Ukraine Update

On Tuesday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, accused hegemon USA of “adding fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian conflict,” adding:

The Biden regime and vast majority of congressional members support perpetual proxy hot and unparalleled sanctions war on Russia.

Throwing another billion dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment at Ukrainian Nazis is further proof that the empire of lies and perpetual wars on invented enemies scorns the rule of law.

Its diabolical actions are polar opposite effort “to contribute to a peaceful settlement of the crisis.”

Antonov also debunked the fake Biden’s defiance of reality by falsely claiming that throwing more fuel on the inferno created the regime he nominally heads will strengthen Kiev’s future negotiations with Russia, saying:

Hegemon USA’s goal is “to prolong conflict as much as possible.” 

Perpetuating a lost cause “will only (continue) the agony of the (US-controlled) regime” and Ukrainian people.

Of most concern is how the empire of lies is being “increasingly drawn into the conflict, approaching a dangerous line (of direct) confrontation with the Russian Federation.”

That’s where things are heading at this time, the ominous threat of war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.

And this Antonov reality check, saying:

US-dominated Western regimes “do not stop attributing to us the deeds of the thugs from Kiev.”

“The time has long come to truthfully show the crimes of the Kiev regime to the world, calling it to account for atrocities, primarily against its population” and Donbass civilians.

Antonov also minced no words, saying:

Dominant Biden regime hardliners and likeminded Western extremists “unfairly hold (Moscow) responsible” for anti-personnel mines laid by Ukrainian Nazis, others in the regime’s offshore waters, and more of the same in residential areas of occupied Donetsk territory.

Hegemon USA “surpassed (itself) by comparing the actions of the Russian Armed Forces with the tactics of (US-created and supported) ISIS.

“We strongly reject these” phony accusations.

“Ukrainian terrorists” are also using banned cluster munitions and “firing shells equipped with Butterfly high explosive mines (PFM-1) at Donbass” residential areas.

“More than 30 people, children and elderly people, have already been blown up (by) them.”

“As for farmland, there is evidence of repeated targeted arson of crops by Ukrainian formations.” 

“Helicopters are used for this, scattering heat traps.” 

“(T)his (and more of the same) proves that the real situation is the exact opposite of what” US/Western regimes claim. 

A daily drumbeat of made-in-the-USA/West — MSM regurgitated — Russia-bashing infowar propaganda falsely blames Moscow for war crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

Separately according to peace, equity and justice activist Eva Bartlett from Donetsk on Monday:

Ukrainian Nazis shelled a hotel “where journalists often congregate.”

Around 10 casualties were reported, including “a paramedic and a doctor.”

In cahoots with its US master, Nazified Ukraine prohibits truth and full disclosure about Russia’s liberating SMO.

It suppresses crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities of Azov and other Nazi thugs.

Eva stressed the following:

“If by bombing a hotel full of journalists Kiev wanted to intimidate them away from reporting on Ukraine’s war crimes, it won’t work.”

“Most journalists reporting from on the ground here do so because, unlike the crocodile tears of the West for conflicts they create, we actually care about the lives of people here.”

Separately on Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following about repeated Kiev regime strikes on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant — with intent to irradiate thousands of square miles of central European territory:

“Russia has long been calling on the international community…to strongly condemn the Kiev regime’s incessant military strikes against the Zaporozhye” NPP. 

The latest rocket and shelling strikes occurred last weekend, more of the same surely coming ahead.

At the same time, Russia is falsely blamed for what Ukrainian Nazis and their US master bear full responsibility.

Throughout its liberating SMO, Russian forces have been consistently blamed for Kiev’s high crimes.

So far, Russian involved in protecting the Zaporozhye NPP successfully prevented radiation releases by Ukrainian terrorist attacks.

But the danger of this occurring ahead is ominously clear.

Along with the Russian and Ukrainian people, terror-attacking the NPP risks irreparable harm to countless millions of Europeans if widespread radiation is released from the plant.

“(H)eads of (European regimes and) international organizations (are fully ware of) atrocities committed by Kiev,” Zakharova stressed.

“The Ukrainian military’s actions must be sending chills down their spines.”

Yet time after time, Western, world body and IAEA officials lack “courage to openly name the source of the threat, revealing an unwillingness to point to the officials in Kiev.”

Missiles, rockets and artillery shelling originates from Ukrainian-held territory.

“It is perfectly clear who directs the hand that aims the weapon and pulls the trigger,” said Zakharova, adding:

Russia provided indisputable evidence to show that Ukrainian Nazis are “hitting” areas around the NPP.

“The threat (of a catastrophic incident) has grown so high that it is impossible to remain an indifferent observer.” 

“It’s time Kiev is called to order, and it’s time the leaders of (European regimes), the UN and the IAEA take a strong stance and show they can influence the source of the threat directly.”

A few weeks ago, “Russia did everything necessary for a successful visit” by IAEA head Grossi to the NPP.

He did nothing all this time.

Days earlier alone did he state an intention to visit the plant. 

Nazi-infested Kiev has good “reason to want him (and) IAEA (inspectors) kept away from Zaporozhye.” 

“Once international experts and IAEA officials see things with their own eyes, there will be no doubt about Kiev’s responsibility for the attacks (and) other crimes against the plant and its personnel.” 

Russia clearly wants “an end to the dangerous rampancy unleashed by the Zelensky regime” — supported by the Biden regime instead of denouncing it.


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  1. “On Tuesday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, accused hegemon USA of “adding fuel to the fire of the Ukrainian conflict,” adding:”

    Of course Anatoly, you idiot! That’s what America’s been doing there for 8 years. The Russians are such crybabies. All this whining just makes them look weak and encourages more provocation. They should have invaded in2014 and taken over Ukraine.


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