China’s Patience Exhausted in Dealing with the Empire of Lies

Pelosi’s affront to China’s sovereignty continues to reverberate throughout the Asia/Pacific.

On August 8, China’s Global Times said the following:

Drills by the PLA “will not stop and are expected to become routine until reunification, as the Chinese mainland shows its determination to push forward the reunification process after Pelosi’s provocative visit to the island last week that seriously violated China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Beijing’s official People’s Daily minced no words, justifiably accusing Pelosi of “trampl(ing) on international law,” along with taking a giant step toward disrupting or severing Sino/US relations by driving a stake through the One China principle.

She also more greatly revealed “the hypocrisy and ugly nature of (hegemon USA) and is another debacle of US credibility.”

Beijing will do whatever it takes to reunite its breakaway province with the mainland.

It’s inevitable and “unstoppable.”

Since Pelosi scheduled an April visit to Taiwan, then postponed it until last week, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Wang Wenbin, explained the following:

“Since four months ago, China has time and again made clear to the US through multiple channels and at various levels our stern position of firmly opposing Pelosi’s visit to the Taiwan region.”

Yet the Biden regime ignored the warning.

“It is the US that has gone back on its commitment, not China,” Wang stressed.

“It is the US that infringed on China’s sovereignty, not the other way round.”

“It is the US that connives at and supports ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist activities, instead of China conniving at and supporting separatist activities in the US.”

“The US made the provocation first, and China has been compelled to take legitimate countermeasures, which are justified, lawful, necessary and proportionate.”

“China will not hesitate to fight back each time the US makes a serious provocation that violates China’s sovereignty and interferes in China’s internal affairs.”

“We will never allow our sovereignty and territorial integrity to be trampled on and sabotaged.”

On Thursday, a spokeswoman for Taiwan’s so-called foreign ministry said that the breakaway province opposes Beijing’s proposed “one country, two systems” solution, adding:

China is using Pelosi’s unacceptable visit to Taipei as an “excuse to create a new normality to intimidate Taiwan’s people (sic).”

Separately on Thursday, the island’s so-called president, Tsai Ing-wen, said her regime “will resolutely defend our sovereignty (sic) and our national security (sic) and hold the line of defense for democracy and freedom (sic).”

On Thursday, Taiwan’s so-called defense ministry said 21 Chinese military aircraft and six Navy vessels are operating in the Taiwan Strait at this time.

On Wednesday, a PLA statement said that its forces “successfully completed various missions during recent drills around Taiwan island and effectively tested the troop’s joint operation combat capacity,” adding:

The PLA will continue “military training and preparation.”

It’ll conduct patrols in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait to “resolutely defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The lesson of hegemon USA’s proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia, Pelosi’s effrontery, as well as how both wings of the US war party operate — by trampling on the rights of other nations and rule of law — is that the empire of lies can never be trusted.

Diplomatic outreach to its ruling regimes is a colossal waste of time.

Hegemon USA seeks dominance by brute force and dirty tricks

Its ruling regimes don’t negotiate. They demand.

Patience is no virtue in dealing with the empire of lies and forever wars.

Nor is pursuit of normalized relations.

When any semblance of it exists at any time on any issues, betrayal always follows.

That’s how hegemons operate, why it’s foolhardy trying to reason with them.

Sino/US relations are near a breaking point, its patience exhausted.

Russia should follow its lead by cutting ties to the US-dominated West altogether, notably by no longer exporting oil, gas and other commodities to their ruling regimes.

That’s the only language they’ll understand.

It’s the only possible way of getting them to stop supporting the scourge of Nazified Ukraine — even though the possibility is slim.

Continuing to seek normalized relations with the US/West is self-defeating.

Toughness is the only language that gets their attention.


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