Reality Check on Russia’s Liberating SMO

The made-in-the-USA — Nazi-infested — Ukraine monster is being systematically slain by vastly superior Russian firepower and tactics…as expected.

It’s taking longer than I and others expected because of great care taken by Russia to avoid civilian casualties, along with wanting vital Ukrainian and Donbass nonmilitary infrastructure protected.

As orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, Kiev Nazis and conscripts bear full responsibility for murdering civilians, terrorizing others and destroying or damaging  infrastructure in Donbass and liberated Ukrainian areas — Russia falsely blamed for their criminality.

According to the Donetsk News Agency on Friday, quoting DPR ombudswoman Daria Morozova:

“Over the (past) week, 87 members of the defense and law enforcement were killed, 472 members of the defense and law enforcement injured.”

Attacks on Donetsk killed “20 civilian lives and left 99 people injured across the DPR over the (past) week.”

The Pentagon and CIA are directing Kiev’s aggression, providing intelligence and coordinates of targets to be struck.

On Friday as directed by its US master, Kiev troops once again shelled the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, a reckless attempt to release and spread deadly radiation over a wide area.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry:

“We call on international organizations to condemn the criminal (Kiev) regime(’s) acts of nuclear terrorism.”

On Friday, its troops fired 20 152mm artillery shells at the NPP.

It ignited hydrogen at the plant, the blaze quickly extinguished.

A possible major radiation release was avoided.

Zaporozhye is Europe’s largest NPP with a capacity of around 6,000 megawatts — generating about one-fourth of Ukraine’s electricity.

Russian forces are protecting the plant from Kiev’s aggression.

If its reckless shelling continues, the risk of a major radiation release remains ominously high.

According to Russia’s deputy UN envoy, Dmitry Polyansky:

“We sent detailed information about this reckless provocation to the UN secretary general (Guterres, a notorious imperial tool like most of his predecessors).” 

“It’s time for the UN to call a spade a spade,” what Guterrres failed to do in virtual support of Nazified Ukraine instead of forthrightly condemning its scourge.

On Friday, Moon of Alabama’s Bernard reported the following information, perhaps leaked by elements in Ukraine’s armed forces general staff, saying:

The regime’s military (its AFU) was reduced by Russia to 43 – 48% of its strength.

Its medical staff is hard-pressed to deal with extremely large numbers of casualties.

Regime weapons are outclassed and outgunned by superior Russian firepower.

Dead and wounded Ukrainian troops total 191,000 — not including casualties among foreign mercenaries and others.

US/Western supplied M777 howitzers lack enough hydraulics and liquid nitrogen.

Kiev maintains no missing in action (MIA) information.

The regime and its US/Western sponsors are profoundly indifferent toward the rights and well-being of Ukrainians.

Russia eliminated the vast majority of weapons, munitions and equipment supplied by US/Western regimes.

While Ukraine’s military has been battered, greatly degraded and beaten by Russia, any male aged-around 18 – 60 — perhaps some women — are involuntarily conscripted, ill-trained, and sent to front line positions as expendable cannon fodder.

Ukraine’s 44 million population — minus around 6 million who crossed into Russia, Poland and elsewhere, millions more internally displaced — has lots more cannon fodder to perpetuate conflict as long as the US/West continues to supply more weapons et al.

Responsible leadership would have halted the carnage long ago.

Self-serving Ukrainian Nazis don’t give a damn about their people.

So conflict is likely to continue for some time — despite no ambiguity about its outcome.

Phony claims about large numbers of Russian casualties are pure fantasy — proliferated by US/Western regimes, Kiev and their MSM press agents.

Analyst Larry Johnson once again stressed the following:

“There is not one area in Ukraine where (its troops) pushed the Russians out of territory they” liberated. 

The regime’s only “offense” is its daily shelling of Donbass residential areas.

And this Johnson reality check:

“Ukrainian artillery and HIMARS will not stop Russia’s…offensive and force a retreat.”

“Neither will it force a stalemate.” 

“Russia has de facto air supremacy and has intact tank battalions and a plethora of artillery and missiles that it continues to rain down on Ukrainian forces.”

“Cities and communities that Ukraine vowed would never fall have fallen, and Russia is restoring order in those places.”

Wanting perpetual proxy war on Russia continued — no matter a lost cause and toll on Ukrainian troops — dominant Biden regime hardliners reportedly intend to supply Kiev Nazis with another billion dollars worth of military aid.

At the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging, the Biden regime keeps throwing billions of dollars at Nazi-infested Ukraine.

So do other Western regimes.

It’s further proof of the deplorable state of the US-dominated decadent, depraved, dangerously deranged West — an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere


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