Hegemon USA Forcing China’s Hand on Taiwan

While China is unlikely to reunite its breakaway province with the mainland by force any time soon, it’s coming if the other way around continues to be unattainable.

At the same time, Beijing’s ruling authorities have been extremely patient since Taiwan broke away in 1949.

It may have its virtue but won’t achieve reunification as things now stand.

Notably since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2013 Asia pivot to advance hegemon USA’s military foot print in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong — to Trump’s trade war with China — to the fake Biden’s vow to defend Taiwan and increasing US militarization of the island, One China as official US policy has been abandoned in favor of recognizing Taiwanese independence.

In response to Pelosi’s effrontery last week, China conducted its largest-ever military drills around the breakaway province, including in the Taiwan Strait, shutting down its waters and airspace to foreign transit for days.

Military and other communications were cut with the US, China’s Defense Ministry refusing to take calls from war secretary Austin and joint chiefs head Milley.

And instead of ending its drills on Sunday as announced last week, they continue in waters and airspace around Taiwan.

According to China’s Global Times (GT):

Military drills “will not stop and are expected to become routine until reunification, as the Chinese mainland shows its determination to push forward the reunification process after…Pelosi’s provocative visit to the island last week that seriously violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” adding:

Continuing drills “not only lock the island from inside out, but also from the outside in, telling external forces that the PLA has powerful area denial capabilities in the region that even the US cannot rival.”

Citing China’s Eastern Theater Command, Monday maritime and aerial drills are “focus(ed) on joint anti-submarine warfare and sea assault operations,” GT explained, adding:

Drill show “that the PLA can detect, locate and attack hostile submarines from multiple dimensions, and defend against their attacks.”

According to military analyst, Song Zhongping:

“As long as the Taiwan question is not solved, drills like these will not stop.”

They’ll become routine to show mainland control over its breakaway province.

At its discretion, the PLA could block or otherwise challenge provocative attempts by US warships from transiting through the Taiwan Strait where they don’t belong.

In a further affront to China, the Pentagon’s Pacific Command (USARPAC) will participate in India’s October 18 – 31 high-altitude/cold weather Yudh Abhyas drills near its so-called Line of Actual Control (LAN), its disputed border with China.

US military involvement with India is clearly with intent to counter Beijing.

In 2020, the Trump regime and India signed the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) — one of three so-called “foundational pacts” for greater bilateral military cooperation.

The others include the Obama/Biden regime’s August 2016 Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) and Trump’s January 2021 Communications, Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA).

In similar fashion to how hegemon USA is pushing things recklessly toward direct confrontation with Russia, its China policy risks much the same thing.

On Monday, China’s official People’s Daily repeated its warning that “people who play with fire will eventually get burnt,” adding:

“The US side should stop playing the ‘Taiwan card’ and using (the island) to contain China.”

“Stop interfering in China’s internal affairs.”

“Stop supporting and conniving with ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces in any form.”

“Stop its acts of saying one thing but doing the opposite on the Taiwan question, and stop distorting, obscuring and hollowing out the one-China principle.”    

Since Pelosi’s provocative visit to the breakaway province, they’ve been protests on the island against her affront to China’s sovereignty.

Demonstaters reportedly accused her of “br(inging) a time bomb to Taiwan,” saying as well the following:

“People in Taiwan cannot allow politicians to make a mess…without cleaning it up.”

Over 160 nations support One China, its national sovereignty and territorial integrity — hegemon USA not one of them.


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  1. Tsai Ing-wen’s handlers in London and Warshington have angered another nation armed with invincible hypersonic missiles. She may even relocate stateside soon to be near Pelosi.


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