The Power of Propaganda and Garbage in, Garbage Out

According to Pew Research in late June, only 10% of polled individuals in Western countries have a favorable opinion of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

Earlier Gallup polling found 62% support for (Nazified) Ukraine among Americans.

According to earlier University of Maryland poll results, most Americans believe that neither Russia or Ukraine is prevailing over the other.

Poll results notably show that the power of state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated propaganda works.

It’s also clear as I’ve stressed many times before: 

No matter how often the vast majority of Americans are fooled by duplicitous politicians and their MSM press agents, they’re easy marks to be bamboozled again and again endlessly.

While poll results show scant US public trust in the dominant 4th estate, it’s where most people get so-called information about what’s going on domestically and abroad.

Instead of being informed, they’re mind-manipulated by fake news and mass deception — the fabricated official narrative, what MSM feature exclusively to the exclusion of truth and full disclosure.

Followers of my articles know that the self-styled newspaper of record, NYT, is my favorite MSM target — for good reason.

Along with a small number of other major US broadsheets around since the early-to-mid 19th century — including the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New York Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit Free Press, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Boston Herald and Chicago Tribune — the NYT has been published since 1851.

With rare exceptions throughout the post-WW II period, garbage in, garbage out reflects its editorial policy on major world and national issues.

Instead of improving its content over time, it’s grown steadily worse.

Its fake news on all things flu/covid and what relates to Russia and Ukraine reached rock bottom — advocating for what demands condemnation and opposing what warrants support.

In its latest fake news edition, it once again pretended that Nazi-infested Ukraine is “democratically…govern(ed) sic.”

At the same time, it defied reality by falsely claiming that Russia aims to “restore Ukraine (entirely) to (its) control (sic).”

And it pretended that its virtually defeated military is “preparing to launch a counteroffensive to recapture lost territory (sic).”

No Kiev offensive is in prospect. 

Nor did the regime retake any territory lost to Russia’s liberating SMO.

And over 80% of US/Western-supplied weapons et al were either sold for profit by Kiev’s hugely corrupted ruling class or were destroyed by Russian firepower.

And this Times trash:

“As many as 80,000 Russian troops have been killed or wounded since (sic)” — citing Pentagon propaganda rubbish.

And this Times defiance of reality:

“The Russian military also appears to be running low on manpower and equipment (sic).”

Moscow’s SMO is using a small fraction of its military strength, the equivalent of an expeditionary force.

Not according to Times fake news, falsely claiming that Russia’s Defense Ministry is using 85% of its volunteer” force (sic).

It faces no shortage of high precision weapons, munitions and equipment.

In stark contrast, an estimate I quoted days earlier numbered losses of Ukrainian troops at around 190,000 — because of Russia’s overpowering military strength.

And this Times fake news — falsely blaming Russia for made-in-the-USA global food crisis conditions by its sanctions war and related criminality.

And this Times nonsense:

“(I)f Russia wants to move beyond Donbass, (it’ll need) a mass mobilization (sic),” adding:

“Russia will need to conduct a military draft (sic), recall soldiers who previously served and take politically painful steps to rebuild their force (sic).”

And this Times trash:

“Ukraine could become a victim of its own (nonexistent) success (sic).” 

“If its forces encroach too far on what Russia may soon officially designate its own territory in the Donbass (sic), Putin could retaliate by using low-yield nuclear weapons (sic).” 

No fake news low is too low for Times prostitutes of the press.

They make ladies of the night look respectable by comparison.

A Final Comment on a US Domestic issue

In response to Wednesday’s announced July CPI, claiming to show improvement, economist John Williams set the record straight, based on how US inflation was calculated pre-1990, saying the following:

Wednesday’s “July 2022 CPI-U Inflation was unchanged month-to-month, softer year-to-year, constrained by declining gasoline prices, but otherwise still at broad levels last seen 75-years ago.”

Inflation is a monetary phenomenon.

Money printing madness produces it.

And this from Williams:

“Money supply growth levels (by the Wall Street controlled Fed) broadly continued at systemic extremes, signaling continuing — not softening — inflation problems.”

Separately on the over-hyped July jobs report, analyst Graham Summers explained the following gimmicks — at a time when the US in recession and the economy going south:

“352,000 of (reported) 528,000 ‘jobs ‘were created via seasonal adjustments: an accounting gimmick.”

“85,000 additional ‘jobs’ were created via a birth/death model: another accounting gimmick.”

“So…82% (437,000 out of 528,000) jobs were FAKE.”

They weren’t created and don’t exist.

“The (broader) Household Survey, which tends to be a more accurate report of job growth shows the economy has LOST 136,000 jobs since May.”

And the vast majority of US jobs created are rotten temp or part-time ones paying poverty or sub-poverty wages with scant or no benefits.

And they mostly don’t represent jobless US workers finding employment.

Many, likely most, newly reported jobs were among the employed taking one or more new rotten temp or part-time jobs.


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