Nazified Ukraine’s Collapsing Front Line

Russia’s relentless pounding of Ukraine’s military along the length and breadth of front line fighting decimated its troops.

US/Western weapons, munitions and equipment of every shape and kind — with more of the same coming in repeated tranches — accomplished nothing except a mounting body count of Ukrainian Nazis and conscripts.

Russian forces are advancing in Donetsk, as well as in eastern and southeastern Ukraine.

Throughout Moscow’s liberating SMO, Kiev troops have been consistently on their back foot in retreat.

The Russian Federation is dismantling the made-in-the-USA Ukraine monster by coup d’etat.

Unreported by press agents for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging is acknowledgment in Washington and other Western capitals of how Russian forces are obliterating Ukraine’s military with the equivalent of an expeditionary force.

It’s defined as an armed force assembled to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country.

Russian forces in Ukraine and Donbass number around 150,000 – 200,000, a small fraction of its 850,000-strong military, another 250,000 in reserve.

When Russia’s SMO began, Ukrainian troops outnumbered Russian forces by three or four to one.

According to one estimate, its remaining force strength is less than half of its original numbers — most of its best trained and armed fighters eliminated, more attrition mounting daily.

Calling Russia’s liberating SMO a “war of choice (sic),” interventionist Blinken ignored 8 years of its futile diplomacy to restore peace to Donbass.

Hegemon USA vetoed the notion to perpetuate a permanent state of war along its border.

He also ignored about 120,000 Ukrainian troops mobilized in preparation to invade the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics bordering Russia, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.”

The Kremlin acted to prevent what could have been disastrous.

At the same time, when Israel preemptively attacks Gaza or other Palestinians throughout the Occupied Territories, hegemon USA and other Western regimes falsely call its crimes of war and against humanity its right of self-defense (sic).

The double standard needs no elaboration.

Like the US/West, Israel is a fantasy democracy.

Russians have the real thing.

And its  forces in Donetsk and Ukraine are slaying the made-in-the USA/Nazi-infested monster.

Blinken and other neocon extremists infesting Washington are nonplussed about how Russia is systematically foiling their best laid plans.

Public pretense otherwise by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents is self-delusion.

Analyst Larry Johnson explained that “the bulk of fighting on the ground in Donbass is carried out by…Donetsk and Lugansk” freedom fighters.

“Russian forces are handling artillery batteries, flying drones, fixed wing combat jets and rotary wing aircraft” to smash enemy positions.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry over the weekend:

“Given the huge losses that the Ukrainian forces are suffering on the Nikolaev front, service members of the 59th and 61st Brigades and the 35th Marine Brigade refused to obey attack orders.”

“They are defecting, leaving their positions,” refusing to die or be maimed for a lost cause.

“Russian air defenses downed eight  (UAVs) in the Kharkov Region.”

Scores of mercenaries were killed over the weekend.

A UAF “fuel depot containing over 50,000 tons of diesel fuel meant for the Dnepr operational task force was destroyed near the city of Zaporozhye.”

Nearly 50,000 tons of Ukrainian weapons, munitions and equipment, along with a number of command posts were eliminated.

“Airstrikes carried out by the Russian Aerospace Forces and attacks conducted by artillery units hit the temporary base of the 46th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces.”

“More than 400 Nazi thugs were killed.”

Hundreds more Ukrainian troops were killed or wounded over the past two days.

“A Ukrainian platoon of multiple rocket launchers equipped with Olkha and US-made HIMARS systems was destroyed…in the Kharkov Region.”

Two more Ukrainian warplanes were shot down.

Six US-supplied HIMARS and scores of rockets were eliminated so far.

Over the past two days, Russia destroyed five Ukrainian ammunition depots, along with Ukrainian hardware in 173 districts.

Through last weekend, Russian forces destroyed 263 Ukrainian aircraft aircraft, 145 helicopters, 1,693 drones, 361 anti-aircraft systems, 4,259 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 789 multiple rocket launchers, 3,270 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 4,739 special military motor vehicles,” Russia’s Defense Ministry explained.

Separately on Sunday, Ukrainian Nazis continued to shell the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant, Russia falsely blamed for the regime’s criminality.

According to the area’s military-civilian administration:

Damaged caused “included the area of the storage facility for spent nuclear fuel and the station for computer-assistant monitoring of the radiation situation.” 

“Administrative buildings and adjoining territory of the storage facility were damaged by the projectiles.”

Day by day, Ukraine is being demilitarized and deNazified.

The longer Kiev persists in pursuing a lost cause, the worse off Ukraine will be when Russia declares mission accomplished.

It’s just a matter of time.


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  1. ….Now it looks like Crimea has been shelled ….Next step towards WW3 in other words…it already started a while ago, yet so far nobody was willing to admit it ….We re all in for trouble, mostly innocent people , although innocense does not justify ignorance and stupidity…


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