America’s Gestapo Raids Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Residence

On August 8, FBI and secret service agents raided Trump’s Florida residence — unannounced without just cause, what DJT called politically motivated persecution.

More on this below.

The US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.

Reasonable cause aside, unjustifiable justification can be concocted by inventing reasons for searches and seizures with or without warrants.

That’s how the scourge of police states operate — notably hegemon USA at the federal, state and local levels.

In Chicago where I live — and most everywhere else in the US nationwide — cops, the FBI and other federal agents have virtual carte blanche authority to operate with impunity, no matter how flagrantly in breach of the rule of law.

Victims — overwhelmingly Black and Brown Americans — are harassed, abused, beaten, detained, falsely charged, and at times murdered in cold blood.

December 4, 1969 remains one of many days of infamy in Chicago.

While they slept, city police and FBI agents murdered Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark for the “crime” of wanting everyone afforded equity and justice, according to the rule of law.

In his 1980 doctoral dissertation, titled “War Against the Panthers: A Study of Repression in America,” its co-founder Huey Newton wrote:

“How many people’s lives were ruined in countless ways by a government intent on destroying them as representatives of an ‘enemy’ political organization.”

“Enemy” ideas include employment, a living wage, healthcare, decent housing, education, justice, peace, as well as an end police brutality and state-sponsored terror at home and worldwide.

Noted journalist, HL Menchen, once said the following:

“The most dangerous (individuals) to any government (are those) able to think things out…without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.”

Their inevitable “conclusion is that (their ruling regimes are) dishonest, insane, and intolerable.”

“In his book, titled a “Race to Incarcerate,” Marc Mauer discussed America’s obsession with imprisonment, punishment, and the commodification of prisoners to fill beds — harming society’s most vulnerable. 

They’re targeted for supporting ethnic justice, racial emancipation, as well as political, economic and social equality across gender, ethnic and racial lines, then locked away in the “Land of the Free.” 

The same ruthless standard applies to wrongfully designated enemies of state.

I’m no Donald Trump admirer, far from it — having strongly criticized his domestic and geopolitical policies for good reason.

At the same time, I strongly support world peace, stability, equity and justice, according to the rule of law.

Time and again, both right wings of the US war party go the other way on all of the above — trashing the rule of law instead of upholding it.

It’s evident by waging endless wars of aggression on invented enemies, by exclusively serving wealth, power and privileged interests at the expense of the general welfare — by heading things for possible nuclear war on Russia and China in pursuit of unchallenged global dominance by whatever it takes to achieve their diabolical aims.

Trump is considered an enemy of the state for not being establishment enough, for not sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, for not being tough enough on Russia.

And while supporting kill shots and all else flu/covid related, he’s unenthusiastic about mandating the above.

There’s no ambiguity about long knives out to prevent him from winning another term as US president.

So inventing reasons to demonize him is official policy by US dark forces — notably by undemocratic Dems and their MSM co-conspirators.

That’s what the myth of a January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill insurrection was all about — what, in fact, was a made-in-the-USA anti-Trump false flag to unjustifiably smear him for what he had nothing to do with.

The only internal — or foreign — threats to the nation and its people are state-sponsored.

In response to the police state raid on his Mar-A-Lago residence, Trump said the following:

“Nothing like this ever happened to a (US) president…before.”

“After working and cooperating with the relevant government agencies, this unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

“It is prosecutorial misconduct, the weaponization of the justice system, and an attack by radical left Dem(s) who desperately don’t want me to run for president in 2024, especially based on recent polls, and who will likewise do anything to stop Republicans and conservatives in the upcoming midterm elections.” 

“Such an assault could only take place in broken, third-world countries.”

“Sadly, America has now become one of those countries, corrupt at a level not seen before.” 

According to his son, Eric, FBI agents “ransacked” his dad’s office, adding: 

“To have 30 FBI agents — actually more than that — descend on Mar-a-Lago, give absolutely, you know, no notice, go through the gates, start ransacking an office, ransacking a closet.”

“They broke into a safe. He didn’t even have anything in the safe.”

Undemocratic Dem dark forces “don’t want (Trump) to run and win again in 2024.”

“That’s what this” police state raid was all about — and all else related to it.

A DOJ probe is ongoing into Trump’s handling of classified documents while in office — seeking a way to besmirch him more than already, maybe indict him on phony charges.

While it’s uncertain if he’ll run again for president in 2024 when he’ll be age-78, he clearly has widespread support.

And that concerns undemocratic Dems and other US dark forces.

They want easily controlled figures in high office, especially the highest in the land.

For them, Trump isn’t establishment enough.

In stark contrast to the fake Biden, he’s not easily controlled.

If he decides to seek another term as president in 2024 — and polls show him favored to win — his life may be endangered to stop him in similar fashion to how US dark forces assassinated JFK, RFK, MLK, Paul Wellstone, JFK, Jr and others.

Throughout its history from inception, the US has been a fantasy democracy, the real thing virtually banned.

Monied interests and other dark forces run things.

They’ll stop at nothing to maintain unchallenged control over the nation and its people — including by perpetual wars on invented enemies and elimination of homeland threats to dirty business as usual.

That’s what the American way is all about — a nation unbendingly hostile to what the vast majority of people everywhere hold most dear.


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