of the One China principle, replacing it with support for Taiwanese independence.

China reportedly refused to take calls from Biden regime war secretary Austin and joint chiefs head Milley.

According to analyst Lu Xiang:

Pelosi’s visit to where neither she or other US officials belong — and remarks while in the Asia/Pacific — severely damaged bilateral relations.

Countermeasures taken by China clearly show its resolve to “never accept” hostile US actions without retaliating against them.

They also aim to deter other Western regimes from acting in similar fashion to Pelosi’s effrontery.

The Biden regime forced China to take stiff countermeasures.

Lu believes that her unacceptable actions were “a huge blow to US (regional) interests.”

Pelosi concluded her Asia/Pacific tour and headed home from Japan, leaving the wreckage of her stay behind.

According to China’s Global Times, she’ll “always be remembered as a reckless and egocentric troublemaker.”

Her flagrant breach of the One China principle won’t be forgotten or forgiven. 

She’s persona non grata in China for trampling on its sovereign rights, for threatening regional peace and stability, for plunging Sino/US relations to their lowest level since the early 1950s during the Truman regime’s aggression on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Korea.

At the same time, her regional tour accomplished nothing positive.

Instead of burnishing her image, she more greatly sullied it.

According to analyst Yang Xiyu, her shameful “performance contradict(ed) US national strategy…only add(ing) more security uncertainties to the region.”

Displeased by her Taiwan visit, South Korean President Yoon Suj-yeol refused to meet with her in Seoul on Thursday for creating a major regional mess.

Throughout her time in congress, she’s been hostile toward virtually everything related to China’s security.

The same reality applies to her militant hostility toward all nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

Instead of supporting peace, stability and cooperative relations with all nations, she’s gone out of her way to back wars of aggression, along with creating divisions in support of Washington’s drive for hegemony.

Along with interventionist Blinken and other dominant Biden regime hardliners, she took a giant leap toward wrecking Sino/US relations.

Ignoring forever US war on humanity at home and abroad, its global saber-rattling, its unmatched criminality on the world stage, Blinken provoked China further by falsely saying:

“There is no justification for (Beijing’s) extreme, disproportionate and escalatory military response (sic).” 

“Now they’ve taken dangerous acts to a new level (sic).”

Ignored by Blinken, other Biden regime hardliners, Pelosi and likeminded congressional extremists is that hegemon USA supported Chiang Kai-shek’s despotic control of Taiwan from 1949 until Nixon’s historic 1972 China visit changed things — followed by Washington’s One China policy.

Continuing Trump’s provocative anti-China policies, the Biden regime is pushing things toward conflict between Beijing and Taiwan in similar fashion to how it goaded Russia to launch its defensive SMO against Ukraine.

Mindless of possible global war against Russia and China, lunatics in charge of the Washington asylum are pushing things toward an armageddon scenario — a war to end all future ones by destruction of planet earth and all its life forms.

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