Russian Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), stressed the importance of Russian food and fertilizer exports reaching world markets to relieve food crisis conditions.

Will US/Western regimes obstruct them ahead?

The US most of all is responsible for soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains, and shortages of goods, notably food and energy.

MZ slammed US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents, saying:

The dominant 4th estate in the West is “far removed from normal objective work, having become a propaganda tool for…regimes” they serve.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals are waging proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia — with no end of it in prospect.

If Russia’s ability to feed much of the world is blocked again, food insecurity, hunger — and famine in some countries — will follow.

At the same time, Russia’s liberating SMO continues to demolish Ukraine’s military and 80% or more of US/Western supplied weapons, munitions and equipment.

“Peaceful life is…being restored” to liberated Donbass and predominantly Russian-speaking parts of eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

When Russian forces arrive in these areas, local residents joyously greet them for good reason.

Moscow has a master plan for restoration of war-ravaged areas by Ukrainian Nazis.

Justice awaits their war criminals, ones Russian forces captured.

MZ stressed “gruesome footage of people tied to poles, doused with chemicals, and beaten (including women, the elderly, and children) simply because someone thought that they were ‘not loyally committed’ to the Kiev regime.”

MZ slammed notorious double standards by Western regimes and supporters.

They’re compounded by “criminal negligence when covering and assessing ongoing developments.”

“ICRC representatives demand that they be given access in Russia to detention facilities for Ukrainian prisoners of war.” 

“At the same time, they remain silent (about) Russian, DPR and LPR military personnel held captive” by Ukrainian Nazis.

They ignore regime war crimes, killing civilians in cold blood, their use of cluster and other banned weapons.

What puppet Zelensky calls a “free, sovereign and independent state” of Ukraine is Nazi-infested and tyrannical.

With Western support and encouragement, Kiev reinvented history to conceal its ruthlessness.

The US-controlled Kiev regime “sold out or pawned its sovereignty,” MZ explained, adding:

“There is no freedom.” It’s gone, virtually banned. 

“The (US-dominated) West holds Ukraine in servitude.”

“For many years now, Western (regimes) have been running Ukraine.” 

“What kind of freedom, sovereignty or independence are we speaking about if foreign nationals have not only worked in the Ukrainian government as advisors but have run the country without even speaking the Ukrainian language.” 

The US-installed regime banned opposition parties.

Media are state-controlled, no independent alternatives to the fabricated official narrative allowed.

Legitimate dissent is criminalized.

Ukraine is no longer a country. it’s “tool to fight Russia.”

The US-dominated West transformed Ukraine into a Nazi-infested festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

What’s gone on since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev “confirm(ed) that Russia was right when setting goals and objectives of its (SMO) to deNazify and demilitarize Ukraine, protect (Donbass) and remove threats to its security,” MZ stressed. 

Separately, MZ commented on troublemaker Pelosi’s affront to Chinese sovereignty, saying:

Her arrival in Taipei was an unacceptable “provocation.”

“Throughout its history, (hegemon USA) staged thousands of (similar) incidents.”

Its ruling regimes “staged provocations, instigated conflicts, and then used their propaganda machine to talk about violations of international standards, saying that freedom is in danger and democracy is under attack.”

It’s how the scourge of imperialism operates.

Pelosi’s stunt backfired. For going where she didn’t belong, she been widely and justifiably “mock(ed) and ridicule(d).”

Taiwan is an internal Chinese issue.

No foreign regime has a right to meddle in its affairs — how the US operates worldwide.

Russia’s “principled position…is (that) there is only one China, and (its Beijing government) is the only legitimate (one) representing all of China with Taiwan as an integral part.”


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  1. I read on msn/ bing that N korea would be sending 100K troops to Ukraine ?! I sincerely hope that to be true ….this crazy US induced war should be stopped asap ! ….and, Slava Rossiya, of course !


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