The Scourge of MSM Fake News

Proliferating fake news for state-sponsored dark forces and monied interests is the mission of US/Western MSM by lying and mass deceiving the public.

What’s gone on for time immemorial was never as extreme as now.

It’s notable by relentlessly bashing Russia’s liberating SMO, supporting Nazism and pushing kill shots with depopulation and destruction of remaining freedoms in mind.

On Friday, WaPo disgracefully compared model democrat Vladimir Putin with Italian despot Benito Mussolini (sic), falsely saying “Putinism is fascism (sic).”

The real thing infests the US/West. WaPo and other MSM pretend not to notice.

Supporting what demands denunciation, MSM falsely demonize Putin for out-strategizing, outwitting and defeating the scourge of US-created and financed Nazism in Ukraine.

No longer a nation, it’s a platform for US proxy hot war on Russia — ignoring the risk of escalating things to East/West conflict.

And this WaPo fake news, falsely blaming Beijing for hegemon USA’s war on China by other means.

And this Big Lie:

Under President Xi Jinping, “China changed its Taiwan policy (sic).

One China — to include Taiwan and the mainland — has been core Beijing policy since the province broke away in 1949.

According to International Relations Professor Dr. Hsiao-chuan Liao:

For decades, “China’s policy toward Taiwan (has been) fairly consistent.”

“Specifically, peaceful reunification remains the ultimate goal of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).”

“Still, reunification by force is regarded as a possible outcome if a peaceful resolution is unattainable.”

“When Xi (Jinping) assumed office in 2012 (as China’s president), his policy toward Taiwan matched that of his predecessor, Hu Jintao.”

In 2016, when Tsai Ing-wen was elected Taiwanese president, she expressed support for the breakaway province’s independence.

It was in stark contrast to her predecessor, Ma Ying-jeou.

He recognized and supported the inevitability of reunification with the mainland.

WaPo reinvented reality in cahoots with US dark forces, its standard practice on all major issues — like other MSM across the board.

In response to Pelosi’s provocative Taiwan visit, Beijing suspended talks with hegemon USA on military, maritime safety and other issues.

And this NYT China bashing — based on state-supplied talking points, saying:

Chinese “warships and aircraft…near Taiwan (engaged in legitimate military exercises) def(ied) international criticism (sic)…demonstrating the country’s…growing appetite for confrontation (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

China’s “muscle flexing…threw diplomatic punches (at) Taiwan (sic).”

The island is sovereign Chinese territory, what Pelosi spurned by virtually supporting its independence.

She also threatened China by vowing to “not allow” Beijing to isolate its breakaway province.

Her unacceptable remark reflects how she operates on all major issues — defying the sovereign rights of other nations, threatening ones free from US control, ignoring the rights of ordinary people everywhere, at home and abroad.

And this Times fake news:

“Beijing has long found it hard to reconcile Washington’s approach of simultaneous strategic cooperation and competition (sic).”

China supports mutual cooperation among all nations.

It rejects hegemon USA’s rage to dominate other countries by brute force and other hostile actions.

What the Times and other MSM ignore is what’s most important to explain.

It failed to make clear that the US long ago abandoned its One China policy in favor of Taiwanese independence.

Preferably, it wants its breakaway province reunited with the mainland peacefully.

What’s increasingly out of reach, force is its fallback option.

At the same time, hegemon USA’s war on China by other means ominously threatens direct confrontation.

That’s where things are heading between the empire of lies and forever wars with Russia, China and Iran.

Humanity trembles at the prospect, an armageddon scenario if waged with nukes.

A Final Comment

The Times gave neocon US Senator Bob Menendez op-ed space to recite his customary Sino/Russia bashing Big Lies, falsely saying the following:

The “lesson (of Nazi-infested)  Ukraine is that authoritarian leaders (sic) have been emboldened in recent years by dysfunctional democracies and hesitant international institutions (sic).”

“Accordingly, (hegemon USA) needs less ambiguity to guide our approach to Taiwan.”

He and likeminded neocon extremist, Lindsey Graham, called for more greatly infuriating China by designating Taiwan a “major non-NATO ally,” as outlined in the so-called Taiwan Policy Act of 2022 they jointly introduced.

According to Menendez, if adopted it’ll “be the most comprehensive restructuring of US policy toward Taiwan since the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979.” 

And by so doing, it’ll formally abandon One China as official US policy.

It’ll also more greatly push things for direct East/West confrontation.

While it’s unclear if a Senate and House majority can be cobbled together to pass the bill — or whether the fake Biden would sign it into law — the following is very clear.

Its adoption would escalate possible war between two powerful, nuclear-armed, nations with delivery systems able to turn cities anywhere worldwide to smoldering rubble.

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