The Scourge of MSM Fake News Over the Real Thing

MSM across the board suppress what conflicts with the fabricated official narrative.

The pattern repeats daily on virtually all domestic and geopolitical issues.

Managed news misinformation and disinformation sank to a new low on all things related to Russia’s liberating SMO.

Its forces are consistently blamed for Nazified Ukraine’s crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities, including cold-blooded torture and murder of Russian and Donbass POWs.

Over the weekend, the Times reinvented reality as follows, saying:

“Ukrainian (Nazis) have been raising alarms for months (sic).”

The regime and the Times falsely blamed Russian forces for Ukraine’s shelling of its Zaporozhye nuclear power plant — a diabolical plot to release and spread deadly radiation over a wide area.

Yet according to Kiev regime and Times fake news, Russia “destroyed electrical transmission lines and posed risks of damaging the plant, forcing engineers to alter the operation of one of its six reactors by reducing power (sic), adding:

“Hours later, a second series of three explosions damaged an auxiliary building near one of the nuclear reactors, raising the risk of hydrogen leaks and fire (sic).”

The Times quoted puppet Zelensky’s Big Lie, falsely hyperventilating:

“Russia should bear responsibility for the very fact of creating a threat to the nuclear power plant…(an act of) nuclear terrorism” — by Ukrainian Nazis, falsely blamed on Moscow.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

Russia’s military is using Zaporozhye’s NPP “as a fortress (sic).”

Russian forces are protecting it from nuclear terrorism by Ukrainian Nazis.

And this Times trash:

Russia is using “the site to stage artillery strikes on Ukrainian targets (sic) without fear of retaliation, since the Ukrainian military cannot fire back (sic) without risk of hitting safety equipment, reactors or storage facilities for spent fuel (sic).”

The US/Western supported Nazified regime bears full responsibility for repeated shelling of the NPP and other civilian targets — Russia falsely blamed for its criminality.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times and other MSM stick exclusively to the fabricated official narrative.

Throughout its liberating SMO, Russian forces exclusively struck military targets, great care taken to protect civilians and nonmilitary infrastructure.

Complicit with hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine, the nuclear watchdog IAEA falsely claimed an absence of physical security at Zaporozhye and mothballed Chernobyl NPP sites.

Russian forces are protecting them both from Nazified Ukrainian terrorism — supported by US/Western regimes instead of the other way around.

Separately, the Times quoted Britain’s war ministry, falsely accusing Russian forces of “undermin(ing)” nuclear security in Ukraine, compounding its Big Lie as follows, saying:

Russia uses Ukrainian NPPs to “target (its) territory (sic).”

Separately in response to a scathing Amnesty International report, accusing the Kiev regime of flagrantly breaching international law, saying:

It’s endangering civilians from “military bases…in residential areas, including schools and hospitals.”

It “launched…attacks…from populated civilian areas.”

These and similar tactics “violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians” in harm’s way.

The regime violated the laws of war by operating this way.

As expected, puppet Zelensky falsely accused AI of “shift(ing responsibility from the aggressor (sic) to the victim (sic).”

The regime’s so-called foreign minister, Kuleba, turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“This behavior of Amnesty International is not about finding and reporting the truth to the world” on who’s to blame for war crimes (sic).

It’s “about creating a false balance between the criminal and the victim (sic).”

Supporting Ukrainian Nazis instead of condemning them, head of AI’s Ukraine office, Oksana Pokalchuck, resigned, saying:

“I and (AI’s) leadership…differed over values (sic).”

Most always, the organization operates as an imperial tool.

In May, it falsely accused Russia of “war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law” in Ukraine (sic).

It lied saying that Russian forces are using banned cluster munitions (sic) — how Kiev Nazis operate, not Moscow.

It reinvented reality by falsely claiming that Russia has been “kill(ing) civilians and demolish(ing) residential structures (sic)” — instead of laying blame where it belongs.

And it falsely accused Russia of “mistreat(ing) prisoners of war (sic)” — how Ukrainian Nazis operate with full support and encouragement by US/Western regimes.

They and colonized Ukraine bear full responsibility for years of war crimes against Donbass civilians —what the US/West and MSM consistently suppress, falsely blaming Russia for their criminality.

Separately according to AP (fake) News on Saturday:

“Russian shelling killed five civilians (sic) and injured 14 others in…Donetsk (sic).”

And this AP bald-faced Big Lie:

“Russia fired 60 rockets at Nikopol, damaging 50 residential buildings in the city of 107,000 and leaving residents without electricity (sic).”

And this trash:

“Russian troops are using the (Zaporozhye NPP) basement to hide from Ukrainian shelling (sic) and barred its Ukrainian staff from going there (sic).”

“Russian rockets damaged the plant’s facilities (sic), including a nitrogen-oxygen unit and a high-voltage power line” — for which Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility.

MSM feature rubbish like the above daily, Russian forces repeatedly blamed for Ukrainian war crimes.


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