Phony Accusation of an Iranian Plot to Kill John Bolton

Hegemon USA has been at war on Iran by other means since its liberating 1979 revolution — freeing the nation and its people from the scourge of imperial control.

Unlike the empire of lies and forever wars, its subservient Western vassals and apartheid Israel, Iran complies with its international obligations, according to the rule of law.

Like other independent nations, it’s targeted by both wings of the US war party for being free from their control — not for any threat from the Islamic Republic.

Along with killing the landmark JCPOA as mandated by Security Council Res. 2231 by Trump — the move supported by undemocratic Dems — the latest Biden regime shoe to drop was a phony accusation by its (In)justice Department of a nonexistent Iranian plot to kill right wing extremist, John Bolton, stating:

“An Iranian national and member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) — Shahram Poursafi — was charged…with use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission of murder-for-hire and with providing and attempting to provide material support to a transnational murder plot (sic).”

“(I)n October 2021, (Poursafi) attempted to arrange (it), likely in retaliation for the (Trump regime’s) January 2020” assassination of Iranian Quds Force freedom-fighting commander General Qassem Soleimani, Iraqi deputy PMU commander, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, and others with them at the time.

The main reason for their cold-blooded murder by the empire of lies was their prominent role in fighting terrorists — ones supported

by the US, NATO and Israel.

In response, Iran justifiably retaliated, its Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, tweeting after the fact:

“Iran took & concluded proportionate measures in self-defense under Article 51 of UN Charter targeting base from which cowardly armed attack against our citizens & senior officials were launched.”

“We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression.”

According to Iranian media, about 35 missiles were launched by the IGRC at US bases in Ayn al-Asad and Erbil, along with rockets fired on US targets in Iraq.

Tehran called the operation “Martyr Soleimani,” intended as “hard revenge” for his assassination by hegemon USA, an aggressor state.

Self-defense is the right of all attacked nations, the UN Charter stating:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against (UN member state), until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security.”

The Biden regime’s (I)njustice Department dubiously accused Iranian national, Poursafi, of “attempt(ing) to pay individuals in the US $300,000 to carry out the murder” of Bolton in Washington or Maryland.

No corroborating evidence was cited because there is none.

State terrorism, including assassinations, and virtually all other dirty tricks imaginable define how hegemon USA, its Western vassals, and apartheid Israel operate — not the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Baseless charges against Poursafi — reportedly in Iran, not in US custody — would be thrown out by any legitimate tribunal straightaway.

A dubious affidavit by FBI agent Randi Beck pushed the Big Lie about an Iranian plot to kill Bolton.

According to former CIA analyst Larry Johnson in response to the FBI’s Gestapo-like raid on Trump’s Mar-A-Lago residence without just cause: 

Today’s “FBI is evil, corrupt and criminal” — by operating extrajudicially “in favor of partisan politics…discredit(ing)” the agency’s legitimacy to enforce the law by complying with its principles.” 

The NYT and other MSM Biden regime press agents support baseless charges against Poursafi.

The same goes for DC federal attorney, Matthew Grave, falsely calling concocted DOJ charges a “brazen plot.”

And this from war-mongering, right-wing extremist, unindicted war criminal Bolton:

Turning reality on its head and trampling on it, he falsely called “Iran’s rulers…liars, terrorists…enemies of the” empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

In response to phony charges by Biden regime’s DOJ, Press TV reported the following:

On Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kan’ani, called charges against Poursafi a “baseless myth,” adding:

“The spinning of these threadbare (falsehoods) is becoming a recurring custom in the American judicial and propaganda system.” 

“This time for scenario building, politically bankrupt and worthless elements like Bolton has been used to advance this process.”

“Continuing their endless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran and their failed Iranophobic policy, American judicial authorities, in a new yarn spinning, raised accusations without providing (a shred of) valid evidence and necessary documentation.”

“Such baseless claims are made with political motives and aims.”

They’re a “propaganda ruse (to) escap(e) responsibility of responding to numerous terrorist crimes that the American government has either directly participated in, such as the cowardly assassination of General Martyr Soleimani, or like the terrorist crimes committed by the Zionist regime and terrorist groups like Daesh they have been committed with the support of America.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly warns against any action against Iranian citizens under the pretext of these ridiculous accusations.”

“(I)t reserves the right to take any action within the framework of international law to defend the rights of (its) government and citizens.”

Nothing US officials say can be taken at face value.

Former Trump regime CIA director, Mike Pompeo, said the following:

“We lied.”

“We cheated.”

“We stole.”

He left out what former State Department official-turned sharp critic of hegemon USA’s agenda, William Blum, explained.

US policymakers, the Pentagon and CIA interfere illegally in the internal affairs of other nations worldwide.

Langley especially was involved in attempting or succeeding to topple dozens of independent governments in all parts of the world by color revolutions, coups, and/or by instigating imperial wars.

The agency crushed dozens of popular movements and interferes in elections worldwide to install pro-Western ruling authorities, undemocratic ones subservient to US interests.

That’s how hegemon USA operates at home and worldwide, Blum once noting:

It’s “enough to give imperialism a bad name.”

He called (fantasy) democracy — never the real thing — “America’s deadliest export.”

Russia, China, Iran and other independent nations operate by higher standards on the world stage — complying with rule of law principles in stark contrast to how hegemon USA flagrantly breaches them in pursuit of its diabolical aims.


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